Big Problem, Big Shift

(Written on 18 November 2014)

If and when (and I suspect we will in some form) humanity resolves how to live in an optimal state of harmony with nature the collective human consciousness will have skyrocketed by that point. Maybe it will take a high level of consciousness to attain that state, or maybe that consciousness will be the result. I think they grow together.

Of course, we won’t make the shift in a day. But ultimately, due to the scope of the issue, it is one that we can make major bank off of. Imagine just how fabulous (in regard to consciousness) we will be if we can achieve this one. It’s almost hard to comprehend. Socioeconomic, or societal, dynamics are much the same.

 What is the best way for us to live in relation to one another? Should we eliminate absolute poverty, and can we? What would be the optimal group-individual ratio for everyday living, and how would we best facilitate that?

Big problems require big shifts, and this is reflected in their resolution. When you take on your biggest challenges notice what happens to you. I think you will be astounded by the results; they will be worth every bit of your while.