Downloadable Chapter from What is a Real Life?

Note: The full book is available at this page on Amazon.

You can download the second chapter from my book, What is a Real Life?, as a free pdf.

If you'd rather not download a file, you can read this chapter on Booksie (no downloading required. Also, I'll note that some of the "Tags" that show up on the page don't apply to my book). You can read Part 1 of the chapter here, and Part 2 here. You also can read it on Scribd.

The title of the chapter is "Polarity." The basic premise of this chapter states that in order to become as powerful as you can, you must motivate yourself exclusively using either love or fear.

The outline of the chapter is as follows:

What is Love? What is Fear?

       Heroes vs. Villains

Why Polarize?


Shielding Yourself from Darkwork

The Experience of Lightwork


Other Information

Feel free to share a link to the pdf anywhere on the Internet, especially if you think it will help other people out. I'll put a link on the main page for the book as well.

The pdf of this chapter will always be free and available here on my website.

Please let me know if you find any typographical errors in the pdf so that I can change them. If I update the file, I will post that updated file here.

I hope you enjoy reading this! If you have any feedback, feel free to tell me about it. :)

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