2017 Focus: Being "Only" Human

One Path Made of Many

My plan for 2017 is to focus on expanding my abilities as a human. In accordance with this, this website will be taking on that focus, too. Conscious growth is still the overall point, but I have a specific path of growth I’d like to follow now. As such, this won’t be treated like a general personal development website anymore. All subjects are still on the table, but I’ll be bringing a different perspective to them.

To state this another way, all the low-hanging fruit has been picked, and there's only room left on my plate for deep work now. This website will be more focused and deliberate than it has been in the past, and this change is welcome.

I’m not switching paths—rather, I’m upgrading the path I’ve always been on. I’m combining a multitude of promising threads in a unique way, with the ultimate intention of becoming the most conscious person that I can. Because reality is a reflection of oneself I also intend and expect that the world will change for the better, in turn. However, I can’t force anyone to go anywhere or do anything, and it’s only my own world that I really have access to, anyway. So, I will continue as I have been doing, which is exploring and sharing what I’ve explored.

I haven’t done much of inviting others to explore with me, but I’m steadily becoming more open to that premise. As the challenge-level of this path elevates I almost certainly will need some help as time goes on (not that I’ve been living in a vacuum all this time anyway). Even help aside, genuine companionship is nice. But I’m not going to dote on this point right now.

It’s hard to explain what I’m doing without referring to Expanding Human Capability. In that article I discussed a variety of ways in which people have gone beyond what is typically thought to be possible. This spans from how ancient people built megalithic sites (particularly the Great Pyramid at Giza), to withstanding extremes of temperature, to foregoing food and water for long periods of time, to psychic abilities and magic (i.e. witchcraft and high magic), right down to elite athletic abilities.

Huge promise lies in the combination of all these paths. If we were to awaken our dormant abilities we could radically change the way we live our lives—and, likewise, the way we run our world. For now I’ll encourage your imagination to run with that one. You can also read my novel for a comprehensive vision of that possible-future.

If someone were to master all of these threads, they would be as close to a demigod as anyone has ever gotten (of course, we all are god, but I think you get the point). While that may sound far-fetched, there are people who have mastered each one of those things. The ancients built the pyramids and other megalithic sites in whatever way they did (likely via a combination of telekinesis, magic, and perhaps something yet-unknown to the modern mind). Wim Hof can climb most of Mt. Everest with no oxygen and no clothes. Edgar Cayce psychically had access to virtually all information imaginable. People have both gone for 1000 mile runs and have run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds.


Magic and Psychic Abilities

As for magic, the subject is quite new to me. I wasn’t even aware of its existence until about a month ago, but apparently people have been practicing magic since the beginning of recorded history (and probably much longer). Even the Catholic Church permitted magical practice (with some restrictions) until the 14th century. Considering that Christianity is strongly based on Pagan traditions, which is the form magic continues on in today, this makes sense. It makes you wonder what the Pope does behind closed doors. Invoking Thoth, perhaps. ;)

At this point I feel like magic is closely connected to psychic ability, and both magic and psychic ability demand a solid background in personal growth and spirituality to be used wisely. In particular, it’s important to be purposeful in your use of these abilities. Otherwise you’ll get dragged down by an overload of unnecessary psychically-derived information, create undesired consequences, and be beaten around by entities who can do nothing more than spook you; but, of course, creating fear in a person is one of the most powerful ways to control them and to make them suffer.

A lot of time can be wasted in psychic pursuits when focus and intent are lacking. Of course, this is true of life in general: if you are without clear intent, you’re bound to get dragged around like flotsam and do nothing more in the end than twiddle your thumbs. But maybe you’ll at least have some fun along the way.



Cold Experimentation

Right now my focus is on developing my psychic abilities and becoming familiar with the Wim Hof method. While I haven’t made much use of Wim’s breathing techniques lately (which he credits with enabling him to accomplish the feats that he does), I have been steadily making myself more comfortable with cold temperatures for the last several months. Wim says something to the effect of, Do not force the body, but remember it can do more than you think it can. In accordance with that, I’ve simply been leaning into this.

So far I’ve been downright surprised with the results I’ve been getting—and pleasantly so. I’ve been pleased to see how easily I can go in the cold without clothes that I really thought I needed. Most of the time now, if it’s at least 30 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer out I run in shorts instead of pants. Usually I feel perfectly comfortable when I do this. Sometimes I’ll just wear a T-shirt instead of a sweatshirt in that weather, too. I have temporarily lost flexibility in my hands and forearms a great many times, but nothing damaging or long-term: all the feeling comes back once I get inside and warm up.

Several times, however, I’ve actually experienced feeling and flexibility returning to my hands while I’m still outside. Likewise, one day when I ran outside in a T-shirt and shorts (I was told it was 30 F, though I didn’t check myself; and it was windy) I actually felt more clear-minded and peaceful as the run went on. Normally I’d expect the opposite, which is that I’d get colder and less able to think the longer I stayed outside. But not that day. Even after I stopped running I stayed outside for at least another 20 minutes in nothing but a t-shirt, shorts, and tiny pair of gloves, and I felt fine. I was in the snow for most of that time, too.

I haven’t recognized any patterns or clear order in this yet: some days I just seem to be more open to the cold than others. There has been an overall change, though: what I would have considered to be normal a year ago is being overdressed now. There are times when I do still overdress, and I always wish I hadn’t.

I’ll note that I’ve done most of this cold-experimentation while running. When I began this exploration several months ago I started just by going out to stores and libraries and whatnot in flip-flops, a T-shirt, and shorts when the temperature was in the 40s F. Sometimes people would say to me, You must be warm-blooded!, or, Oh, you can do that because you’re young. I would think, Yeah, if only you saw me wrapped up in blankets at home. This isn’t something I engage in 24/7: right now I’m wearing a sweatshirt and I have a blanket on my legs. My bedroom window is cracked open, but that’s about it. I would like to eventually be comfortable with just a T-shirt and shorts all the time, but so far I’ve limited this exploration to when I go running outside.

Last year I had a track meet at the end of March, and it was cold enough that day (in the 30s F) that I wore a long-sleeve shirt and gloves during my race. As such, I should have roughly 3 months to continue developing my ability to be in Winter weather—in minimal clothing, that is. :)



While psychic abilities, and the Wim Hof method are among my priorities, they actually aren’t my main focus at present. There is something else I am doing first that will better enable me to develop along those paths. That “something else” is detoxifying my body.

There is so, so much I want to say about this subject, but I am going to be a good girl and wait until I have explored it more thoroughly. For now I’ll just say that this holds huge potential for positive change. However, on the flipside of that coin it reveals a sad truth about our world, which is that we have drastically poisoned the Earth and each other—hence the need for detoxification.

The toxins we have introduced into our environment and our food have a far more dramatic impact on us than we realize. We’re slowly killing ourselves while trying to pretend that we aren’t.

At the same time, immense promise lies in the fact that if we repair our bodies we will tap into energy and abilities we had no idea were possible for us. As such, bodily-detoxification is an important part of expanding human capability and growing as a conscious being. It is not to be overlooked.


Changing the World

The overall point here is that the way to create a healthy, harmonious world is by bringing out the full extent of human intelligence. For the last several hundred years this intelligence has been focused on developing technology. Now it’s time to focus on developing ourselves, especially in ways that most of us weren’t even sure we could do.

Unless you want to spend the rest of your life sucking on the teats of the government, distrusting people, trying to keep yourself safe, and being sick but not too sick (not yet, at least) to continue on a miserable-but-not-too-miserable path of meaningless self-destruction, it is time to grow. It is time to stop lodging our heads so far up our asses that we continually insist that the world is purely material and random, and that we’ve already figured everything out and we’re just biological machines that have to eat all day and lock ourselves in houses with lots of fancy gadgets or else we’ll die. Because the world isn’t what they told you it is in school, and it definitely isn’t what any boss you’ve had wants you to think, and Donald Trump is probably not going to give you a much better idea, either (that being said, I expect him to do the best he can under his circumstances, and I will respect him for that).

Governments aren’t going to change the world, nor is the educational system. I’d go so far as to say that businesses can’t do it, either. While business traditionally has led the way, it just can’t go deep enough. Not this time. Business will be involved, but it won’t be the point. Not even close.

The way the world changes now, in the most profound and important of ways, is by individuals and small groups of people exploring, experimenting, and living on the cutting edge and sharing their ideas and experiences with thought leaders. Thought leaders are people who command the attention of thousands to millions of people and who influence the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors of those people.

In this case, I ought to be referring to unconventional thought leaders. The good stuff isn’t to be found on television, in movie theaters, in mainstream news, or in most schools. The good stuff is in books and on the Internet—particularly in blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other informational websites that are run by transparent individuals. Both the thought leaders and the people on the cutting edge tend to live and work on their own terms: if big media companies were telling them what to say and do, then they wouldn’t be cutting-edge.

So, the way change happens is when someone on the cutting edge (i.e. an innovator) connects with an unconventional thought leader, and the thought leader shares about that person with their audience. The role of the thought leader is to serve as a trustworthy source and synthesizer of information: in particular, thought leaders are more popular and trusted than are people on the cutting edge. As such, the involvement of the thought leader enables the ideas of the person on the cutting edge to become more well-known, respected, and used than they otherwise would have been. If the innovator had been found by mass media sources, his message would have been diluted or ridiculed. If the innovator hadn’t been recognized at all, he would have been left with either a small audience of crazy people or virtually no audience.

Popular interviewers such as Joe Rogan (who has a podcast) and Lilou Mace (who has a YouTube channel) are examples of solid unconventional thought leaders. Tim Ferriss and Rich Roll are among that crowd, too (they both have podcasts). Steve Pavlina has a blog and doesn’t do much interviewing, but without his mention of Alexander Bloom’s website I would not have started on the path of detoxification that I am on now. It’s very unlikely I would have found the website—and if I did, I would have been more reluctant to trust it.


A Change of Tone

Let me take this down to a more personal level once again. Kimwrate.com has been on the net for 25 months now. I must say, one thing has disappointed me—and only one thing. I’ve been writing for people who aren’t actually interested in what I say.

I’m not going to dwell on this point, because I could run myself in vicious circles trying to explain all the tiny details and nuances at play here.

The point is, I’m going to write at a different frequency from now on, for a different frequency. The shift in focus I’m making now to expanding human capability demands this anyway—and I’m glad it does.

I deserve to be respected. If you disagree I don’t know why you are here, unless my words are nudging something that lies dormant within you- perhaps some higher consciousness- and you aren’t aware that this is happening, but you also don’t want to stop it from happening.

I feel I’ve been fighting a subtle battle with my audience. I don’t know whether it was always there—I just know that it has been there. Dear friend, you don’t want to know how much hair I have lost these last 25 months while writing. Thankfully I have fixed that problem, but it still speaks to a larger issue, which is that I’ve treated writing like a tool to be used in war, rather than a way to converse with intelligent friends who I share mutual respect with. And I would like to have this sort of relationship with every person on the planet, but it’s hard, man. When everyone is operating at such drastically different frequencies, it’s really hard.

Perhaps this subtle battle has been obvious—perhaps it hasn’t. Maybe you can pick it up in the tone of previous articles. Maybe it’s plain as day from the fact that my contact form has been down for the last month. Maybe it’s not noticeable at all. Unless I reinstate that danged contact form, I’m probably not going to hear about it. I just don’t know that I want to yet. I don’t feel ready for it.

I feel that the last two articles I’ve written, along with this one, embody the new tone I am taking on. If you’re genuinely interested, I encourage you to read one of these three articles and compare it to one that is at least a few weeks older. See what differences you pick up on. If I ever make it possible for you to tell me, I would love to know.



This would be a good point to bring up the not-so-distant past. In 2016 I experienced more conflict with people than I did in all the other years of my life combined. I’m not kidding. It was crazy! The first two months of the year had mercy on me, but once March rolled around the shitshow began—and didn’t end, until maybe now.

I recently listened to an interview with Gregg Braden where he mentioned that humanity undergoes 56-year cycles of conflict, and this particular cycle is going to peak in 2017, which is this year. It doesn’t make sense to me that conflict would occur in cycles, like seasons, but maybe my experience will turn out to be in accordance with the idea.

Cycles or not, I can expect this path I am on to polarize people— moreso as I become more aligned with it. Some will outright oppose me, while others will want to dance-dance-dance with me all night long. On the other hand, it’s possible that most people will remain largely neutral about me, like they always have. On the whole, I’m not sure that this is even worth thinking about.

Overall, I intend to find an approach to my writing, to relating to people, and to living my life that allows me to express myself authentically, without defensiveness, without self-doubt, and without attempting to please anyone. These, along with communicating certain things to certain people I shouldn’t bother with in the first place, have been my biggest obstacles to generally communicating with clarity and love. As far as this blog goes, I’m not going to argue with myself in the middle of an article or write in a “naggy nanny” style because I’m angry that I’m writing for people who hate my work but for some reason read it anyway. Not anymore.


The Road Ahead

If you are excited by the gist of Expanding Human Capability, then kimwrate.com will be a useful ally to you in your continued journey of growth and realizing who you really are. At the very least it will keep you aware of what truly is possible, and it can encourage you to not settle for any less than that.

On the other hand, if the message of that article turns you off you might still enjoy some of my older articles; however, if what you’re really looking for is a general self-help website, I can only imagine how you found yourself here.

As I said before, subjects like relationships and abundance will still be written about, because they are still relevant. However, for now those subjects are going to take a backseat to the larger journey of experiencing who I really am and what I really can do—and what all of us really can do, when we develop our abilities both conventional and not and put them together.

Ultimately this is still about exploring and understanding reality, too, because that is an unavoidable byproduct of growing consciously. When you are firm about living consciously, you are going to stumble on to territory that is new for you—and when you explore new territory, you inevitably will see a side of reality that you have not seen before. Likewise, when you dedicate yourself to pushing the limits of human potential, you are definitely going to end up in new territory. If you didn’t, then you wouldn’t be at the limits. It wouldn’t be the true cutting edge.

There is an exciting road ahead of us, Humanity—really exciting. To really get on that road we’ll have to throw our entire lives into it and grab the wheel with both hands. I don’t know whether you are going to do that, but I certainly will. I see nothing more worthwhile to devote my life to than the growth of consciousness and to ground that growth by developing the full range of human abilities. When we grow in this way we become capable of changing the way that we live and that we relate to one another, and the imagined needs for fear and external security fall away as we remove the veil that obscures the truth about who we really are.


Yeah, we are only human. And that means that we’re awesome.

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