Compassion vs. Standing Up for Yourself

It is cliché to mistake kindness for weakness. In some instances, such a perception is no mistake at all.

Standing up for yourself and being accommodating to others can seem at odds with each other. Ideally, these two should be one and the same, and they can be. In fact, as far as I am concerned, these things can only co-exist: if you don’t have one, you don’t have the other. In other words, self-sacrifice is fallacy.

What is truly in your best interest is also in the best interest of reality as a whole. Likewise, what is in the best interest of the collective is also in your own best interest.

When we get to the messy situations faced by humanity, the idea that we ultimately all share the same best interest appears to be impossibility. Some people want one thing, other people want something else, and those two separate wants are opposed to each other. Either one side can get their way, or neither side can get their way, but both sides can’t have their way at the same time.

That isn’t the whole story, though. Where two conflicting desires appear to exist, at least one party is lacking in consciousness. This means that they either have not expressed what they actually want, or they are not aware of what they actually want. That, or the side lacking in consciousness engages in darkwork (i.e. evil): this means this party regards instilling fear into and sucking the life out of others as in its best interest.


How Evil Operates

Darkwork is a valid approach to becoming more powerful. In fact, it actually requires a high enough level of consciousness: you can’t be a dumbed down member of the masses and also be a supervillain. To rule over the masses, you must know how to—in other words, you have to be smarter than most people.

Villains aren’t dumb. Their approach, however, has its limits. Relative to the way things have played out in human history, villains are generally doomed to fail.  This is because their game depends on them looking like a force for good: in other words, most villains are wolves in sheep’s clothing. If their wolf-ishness is publicly revealed they lose the legitimacy the masses have lent to them, and it’s game over. They will then be some combination of fired, arrested, and/or excommunicated from public life.

Villainy not only requires secrecy—it also depends upon a fundamental distrust of people. Though villains often work together, none of them trust each other (not even Hillary and Bill do). As such, villains will expose each other if it can result in their own personal gain. Sometimes it doesn’t even take an aware, audacious person to take down evil: evil can just as well take down itself.

Success in villainy requires three things: fear, ignorance, and disunity among the group the villain is attempting to control (e.g. preferably the general public). If you can keep people misinformed, get them to fear for their own lives, and convince them to distrust one another, you will weaken them. With weak, scared, stupid people, you can do whatever you want.

It is no coincidence that some of the most successful evil people on this planet have involvement in adults preying upon children, if they don’t do it directly themselves. They get off on defiling innocence. They don’t want a partner who is an equal match for them (i.e. in age, intelligence, development as a person) because such a person would see right through them, and would have no interest in being with someone so evil. The villains have no heart to open to another human being anyway. They don’t care.

Any person who sexually takes advantage of another person is basically dead on the inside. They are a walking corpse, occupied by demons. They have not felt their own heartbeat in years.

Of course, it is only a person like this who would be interested in taking advantage of others in the first place. They need to feed upon the life of other people, because they themselves have no life. They left their own lives behind long ago—effectively gave them up to the devil.


Effectiveness Trumps Kindness

This is the basic problem I present here: people often equate not taking advantage of others with being weak. The perception at work here is that we live in a dog-eat-dog world, and you must either eat or be eaten.

This is the solution I present at this point. Kindness isn’t weakness—it’s ineffectiveness. If you feel like you are committing an act of kindness, you are going too far. You’re self-sacrificing unnecessarily. Your “favor” isn’t really needed and won’t really be appreciated, and you know it. You’re just virtue signaling, trying to make yourself look like a good person.

In other words, if you think a certain act would be kind, it is a waste of your time. You don’t really want to do it, and you could provide stronger value and in a much different and more effective way anyway.

So, yes—I am telling you to forget about kindness, just as I have previously told you to forget about apologies and forgiveness. I am likewise telling you to acknowledge your own best interest. And, remember what I said earlier: your own best interest is the same as the best interest of all of reality. That’s the key, and that’s why you don’t need kindness: all you do need is awareness.

The reason darkworkers often get screwed over eventually is that they think their own best interest is at odds with the collective best interest. This is their biggest fallacy, and it is a lethal one. In due time the ocean of the collective best interest always rises up one way or another, and the short-sighted villains get knocked over by the waves.

This is what we are seeing in the world now: the collective best interest is rising. The American people are saying “no” to terrorism, globalism, and the medical dictatorship. We’re saying “no” to creating more debt. We are saying “no” to the mounting guilt that has pervaded our culture for the last several decades, and we are not going to create anymore.

It may look like America is getting more selfish these days. But the reality is that America is the most powerful country on Earth, and if we go down, the whole world will go down. The entire planet will become a uniform, mindless, poisoned landscape ruled by eugenicists who hate life and get off on the suffering of others.

So, it IS in the collective best interest that America becomes great again. We have to weed out people who hate humanity and this country—otherwise they will play on the fear, weakness, and stupidity of the masses and attempt to have their way with them (communist Chinese who control the media and radical Islamists, I’m talking to YOU).

Of course, if these creeps have their way with the masses, this effectively means that they have their way with all of us. Even those of us who are aware of the tyranny and resist it cannot help but be affected by the lives of the majority of the people around us. Like it or not, we are all interdependent upon one another. The more healthy, intelligent, and happy each one of us is, the more healthy, intelligent, and happy all of us are—and vice versa. Likewise, the more sick, stupid, and miserable each one of us is, the more sick, stupid, and miserable we all become—and this is what the villains want, so that they can control us.

This is why I’ve said, your own best interest is the same as the collective best interest of all of reality. The villains could join us on our united quest for health and intelligence and at last acknowledge that their best interest is shared with our own. But they would rather keep playing their game of, “All for one, but not one for all.” As such, we will have to continue fighting them.


The Consequences of Your Actions are Immediate

Here is the problem we are at now. I equate the “collective best interest” with all of reality, because this is the only way it can work. For your own best interest to be fulfilled, it must be aligned with the best interest of all of humanity. For the best interest of humanity to be fulfilled, it must be aligned with the best interest of the Earth, the universe, and consciousness itself.

Because I regard humans as fundamentally conscious (rather than biological) beings, and I see the purpose of all of existence as growth (i.e. the expansion of consciousness), none of the entities listed above can be at odds with each other. We just aren’t. Screw over someone else, and it will screw over you one way or another.

What goes around comes around, they say. That’s not all, though—it’s even more straightforward than that. What you dish out, you receive back directly and immediately. The essence of existence is experience. Every action you take comes with an experience. This includes the actions you take in regards to others. This means that if you act in a way that is harmful to another being, chances are you will experience something that reflects that harm.

For example, if you lie to another person, you will be simultaneously lying to yourself, in a way. Lying to another requires that you first lie to yourself. This is the fundamental deceit, which is that you must believe there is some worth to your lying: only then can you lie. Of course, this fundamental deceit is self-deceit. In other words, when you give another person a dose of unreality, you will simultaneously give yourself a dose of unreality. You will create a false perception for the both of you—and you will have to experience the consequences of this false perception, whatever they may be.

For a specific example, the government lies to us about vaccines being healthy. They leave out the fact that they add a great deal of horribleness to vaccines (e.g. mercury, live viruses) which results in the degradation of health for many people (some immediately and obviously—others more gradually). The people behind this act must deal with the consequences—not only the objective consequences of a sick population and rising healthcare costs, but also the immediate consequences upon their own consciousness. They must deal with the silencing of their own conscience and the closing of their own heart. Obviously they can accept these consequences enough to continue the evil, but this does not mean they do not feel dead on the inside. And that is the biggest consequence of all—deadened consciousness.


Preying Upon the Weak

Because our society is run by darkworkers, the running of our society is predicated upon the creation and exploitation of weak beings.

This is key. The villains (i.e. the left, democrats, fake liberals, establishment elite, etc.) thrive on the votes and vocal support of people who are “disadvantaged.” Of course, what the villains don’t tell you is that they purposely keep these people disadvantaged, and they even created many of them in the first place. Transgender people, for example, might not exist if the villains didn’t stuff us full of endocrine disruptors like atrazine (via tap water) and rBGH (via cow’s milk).

Other apparently “disadvantaged” people are wolves in sheep’s clothing, just like the villains themselves. These include Muslims who are hostile to the way America works (this is not all Muslims, but it is many of them). These people aren’t “disadvantaged”—they would probably kill you if it was easier for them to. The left sells the public this story just to make it easier for us to become flooded by hostile foreign influences which will help in ultimately overthrowing everything this country stands for and realizing the globalists’ agenda of world domination.

The left, for instance, does not love homosexuals. They lie by telling them that they were born this way, and they try to distract them with low-value issues like gay marriage. Then, while the gays aren't looking, they stab them in the back by jumping into bed with radical Muslims and having one such person lead the women’s march on Washington; of course, these are people who would rather see homosexuals dead, and they indeed execute people in their own countries who are homosexual.

As such, any gay person with a morsel of dignity (if this is possible) should slough off the story that they're “disadvantaged” and thus need to harp on the left to keep protecting them. Get over it, get on with your life, and live in integrity. Stop letting the left be your nanny. At long last, become a man.

In addition to deliberately creating some weak beings while lying about others, the establishment also talks publicly about some of the weak beings it exploits, while it keeps its filthy yap shut about others.

For example, the left always openly lets us know about how it vigilantly protects women, gays, and non-whites (of course, in actuality it exploits their weakness and ignorance).

There are other groups, though, that it doesn’t tell us as much about: this is achieved by either twisting the story it gives us, or by not giving us a story at all. The groups that are subject to such falsehood are children and unborn babies. In regards to children, the left pretends the pedophile rings I’ve already alluded to don’t exist. It’s no coincidence that after they made a public spectacle of Milo Yiannopoulos, took down its article titled, “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster.” They flipped the story around, and made it look like the pedophiles were someone other than themselves. Of course, prior to their calling out Milo, they were subtly pushing pedophilia all the way along—but, for some reason, the majority of people just bent over and took it.

As for unborn babies, everyone is aware that abortion exists, but the left doesn’t like to tell us the full story about it: this full story includes the fact that Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicists (like Margaret Sanger), and that Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide help to women who end up deciding to keep their babies. They’ll lend financial support only to women who want to abort their pregnancies (Hm… Does that sound a little fishy to you, or is that just me?).


A Mirror is Held Up to Us

We can look at the exploitation of any group and see similarity behind the acts. The killing of unborn babies, the sexual predation of children, the enslavement of foreigners (e.g. Africans by Americans ~200 years ago), the rape of women, diseasing the ignorant, and lying to people all require more or less the same mindset. If you’re willing to engage in one of these acts, you’re that much more likely to commit another. It is no mere coincidence that the establishment elite commit virtually all of them.

If you find what I have written over-the-top or unbelievable, consider that reality is holding a mirror up to the state of humanity. To be specific, all the things the darkworkers are doing to the general population, humanity as a whole is doing to animals.

We domesticate animals, dumb them down, fatten them up, weaken them, give them diseases, entrap them, attack them, kill them, and eat them. The same things are happening to all of us humans, by the hand of the globalist elite. And you know it.

Animals are not stupid. But we put them in artificial environments, breed them, and train them, and they effectively become stupid. That’s how we justify doing anything we want to them. By the abuse that follows, they become even more stupid. We then kill them and eat them. By taking in their stupid bodies, we ourselves become more stupid. By that stupidity, we continue the cycle.

Humans are not stupid. But they are forced into broken systems, made sick, and socially conditioned, and they effectively become stupid. That’s how the elite justify doing anything they want to them. By the abuse that follows, the humans becomes even more stupid. They are then, slowly but surely, killed. In order to put up with the increasing magnitude of stupidity upon the Earth, the elites must become more cold-hearted and evil. By that evil, they continue the cycle.

Don’t you get it? We have enslaved animals just like the elites have enslaved us. We think we are so tough by putting steaks in our mouths, yet we cannot even look at our fellow man and realize that he is killing us.

What a shame! What fools we are! We think we’re the dominant species—we can’t even keep our species together! Humanity has been on a downward spiral for decades, killing itself en masse, and we think we’re dominant? We really are idiots!

Here is what I really want to say about this. Eating other animals is so often equated with masculinity. Men worry that if they stop eating meat their penises will become flaccid and they’ll turn into crybabies. They know that a person with a heart too-wide open is naïve and liable to get stepped on. They don’t want to lose the edge of self-interest, self-protection, and emotional coldness required to kill another animal, so they keep doing it.

This apparent conflict between respecting another and retaining self-respect is one I myself have had to deal with—not just in regards to eating animals, but in general. I’ve reflected on this in articles like Becoming an A*%#!@e and Love Run Amok. I often find it painful to say “no” to people, but I know that if I don’t I will end up in a miserable, unnecessary situation. More often than not, the “no” gets delivered.

What I have found is that when you try to stay silent and passive and just please people, you end up pissing off everyone—including yourself. You pretend to be an innocent, mindless automaton when you really aren’t. You will internally damn yourself each moment that you do this. Once the truth about this comes out, you will have to deal with an external conflict with the other people involved. In my life, this usually ends in a painful parting of ways.

I have often touted the value of being loving. In the world we live in, this is tough. People are sick and do not want to hear about it. They would rather go on being in a trance and slowly killing themselves. This is difficult to be around.

In such situations, I usually take the approach of love it or leave it. Instead of dealing with this person individually, I’ll just focus on broadcasting my message (e.g. via Internet, like I’m doing now), and whoever it gets through to, it gets through to.

I know that in a cold, rather hopeless-looking world, eating meat can help keep your emotions turned down, and keep that edge of distrust on. I know it is hard to draw the line between who can be trusted and who can’t be.

As I’ve suggested, I regard domesticating, killing, and eating animals to be on the same level as the atrocities listed above. We’re just doing to animals what the hateful people of the world are doing to us. If you’re fueling one, you’re fueling the other—in other words, if you’re killing animals, you’re contributing to the same mindset behind the tyranny over humanity, which says that, I get my power from overpowering others. In order to thrive, I need others to be stupid and weak.

By the way, destroying the Earth is on the same level as all these acts, too. Ceasing this is another step we have to take, lest we perpetuate the suicide-cult the establishment is already pushing for.



I truly don’t know how veganism got thrown into the mess that is the left. It’s too bad that this way of life has been co-opted by non-committal, unhealthy, wimpy social justice warriors and villains like Bill Clinton. I hope this changes soon.

What I’m saying is, being a whiny, misinformed prick is not a necessary component of veganism, just as bullying Christians is not a necessary component of being gay.

You don’t need to take power over others in order to have an edge. I’m on edge right now, and I haven’t eaten animal products in almost two years. That doesn’t stop me from running 60 miles in a day, nor from doing my life’s work (i.e. understanding reality and waking people up to it), nor from distrusting the villains that I know must be distrusted. The BS-meter remains on.

When I was in high school, I was reluctant to contribute hatred to kids who were hated—you know, those handful of isolated weird kids who seem to get made fun of and avoided by everyone. I was conflicted about these kinds of kids because I knew they didn’t deserve what was dished out to them, but I didn’t want to be friends with them myself, and it was hard to resist the social pressure of keeping these kids held down. As a non-saint, I caved to this pressure many times. I’ve done my share of giving people evil eyes and making fun of them.

This reminds me of something Alex Jones (of Infowars) talks about—It’s so easy to be evil, he says. When so many people are so dumb, it’d be easy to take advantage of them and make ten times the amount of money he currently makes. But he doesn’t do that, because that is not his way.

Yes, it is easy to be evil. It’s great to be an asshole—everyone does it. It’s easy to pick up a Styrofoam package of meat from the grocery store that someone else did the dirty work of raising, killing, and packaging, and then call yourself manly for eating it.

You’re being spoon-fed a package of chemicals, fear, and stupidity, and you did not one step of the dirty work involved in creating it yourself. Yeah, that’s real manly of you.

Do you really believe that overpowering others makes you more powerful? Where did you get the idea that consuming a sick animal that someone else killed makes you more masculine? Has your sense of dignity been so co-opted by the people who control you that you now get a rise out of feasting on a weakling?

Where is your honor?

Maybe animals are a valid source of nutrition, but that doesn’t mean you have to enslave and kill them. Maybe annoying people are a valid source of entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you have to ruin their lives. Maybe dumb people have money, but that doesn’t mean you have to scam them out of that money. Maybe children are beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you have to… Well, I won’t say it.

Is your life so dead that you have to hurt others in order to feel alive?

When an unborn baby is put under the scalpel by an abortionist, it kicks and puts up its arms in resistance. When a butcher goes to slit the throat of a bull, the bull fights.

The innocent may indeed be innocent, but when they know their mortality is on the line, they fight for their lives.

If you knew what was happening to you, WOULD YOU FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE?

When a bully is met with genuine resistance, most of the time that bully is shocked. He pees himself. It becomes clear that the emperor has no clothes. That’s what I learned in that little story from when I was 18. The emperor has no clothes, because he has no soul. He has given it up and resorted to harming others for fun.

You want to be loving? Challenging a bully is loving. When someone is evil, demonstrating your strength and resisting them is the only shot you have at waking them up. You have to say to them, WAKE UP, YOU DEAD SPIRIT. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO PREY ON THE INNOCENT TO BE ALIVE? YOU SCUM! NO ONE’S GONNA TAKE YOUR CRAP ANYMORE! GET A LIFE!

Then they’ll realize that they were never happy manipulating women, aborting babies, or making people sick in the first place. They’ll realize that no one’s going to have it anymore, and if they’re going to remain on this planet with any modicum of respect they will have to man up—into a REAL man. A man of honor. A man who loves others enough to assist them, yet is self-aware enough to know when he is ineffective and not needed. A man who knows the sweet spot where helping others to live and living his own life overlap. A man who respects the well-being of others and also his own.

(Yes, this applies to women, too—give me my moment of poetry here…)


Edgy Compassion

I am no saint. Ask anyone who knows me—when I am not timid or checked-out, I can be brass, angry, annoyed, cynical, outraged, or just unresponsive and not welcoming communication.

Of course, the people who are placid in public are often savage behind the scenes. Likewise, some people who are “savage” in public (such as MMA fighters) are level-headed and friendly behind the scenes.

I don’t act this way out of misery. This is my “edge”—the edge I sometimes feel I need in order to keep my life on the right track. While I do get concerned about how this may hurt the feelings of other people, I know that in the long-run it’s better to be honest than to put on a fake show of kindness and compassion.

When you fake kindness and compassion to the point where you’ve fooled another person into thinking you’re attracted to them, you’re only hurting people. If you want to be compassionate, just say, “I don’t like you,” and get out. It will suck, but at least it’s honest.

Truth is compassion. Truth includes not only general honesty, but also the ability to acknowledge when you are hurting someone who doesn’t deserve it. This compassion rests upon the central truth, that the best interest of yourself is aligned with the best interest of all of reality.

As a conscious being, you are fundamentally connected to all of reality all of the time. As such, what goes around comes back around immediately, and if you don’t like what’s coming around, then don’t put it out in the first place. As long as you can remain sensitive to the effects of your actions on your consciousness (i.e. your experience of life), and not shut off your conscience and sell your soul like darkworkers do, this is all you need for genuine, effective, truthful compassion. When you are self-aware, you naturally express optimal compassion—the kind that is functional for all involved, including yourself.




Remember that wherever there is a weak being, it was likely created by tyrannical humans in the first place. You could stoop to the tyrants’ level and have your own go at that weak being. Or you can recognize that you could just as well be that weak being- if you aren’t already- and instead hold fast to your honor.

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