When you die, you become aware of things that were always true, yet in your fear you could not see.

When you die, God holds you in his arms, as though you are his child. And in that moment you realize that he has done so all along.

This is why it is said that the most glorious moment of your life will be your death. For in death you are your most yielding to life, and by death you come to know life’s highest truths.

Death is not to be feared, but welcomed. For each moment of life is a little death. Indeed, you die not once, but many times. Your physical death is simply the grandest of these.

Each time that you die, including the last, God takes you into his arms, and you realize your oneness with him once again.

Such has always been the case, but only by death is it clearly made so.


And so, the next time that you fear or bemoan the loss of vitality,

Remember that death welcomes you,

Just as life always has.

There is no moment you can corrupt,

For in the end it belongs to death.

Yield to it,

And you shall find death a gentle guide for your life.

Welcome death unto your life, and you may proceed freely.