All E-mails from Brian

Below is a pdf of all the e-mail messages that Brian Harner has sent to me. The first message was sent on August 24 2020. Note that approximately 10-20% of the e-mails have been omitted or have been minimally edited.

This page was first created on March 15 2021, when the pdf contained 105 messages. The most recent update was made on November 25 2023. The pdf now contains 906 messages.

While some of the hyperlinks in the e-mails are not underlined and in blue font, they still are functional and will direct you to the appropriate webpage if clicked.

A few messages between 373 and 395 have images attached. These increase the file size of the pdf, so choose to download the pdf either with the pictures or without.

View the pdf without pictures by clicking here. This is the most up-to-date pdf.

View the pdf with pictures by clicking here. Note this contains only 408 messages.