A Brief Declaration of Consciousness

        First and foremost, I am a conscious being. My purpose here is to improve myself as a conscious being. Winning competitions and helping others certainly can be outlets of conscious progression, but those things in themselves are not the point.

        I came to this Earth- this physical realm- to be myself, though not to do so by some static definition of myself. Rather, here I can work with different models of reality so as to better understand what exactly consciousness is, and what its aims are.

        Of course, to say that consciousness “is” something may imply that it is not, simultaneously, something beyond everything and nothing. To call it a “thing” is to place objectively-comprehensible limits on it, and consciousness is no object. To say that it can be understood might result similarly. Rather, one only has to be- be in every moment- and there they shall find that, consciousness, they already are, and always have been.

        If I can go always to the essence of my being, which is most simply understood as awareness in itself, then I shall live what is often regarded in this reality as a full life. When I think I have left this essence, I am simply connecting with another part of myself- perhaps the part immersed in the model of reality in which I currently live. This is fine, as this is the part of me through which life breathes. And because I always am creating my essence, at its heart, can never be left. Rather, it is my awareness of this essence that makes the difference in how reality unfolds for me.

        So build on top of me, pull me apart as you will, but remember what lies underneath the rubble of this reality. It is in this way that you may be, underneath the sheath of your skin and of your suffering, always joyful and filled with awe.

        There still is part of me, I know, that is frantic for certain objective outcomes. As long as I am in the physical realm this part of me will always be here. I do not perceive that I must fight with this part of myself, though that doesn’t mean I do not sometimes do so. Even so stay with me, my ego- guide me in this world to which I am a visitor. In maneuvering the world of objects, you are my light.

        But, remember that without one another we do not exist as we do here. I will go on once time has ended, while you will perish. I am all-powerful, while you are limited. I am content, while you are enraged and embittered. I am real, while you are illusory. Serve as my outlet of existence for some time, but always be aware that I may exist independently of you, while you almost certainly do not of me. Try to control me, try to impose your essence- objectivity- upon me, and you only limit yourself to that objectivity. Your desperate aims, which become more difficult to achieve by that desperation, ultimately will bear you little fruit, if the fruit is even sweet. The sensations which you seek will be fleeting, and the satisfaction, unattainable.

        Resign yourself to me, ego, without dissolving or loathing yourself. Together, life on this planet can be, for both of us, immensely rewarding. We need not be ashamed of one another; rather, we can love. After all, this love between ego and awareness is the root of all love that can piece together a reality: without love there is only distrust and fear, and life, though it may be exciting, becomes brutish, difficult, and damnable. It is better to trust, I think, that the same hardy, wild experience may arise out of love; and, if it still is to be damned from this place of love, it now is damned graciously.

        So let the thorns prick me, the hounds bite me, the storms wear me down, the women laugh at me. I shall be here, ever-unchanging yet changing always, and my joy only a glance [at myself] away.

        My message has been shared. Now go-- live, and be aware, and know what you really are. It is, after all, what you do best.