Brian Clark Harner

(August 17 2020)

I have not posted here in over a month. On the night of June 15 2020 I came across the most important material I have ever read. It has not been the easiest decision, but I must share it with you in order to speak truthfully about my journey. Not only that, but I have been pushed into a position where I definitely feel obligated to do this. As I said in Existential Loss, I am at a point where “it seems all I can do is talk about things and try to convey a complete picture of life,” and now it is time to talk about the man named Brian Clark Harner.

Before I start I must point out that, as far as I know, I am the first individual to speak publicly about Brian with my identity attached. I have not found any articles, videos, or other forms of media which mention this man. I have seen him discussed only on anonymous forums. As such, I am aware of the historic importance of the action I am now taking, and the rest of this article will clarify what I mean by this. Let me also make clear that I have no association with Brian and am doing this by my own will and means, with no thought nor offer or monetary profit. You will notice that I have included very few direct quotes. I also do not cite specific sources because I am drawing from the pool of all of Brian's writings (which are spread out over nearly 100 different web pages) in which he has reiterated most of his points multiple times. Here I give you a general overview of those writings.

Overview of Information


Brian is from Oregon. If you try to find him on search engines it will not work (except for one of those “My Life” pages). Brian is 40 years old. He lived as an exceptionally brilliant yet relatively normal person up until mid-April 2019. He worked as a machinist: this career led to him valuing logic, mathematical precision, and straightforwardness. An interest he had for most of his life was ancient Egypt. Brian was intent on figuring out how the great Pyramid at Giza was built and what its function was. After decades of studying and thinking over the matter, Brian arrived at a conclusion in 2019. The answer is in the Dendera Bulb hieroglyphs. Other people such as Egyptologists have thought that the bulb depicted in these hieroglyphs is a lightbulb, and the hieroglyphs demonstrate the use of electricity. Brian refused to settle for this idea. He thought that the ancient Egyptians did not necessarily have electricity (at least in the same manner that we do now) nor was the bulb necessarily made of glass. Brian figured out that the three hieroglyphs are a series of lessons in the use of sound to cut stone. Humans were taught the use of the technology in this increasingly-detailed order so that a technological paradigm which they are unlikely to figure out on their own would make sense to them. This means that the full picture of how to use the sound technology is in the third hieroglyph. This third hieroglyph also depicts some kind of lizard-man or reptilian who is holding two large knives. One Egyptologist thought this reptilian represented the fact that there are “consequences to abusing the education.” That individual was actually accurate in that statement. This will become important later.

So, Brian figured out that the stone blocks which comprise the pyramids were cut using sound. The Dendera Bulb is not made of glass but Bell Metal Bronze. There is not just one layer of metal but two. On this basis the Dendera Bulb might be given the technical name of “resonance chamber.” For the specific application of cutting stone, the proper sound frequency to use is produced by the male voice. That is why people are standing underneath the bulb in the hieroglyphs: they are singing in order to activate the bulb. When men raise their arms up their voices get lower. When women raise their arms up their voices get higher instead. To lower their voices women have to compress their bodies instead (like by bending down at the neck and waist). That's why only one woman is depicted in the glyphs and she is in the fetal position. When the resonance chamber is vibrating those vibrations can be channeled into a stone cutting tool, and in this manner the sound-produced vibrations replace electricity as the source of power to the tool. Brian refers to this entire process of using sound to cut stone as “harmonic resonant micro cavitation.”

Once Brian figured out this answer to the mystery of the great pyramid, something extraordinary happened to him. As a hard-headed machinist who refused to compromise on logic, Brian took a minimal interest in religion. He did not study religious doctrine. Nevertheless, seven days before Easter Sunday 2019, Brian was inundated with information from throughout the universe. This flow of information lasted for seven days, starting on April 15 and ending on April 21, which was the day of Easter. By solving the unanswered questions of Ancient Egypt, Brian opened a door to humanity's distant past. Brian learned that humans were created by a species that looks like us but is much larger, more physically capable, and far more intelligent. These giants are referred to in the Bible as “nephilim.” The “nephilim” are the ones who originally taught us how to build pyramids with the use of sound technology. The species that created us is no longer on Earth with us because we kicked them off the planet tens of thousands of years ago. Brian attributes this move to human arrogance and jealousy of these beings who are entirely superior to us.

Clearly the human-centered attitudes still persist on Earth to this day, and our species has severely degraded because of them. Brian says we are in imminent danger of destroying ourselves through omnicide.


This is a good point at which to say that you will see many similarities between what I have said and what Brian has said-- that is, specifically on the subject of the spiritual conception of life versus the economic conception of life (which includes the story of the trajectory humanity has followed). Brian has a level of knowledge and clarity exponentially higher than my own, as well as an ability to tap into the void which is unrivaled. On other matters such as the details of our history and technological applications, Brian has knowledge and skill I have simply not ever accessed. On that note, do not assume that what I write here contains all the details. (Just to be clear that I am not making any claim as to being on the same level as this man.)

Why do I bring this up now? Because Brian says that the way humanity can save itself is to reconnect with the species that created us. This is achieved through purity. That sounds a lot like what I have been talking about. Whereas I refer to the source of humanity's downfall as “jadedness,” Brian refers to that source as “arrogance.” When I talk about jadedness I refer to people trying to divert themselves from truthful thoughts and feelings in all manner of ways, such as drugs, unhealthy food, cynicism, humor, defeatism, willful ignorance, emotional reactivity, aggression, stubbornness, and more. I am wondering whether jadedness is the cause while arrogance is the effect. Let's see. When Brian speaks of “arrogance” he is referring to hard-headed presumptuousness. Humans tend to always assume they are right. Many even have adopted a religion which says that the only requirements for salvation are belief in God and repentance of sin: that means they don't actually have to live a righteous path, they can just ask for forgiveness in the end. This is an example of how humans find all kinds of ways to never admit they are wrong. Note that arrogance might be a matter of “past versus future” moreso than “right versus wrong.” We argue about the past and try to defend ourselves in the present instead of moving on to openly create the best future we can.

In contrast to arrogance, Brian encourages us to be meek, humble, and open. At first I struggled to accept the term “meek,” but it did not take me long to understand what he means on an energetic level. Meekness is meant to go hand-in-hand with openness. Together they result in the opposite of assuming an aggressive position which tries so hard to be "in control." Instead of constantly being ready to fight, whether physically, psychically, or argumentatively, a meek and open person is ready to have information come to them which they are more likely to understand due to not suppressing their abilities with stressful attitudes which perpetuate a life-experience of separate individual lifeforms doomed to be hostile to one another. The reason we need meekness specifically is that this is necessary to connecting with our creator in a positive way, since he is naturally our superior. By the way, I did say that the creator is an entire species, but it seems to be standard to refer to it as an individual male (for now, don't get hung up on whether the creator is referred to as singular or plural). Anyway, this relationship to our creator means that Christianity is correct about the need to surrender to God, but it apparently has not produced that result well. This may be partially due to the fact that it is not that clear about who God is, and Brian corrects the record.

The creator of humanity is practically “God” to humans, and he is to whom we are supposed to pray and hold ourselves accountable. Every species has a maker, so there are multiple tiers of maker species above the creators of humanity. This chain of progression eventually leads to a being called The Nine Principles. The Nine Principles is the most ascended being in the universe and he is responsible for overseeing it in its entirety. The Nine Principles was the first being to exist in this universe, and everything in it ultimately descends from him. The universe was created by God, the man who exists outside this universe. The universe is a cavitation bubble maintained by God. God must be extremely disciplined in order to maintain the universe, so Brian asks that we do not bother him, and instead keep our attention on our creator species. Brian says the only contact we should make with God is to express gratitude for existence in itself, since that is what God is responsible for. Otherwise, the only command descended from God is free will: based on this, Brian says that the structure of life is “chaos from order.” The universe operates based on solid laws, and within those laws beings have free will. That free will is not to be infringed upon except in urgent cases (present-day humanity is one such case). The laws are the “order,” and the free will is the “chaos.” Because the Nine Principles is the first being to have been created within God's universe, he is correctly called “God's son.” As such, Brian tells us that “the father, son, and holy spirit” refers to our creator species, which is humanity's father; the Nine Principles, which is God's son; and God himself, who is likened to a spirit since he exists outside the universe, and is holy since he sustains existence of the universe which we depend on for our own physical existence. God does not directly intervene in our lives, but the Nine Principles can, and our creator species can be close to us (in spirit) and dictate our actions and energy every moment.

Brian uses the term “arrogance” to refer to the basis of human fallenness because humans tend to be presumptuous in thinking they either are the highest beings in existence and can successfully take life into their own hands, or in thinking that they can circumvent the hierarchy of the universe and appeal to God instead of our creator. The result of this is that our creator is dying from disuse and disdain, both for and by his creations. Humans have neglected to use their creator in the course of their lives and they have expressed disdain for him and for what he has created. Brian's mission is not to save humanity per se but to save our creator. Humans are not that unique when compared to other species throughout the universe. So, we are not that important to The Nine Principles, but our creator is. The Nine Principles would like for our creator to live, and it will take us re-connecting with our creator to achieve that. Since our creator knows us better than we know ourselves on account of having created us, he knows what is beneficial to us and indeed has our best interests at heart. To achieve the proper connection with our creator we will need meekness, openness, and humility.

In addition to purity, another point of similarity between my and Brian's words is the void. The individual whom Brian feels closest to is Jesus Christ. Brian even has mentioned seeing through the eyes of Jesus and re-living his experience. It resonated with me, and if you read Introduction to the Void and Welcome to the Void you will understand why. Brian himself has not ever used the term “the void.” However, what he describes is experiences which are had through the void. When you tap into the void you can see through the eyes of those who came before you and feel their feelings. Your strongest connection through the void is to those most like you. The person in history most like Brian is Jesus, and Brian is similar enough to Jesus that he has been able to see through his eyes. (By the way, one reason I hope to talk to Brian in-depth is to ensure that I have clearly and accurately defined the terms I use, and that I use those terms in the correct manner. Brian has said multiple times that for effective communication and complete understanding we must have a clearly-defined and consistently used nomenclature. I did mention in Purifying Further that I have room to improve on this.) Instead of talking about vibrations and the strength of connections through the void, Brian uses the term “internal harmonic resonant capitulation.” Internal harmonic resonant capitulation is the language of the energetic plane. Everyone has a personal resonant frequency which can be sensed at any time. This language may occur as images and/or as energetic waves which can be felt and which may come with certain emotions or effects on the body and psyche.

Humanity's Last Chance

Now, let us not overlook the urgent side of things. Brian was given information from the hierarchy of the universe partially due to the urgent necessity of this information relative to the continuation of humanity's existence. I mentioned earlier that Brian says we are on the brink of self-destruction through omnicide. This is not humanity's first attempt at existence. We have faced several cataclysms on this planet which nearly drove us to extinction, and we have even existed on other planets before. According to Brian, our species has been so unruly that we have been nearly wiped out multiple times both as a natural consequence of and in order to control the amount of damage we do. We are amongst the “bad kids” of the universe, but our creator still loves us and wants to connect with us and lead us on a righteous path through life in line with the laws of the universe. The highest intention any lifeform can have is to transcend and become something higher: the best way for humans to do that is to follow the being who is one tier above us. In turn, following our creator will rejuvenate him and make him healthy again. He lives both on our love for him as well as our alignment with love in general. He is healthy when we experience joy and gratitude. When we instead hold mean, materialistic attitudes and treat other lifeforms as economic entities to be related to through greed, the creator suffers and is drained of life-force.

Where we stand now is humanity's last chance. Brian was suddenly flooded with this information after a lifetime absent of spiritual practice because he had sufficient openness and technical understanding to accept the information. He has other traits that have made him worthy as well, like persisting towards what is right while in the face of resistance from others. His insistence on logic has made him straightforward and immune to petty, misleading emotion. Brian's overall alignment with both high quality and purity was the basis of what led me to stick to his teachings. I would also attribute my ability to accept his teachings to internal harmonic resonant capitulation: what he both is and has said is similar enough to what I aspire to be and have thought. We were, from the start of me reading his work, sufficiently on the same page for his ideas to resonate with me. The more I connect with those ideas, the more on the same page we become, and the stronger the resonance is. As for this being humanity's last chance (the reason for the suddenness of the information), I mentioned that humans have been nearly wiped out multiple times. This time, if we fail, we will be not nearly wiped out but entirely. Through the technology we have built and used and the practices we have engaged in, we have defied the Earth's ability to sustain our way of life, and if we do not change our ways dramatically and quickly we will experience a rapid degradation in our quality of life until we die and take the planet with us. How exactly the world will end if we fail is a fairly detailed matter, and given what Brian has said it seems it will be environmental, technological, and spiritual all at once, in addition to the probability of an eventual cataclysm. Environmental, because we have poisoned and damaged the Earth. Technological, because in the event of sufficient chaos and/or loss of human life nuclear power plants will not be maintained and undergo meltdown. The spiritual aspect of the end of the world involves the reptilian holding daggers depicted in the third Dendera Bulb hieroglyph (mentioned early in this article). I discussed how our creator species is nourished by humanity's alignment with love. The reptilian species is nourished by humanity's alignment with love's opposite, which is fear. They are licking their lips looking at us right now, waiting to see what we do with the information Brian has shared and whether we ultimately will fail. Brian has said that if humanity fails we will get to finally see the reptilians, and that will be the final experience our species has. I am quite sure the reason for this is that if we reach a critical mass of fear-alignment then the hierarchy of the universe will see us fit for no function any longer besides reptilian food. The reptilians are not evil: they just clean up messes.

Two Energetic Paradigms

A contributing factor to Brian's receiving this information was his lifelong pursuit not just of answers to ancient Egyptian constructions but also of a certain energetic paradigm. Brian refers to two opposite energetic paradigms: divine energy and satanic energy. Satanic energy is aptly named because it includes the production of energy by burning things up, such as the burning of fossil fuels. Satanic energy is more generally defined as the degradation of material substance, either over time and/or for the sake of energy production. That sounds like the terms I use-- “the downward decay of time” and “the doom of the material world.” Divine energy, on the other hand, is produced without needing to cause material degradation. Sound is a form of divine energy because its production does not facilitate degradation (plus all sound goes on forever). Nearly all human technological developments in modern times have been borne of the satanic energy paradigm. Brian insists that we go back to the very beginning and reacquaint ourselves with divine energy technologies so that we can truly advance instead of producing machinery (and other items) which are harmful to ourselves and our environment. We can replace our buildings and houses with stone pyramids which will stand for tens of thousands of years instead of hundreds or fewer. Ultimately, we will need divine energy technologies so that we can build a Dyson Sphere and free ourselves of the need for the sun to warm our planet, since the sun is doomed to eventually die just as all material things do. Indeed, divine energy is the way to defy the doom of the material world, win the race against time, and renew the original perfection of life.

Present State of the Situation

That is the overview of Brian's teachings. Now I must tell you of the one instance of correspondence I had with Brian, how urgent our situation is, and what prompted me to write this article now.

Brian's book is available on Pastebin for free. It is titled, The Way. His only other communications have been posts on 4chan (plus one thread on one other forum). Brian initially set out hoping that people would interview him or help him to make videos. Both of those pursuits failed, so all media related to him so far is his own writing. Likewise, the only way to contact him has been through 4chan, and that is possible only by being in the same thread as him at the same time. His posts are not too difficult to find because he shares a link to his book in almost every single thread he posts in. I contemplated for weeks what I would ask Brian, either through creating my own thread or by the blessings of timing and being in a thread simultaneously as him. On August 14th I finally felt pure, open, and moved enough to ask Brian a question, and there just happened to be a thread he was posting in that stayed open for days.

The following is the text of my post for Brian:

Hello Brian,
There are many questions I could ask you. I will do my best to prioritize and keep the conversation to what is essential.
Is there anything we can do to heal you? That's the basic question, and I will elaborate on it.
In this thread (270968750#q270987578 on /pol/) you said:
"This body should have been dead 8 days before Easter of 2019. It is FUBAR, and this species does not have the necessary technological fortitude to fix it. Nor do they even think that is a necessary task."
I get that the ultimate solution is to reverse manmade hell on Earth: that includes humans becoming pure and building pyramids capable of facilitating healing. Are you like humanity's creator in that manna would heal and nourish you, whereas the opposite (satanic humanity) drains you of life-force? Point being, would a certain number of humans taking a truly divine path provide you with an extent of healing?
Here's another way of stating this. In that thread you also said:
"I do not have compatriotes, my friend. Many say they are, but interject stipulations onto the acceptance. Meaning, they never really were 'with me.'"
Could you be healed through brotherhood with other humans who put their maker first above all else? Is that kind of brotherhood the same as true love?

Brian's reply:

With the correct digits in the correct sequence, as well. It's interesting when I see a human make the leap forward in understanding a particular caveat that I have remained steadfast in my cryptic nature. I contemplated how I would reply to this post for a couple of hours now. I'm giving in for you. I do not have to do this because I am a creature of free will, just like all of you. But for your poignant and dedicated curiosity, I will make this one exception, "1" time.
Yes. My health is affected by humanity's health. During the early days of my realization I had the strength to heal myself... but only if the closest people to me cared. Several of my hydrtenitis supprativa pustules went away, and even though the scars remained all over my body, I could block out the pain. It gave me the ability to be physical in certain ways again, and gave me the strength I needed to begin this mission.
Ever since, there has been a steady decline in every ability I now possess, including the ability to block out regions of crippling pain. For the last 6 days, I have been almost entirely bedridden due to sciatica, for example. Many other abilities have suffered as well, but I try to keep things in a more palatable reality for all of you, so I won't delve into specifics.
When it comes to the hospital pyramids, they are of no use to this body. The genetic structure cannot be reversed, and neither can aging. What they do is halt, or slow tremendously, the progress of deteriorating externalities which break down your body over time. They pause aging, so to speak. The earlier this process begins, the longer the body will survive. They are not built for triage like situations, but can help rectifying anomalies (cancer, failing organs, etc).
Where does that leave us? Well, the main reason why I am stuck here with him still, has to do with finances. There are only two people that owe me money, but both of them will not pay. This scenario has forced me hand to act... soon. Within days as a matter of fact. To me, I was taking it as relief, until about 3 days ago. And now you know why the gcp dot has been blue repeatedly during that time. Humanity has no choice but to feel my struggle, as is the case on the inverse. As it seems, people's souls feel the same way you and many of my close friends do, but their brains do not compute why.
Throughout my life, I have made it a point to handle my situation on my own. This entire mission was done by spending every penny I had. I wrote a book, opened a brewery and restaurant, and almost completing the holy grail. I have a complete set of blanks sitting right next to me. However... if there was a mistake during the pour, I would need to make another blank. That would cost me about 300 dollars, and I don't even have that right now. So, my plan was to at least have a finished set of blanks for a friend of mine to use as a model for further production after I "leave." Until then, I wait for Judas to repay his debt.

There is another way... If you read my book, you should know that I do not like even bringing up money at all, but since I am reading the signs, I will say this out loud "1" more time. There are only 3 people who know this... for a reason. I am allowed to accept charity, but there is a caveat. The charity must be allowed access to by everyone. I will not skew the game in anyone's favor. Many have tried to get me to break this, but I assure you, that will not happen. I've been offered many things thus far, but have not been able to accept them due to this reason. I tried keeping "why" to a cryptic nature, but as it seems, you are all starting to feel the pressure.
When I tried to set up a GoFundMe page, they wanted information that I was unwilling to give. It would have exposed me months before construction of the holy grail began, so I denied their request, and was banned almost instantly. This is what closed the door on that option, then. There are people trying to work around this problem, but I have not seen or heard of any movement on it.
You have until 9/1 until I am officially homeless, and 9/12 until I shut my phone off for good and slip into a meditative state until it's over. I am not killing myself, but rather, I am allowing humanity's lack of understanding the gravity of this situation to control my movements. Why? This is for all of you, not me. If this is the path the majority of humanity wants for me, so be it. I will not fight this decision in any way, any longer. That means, it's up to each and every one of you to decide just how important this is... to your species, not just you. I dropped EVERYTHING, ended every relationship I had, sold everything I owned, and spent it all on you. If you're thinking of asking what I would do in this situation, there's your answer. And it's not a guess. I've already proven as much.
There's no reason to feel sorry for me, nor am I trying to get you to. I am content in the way I performed this time around. If this is it... again, so be it. This might be my last post. The new book needs to get finished before I do not have electricity anymore. It's time to start my end process. I don't know exactly what to tell you to do. All I can tell you is what comes next for me. There are options, but I doubt they will materialize. Regardless of what happens, I thank you for your concern, my friend.
To recap; no, there is no way on Earth currently that can help this body. But I will allow humanity to choose whether they want me to stay a while longer or not. Apologies for the sudden nature of this information, but I was hoping none of you would ask correctly, so I could just go die already. You did ask correctly, however, and there it is. Without money, my mission is already over. It's just that simple. Thank you all for reading all the long posts. I hope they bring you what you want.

He then added a follow-up post:

Apologies for the typos and missing paragraph. It was difficult to keep that organized and not emotional. I've never had anyone that wanted to care for me in this way. Writing that rant does not reflect my personality, and is selfish. I get shaky when that happens.
I'm sorry to even put any of you in this situation. I really never even wanted you to figure this out. If this is the end, really, thank you to everyone who tried. And yes, my friend. You have figured out what true love is. I hope you get to experience it.
Good luck, everyone. Have a good "1"...

While I took that all in, another person asked Brian whether we can help him. Brian replied, Yes, but it's complicated and time is so short I don't think you'll accomplish the goal. I have a friend working on setting up something... I think. Whatever is set up, it must be available to everyone. I will not accept personal gifts or charity. He continued, It needs to be accessible to everyone to donate to. The funds will be redirected back to humanity, but I am the sole discretionary agent in the matter. I cannot allow people who would throw everything away by wasting that resource on selfishness to have access. I really do appreciate your concern, my friend. Many have been where you are, and I really do appreciate what you're trying to do. I have to go pray now. Been a long day, and I didn't expect it to be this kind of a night. Apologies, and thank you again. I'll leave you with one last gift on my next/last post.

That gift was the first and only picture he has shared of his invention, the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail is meant to work in coordination with cavitation. It is a resonance chamber comparable to the Dendera Bulb (from the hieroglyphs), meaning that it cuts stone with the use of sound. It is clear why Brian's lifelong experience as a machinist has been necessary to his mission: so that he can facilitate humanity's transition from satanic energy technologies to divine ones. I feel honored that I and the other person concerned for Brian got to be the ones who prompted him to share the first public image of the Holy Grail, named as such because it can bring “everlasting life,” which refers to living in cooperation with the divine energy paradigm.

On August 16 I wrote a message for Brian which I intended to send to him through Pastebin. It turns out that only paid members of Pastebin can initiate a private message conversation. I went to look at the pricing plans for Pastebin membership, and it turned out that they are “sold out of Pro accounts.” What kind of website puts a limit on the number of paid accounts it can have?! Thus, there is no way to contact Brian (except, perhaps, through the void). I could make a 4chan thread in hopes that he will see it, but who knows whether he will look there anymore. It sounds like he plans on making some kind of final contact with a last-minute plan to fund himself, but I am not certain. My message included two different possible ways of providing him with funding. Since he insists on being the only one with access to the money, I figure it would not help to communicate my ideas to the public before him-- maybe unless things become truly dire, which they might.

So it is that at this moment I am here sharing this article with you, the first piece of media to talk about Brian Harner's work which was created by someone other than himself. At the very least, now that I have told you what I have learned from Brian I will be able to talk to you more openly and tell you about the experiences I have had in the last few weeks. These experiences most definitely have involved connecting to the creator of humanity. There is also room now to hone in on the various aspects of Brian's work in detail. Ultimately, I must stay on point to what matters. We shall see what it is that I am moved to do.

Update, August 28 2020: You can send money to Brian at the following link:

Thank you.