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Living a Real Life Workbooks

Living a Real Life (Workbooks)

These workbooks are meant to help you make deliberate changes in your life by focusing on the principles of personal growth as well as specific areas of your life. The structure of these manuals (i.e. the personal growth principles) is based on Steve Pavlina's book Personal Development for Smart People.

The first workbook was designed to be used in a group setting; specifically, it was meant for a club to be centered around it. Of course, this workbook is still perfectly usable for an individual. All you have to do is download it and go.

Similarly, the second workbook was desiged (really modified from the first) to be used for online group coaching, specifically in a group where each person has set out to achieve a major goal of theirs. This book, too, can be used by an individual.

I left all of the guidelines for forming a club or group in both of the workbooks in case anyone would like to start these things for themselves (you are free to do this: you don't need my permission).

Overall, the first workbook is general-- in each one of the 10 projects, you can have a totally different focus. The second workbook uses the same 10 projects as the first, though they are united by a common focus: your big goal.

(If you care about the backstory of these, they were originally written in Fall 2015 and were the topic of two blog posts: A Group for Personal Growth and Group Coaching for High Achievers).

I recommend that you print out these workbooks, as there are sections set aside for your own writing. If you'd rather type than print, you can copy the content of the workbook into Microsoft Word and just type your answers in there.

Download Links

Download the first workbook (general): General Workbook

Download the second workbook (goal-based): Goal-based Workbook

Enjoy! :)

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