Artwork: "Unconstrained Love"

A painting completed on July 21, 2015. Acrylic paint on a big ol' sheet of paper. 

The yellow side represents playfulness, compassion, caring, and happiness-- the love two best friends might share with each other. The red side represents passion, lust, and sensuality-- the feelings two sexual lovers would feel in regard to one another. I've also considered that the yellow side stands for love, and the red side for fear (in regards to polarity-- please read Enemies of Consciousness for more information).

Whatever the case, both sides are present in all of us-- in our spiritual DNA. While it is more empowering, clarity-invoking, and productive to focus on one side, we can hold this focus for only so long before the other side begs for our attention-- and begins eating at us. We can reinterpret the darkness in us in terms of light, or the light in us in terms of darkness, but either way we must acknowledge that we are composed of both. It is only when we do this that we can experience unconditional love.


I really enjoyed making this. This is totally unlike anything I've created before-- especially in regards to visual art. This was almost entirely unplanned: all I had in mind at the beginning was a yellow or red background (I went with both!). After deciding on both I thought I would have both colors twist around each other in the middle, as trees occasionally do, but I got DNA instead. It'll do.

I felt an urge to complete the whole painting in one sitting and to work fairly quickly, though I did take a few breaks when I was unsure of what to do next. I somewhat freaked out while making this, and I still can't believe that I made this (that blue eye in particular... oof). Weird things have already started happening (or coincidences? Who knows... dun dun dun!), and I'm sure this will continue to freak me out for some time to come. :)

At the same time, when I look at this for long enough my heart feels warmed, and a sense of love comes over me. This is especially true if I focus on certain parts of the painting, such as the top of the yellow streak in the middle. Perhaps I have powerfully expressed something in a way I do not fully understand yet-- something that is difficult to express in words. But that's why I made a painting! I'll let it speak for itself.

I've broken things up so that you can more easily understand what you're looking at.

First off, the full image:

Time to break things down.

A close-up of the middle. See the rainbow (taste the rainbow!)?

A close-up on the blue eye. Notice the heart?

Note: this image has been flipped.

Next close-up: the sun!

The moon:

My signature:

Heart #1 (orange):

Heart #1 flipped sideways:

Heart #2 (blue):

Heart #2 flipped sideways:

The full image, once again:

"Unconstrained Love":

My love for you knows no bounds, no forms, no mistakes.

It is always becoming, yet ever unchanging.

It embraces all that we are.


You are the key to my heart.

I love you. <3