Ego Death: Part Two

This is the 24th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 42nd message of our conversation. It was sent on September 12 2020 at 12:20AM EST.

"So "peak oil" is actually "the peak of oil's EROEI"?"

No. Peak oil, according to Marion King Hubbert, the man who defined that terminology, peak oil is referencing the height at which our discoveries of new reserves "peak." It's not going to happen, BUT... Ghawar and the Permian basin could sustain their light sweet crude quality well into the future. In so doing, they would stay level on the EROEI scale. This is just a hypothetical example, just to reiterate. The data suggests that the more gets drawn from those reserves over time, the lower in quality the oil becomes. Plus, the pressure within the reserve drops signaling that the reserve is diminishing at a steady decline. The idea here is that as the crude oil economy continues moving forward, we must find a steady supply of newly discovered reserves, or the entire system will begin to decline steadily until there is no more oil left. The more reserves we can find, the longer we stave off that event occurring. As I've said, the only "new" reserves we have found on Earth over the last 50ish years are tar sands, shale, and bitumen. Those types of discoveries cannot even enter into the equation due to their extremely poor quality. The EROEI of those reserves is backwards, meaning in order to extract the gasoline and diesel from that particular oil, we would need to put more energy into refinement of it then we will be able to use from it. The fact that we have not found any other Permian or Ghawar type oil, AND the fact that we have started refining heavy sour crude as a stopgap to the economy collapsing, means that "peak oil"... as Marion King Hubbert described... happened years ago.  If that event hadn't already occurred, then why are we even considering refining that junk oil? The reason... is because we cannot find any more quality oil reserves, which is the exact reason why "peak oil" as a nomenclature exists. Get it now? The quality COULD (but more than likely won't) remain at a light sweet crude quality. The reserves that we have tapped already COULD (but more than likely won't) last for a long time at the current pace. The data suggests that neither one of those two scenarios is anything more than a "pipe dream." But that is also why using the term "peak oil" to define those types of events is simply bad science. Those conclusions  are NOT based on empirical data, meaning they are philosophical in nature. The declining ability to FIND NEW RESERVES, however, IS based on empirical data because there are only so many places we can explore on the planet. Most places have already been explored, meaning those areas have already been accounted for. As the map of areas to explore gets smaller and smaller, peak oil becomes not only likely, but certain. With this knowledge in hand, it's easy to see that we are beyond the peak, of peak oil.

"If there is no ego then what is it that has free will?"

The conglomerate. The entirety of a species. The ability for an entire planet full of intelligent beings to move in "1" direction together... as "1"...

Being a whole as a species is where humanity started. While there were indeed selfs, the goal of the species as a whole was what directed action. Now that humanity is in hell, you are as far away from that Divine aspect of existence that you have ever been. Currently, there is nothing other than selfs. Instead of "1" ego controlling the entirety of humanity, there are now 8 billion-ish individual egos trying to control everyone else's narrative. Spiritually speaking, doing this is pure anarchy. And as we can tell from the recent events, it's only a matter of time until that anarchy bleeds into the physical. It might have already passed the ability to rectify the anarchy at hand, but we will not know that outcome until I hand in my report/die. Until THAT happens, I will continue trying to unite humanity under "1" purpose. It's quite literally the only way to survive.

"Obviously there is no much profit for you and the claims you make."

It depends how you view the definition; profit. There is no HUMAN WAY to quantify "my" profits. On Earth, you are correct. There is no physical substance or material that can add to my profitability. However, outside of Earth's influence, I seek the greatest "profit" of all: creation. My goal is to elevate the ability for Earth to create new creations. In so doing, my "profits" will be too numerous to count. Humanity's maker will expand and grow outward in all directions... adding to "my" ability to produce new makers. New makers add new and hopefully improved versions of creation itself into the universe's simulation sequence. THAT, my fine young friend, will bring God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe that much closer to transcending, meaning I too will be that much closer to transcending. PROFIT... for everyone involved, including humanity itself. These are things that humans cannot see right now, but these profits do exist, and... are the entire reason for the universe's system to function in this way. If we lose humanity, my profits go down. If humanity survives the pending collapse, my profits will rise. In reality this break between dimensional boundaries (3rd and 4th) and what I am doing here is strictly to provide more direct profits for humanity's maker. I will receive them much further down the line as time moves forward, so technically I don't receive anything directly from Earth in the form of profits. I receive them when humanity's maker, and by extension humanity itself, give reason to expand the overall scope of the universe itself. When it grows... we all profit from it.

"making the best LARP ever."

I hope that by now you have no doubt in your mind that I'm not joking or LARPing at all. But it is funny to consider I'm going to all of this trouble just to get people to think I'm someone that I'm not. That's why I ask where the motive is to people that claim that about me. If any of them knew what I gave up to do what I'm doing, the entire idea of me LARPing about this has no logic or reason to it at all. But it is funny watching people on 4chan and places like that try to paint me with that brush. I understand why people feel that way better than they know themselves. There have been so many LARPers throughout history claiming to be me and falling short of expectations, that the skepticism has run amok. Zero trust. It's their loss ultimately, which is why it doesn't bother me. All I have to say to them is... good luck. They're going to need it.

"What does this mean?"

As I've experienced on this journey on many occasions, religious zealots stick to a code that they feel is a ticket to direct transcendence, first class. Humanity's maker never gave a directive for people to be arrogant about their abilities, however. Christians seem to have forgotten this stipulation to existence, and as such, feel as though their religion should be practiced by everyone in humanity. In a zealot's mind, this is the ONLY way to achieve humanwide transcendence. As I have hopefully proven at this point, not only is Christianity wrong for assuming such a position, but they've taken that arrogance so far, they are hurting themselves in the process. That is not to say that a large amount of Christian doctrine isn't useful, far from it. There are many aspects of Christianity that can and do provide a path to enlightenment on some level... But when it comes to those aspects being the end all be all to enlightenment, they fall demonstrably short. So... there are many great lessons to be taken from the Christian philosophy of life, but those philosophies are not "all encompassing." Same with Veganism. There are many great lessons to be learned from a Vegan perspective on farming, health, etc, but those aspects are in no way an "all encompassing" methodology for the entirety of humanity to live by in order to survive the pending collapse. Maybe after that event simmers down humanity can start to ubiquitously apply those lessons to all human life. Probably not, but the possibility does exist in the future where everyone alive can be a Vegan, and no shortcomings will be felt. As it stands right now, and the foreseeable future, being a Vegan is a hindrance to the unified structure of the communities that will survive the collapse. That's why it's a touchy subject to approach. It is a good strategy for a healthy humanity... in the distant future, but not right now. I'm not saying Veganism is wrong. I'm saying that Veganism is not a viable defense for what is coming. In fact I am saying the opposite. RIGHT NOW... being a Vegan with what is on the horizon is a liability to THE WHOLE.

"Maybe because it occurs at a fairly subtle level?"

The mirror effect is interesting from my perspective. Knowing that it exists makes it a lot easier to forgive. This is where absolute meekness is actually a virtue. Yes. You are correct that on a subtle level, the mirror effect is always in play. On a world full of competing egos, it's difficult to assemble a strategy outside of that paradigm. I realize this when I talk to everyone I interact with. There's no reason for me to be upset about it, because everyone alive is infected by this "virus." There are quite a few of you that at least recognize that there is something wrong. You, and all of my friends. Which in turn makes it a lot easier for me to teach you how to cure this "disease." The real problem is in everyone who doesn't even think they're sick to begin with. On that level, there is no subtlety to the mirror effect at all. With complete inundation on whomever I am interacting with's perspective, I react towards them in a slightly varied attempt to get them to see in themselves what they despise. You've seen this many times on 4chan. The easiest way to spot it is when a snap judgement is made. You don't do that. You do make judgements, but they are well researched. It allows for much more pleasant interaction, wouldn't you say? So yeah... the mirror effect will continue. People might even be doing this to you now. Nathan goes through it regularly. Just keep in mind that they're just talking to themselves... then it becomes funny, as opposed to insulting.

"Aren't the different makers at least of the same species and have the same basic desire, which is to be fed by us?"

There are makers for all species and subspecies. Their desires are based on varying criteria, though. The abstract way of viewing this system is that it is all flowing in the same direction; upward. In the most basic and extremely oversimplified way of viewing this system, you're correct. However, as all subspecies belong to various different makers, the interbreeding of the different maker's subspecies is strictly prohibited. Lest, the makers of those varying subspecies would lose their source of sustenance.

I'm guessing that when you refer to "same species" you're referring to genetic lineage. Within The Hierarchy of this universe which stretches all the way to The Nine Principles, in humanity's case, we are all in the same genetic lineage, but NONE of us are the same species. The 3rd dimension, in which you reside currently, has billions upon billions of varying degrees of transcendence, and physical stature. Within the ranks of the type 1 civilizations currently, there are many billions of forms of "man." Some of them look (on the outside) exactly like a human from Earth. For all intents and purposes, you could be standing right next to one of these species, and you wouldn't be able to tell that they are any different from you. However, every species has a specific anatomy that was developed on their own planet/spaceship. Some of these seemingly identical species have significant variances in organ size and placement due to the variances of their home planet's upbringing of their genetic structure. Some species have 1 lung, and a massive heart. Some have 4 stomachs, similar to a cow on Earth. Some have obvious differences like massive ears, or more than two eyes. Regardless, every species is grown into their current stature based on their specific planet of origin. This is the reason for evolution existing before creation/upgrading. The species must have a tried and true method of survival before intelligence is given. That's the way the system works for everything in existence. The genetic structures are grown in a particular environment, then upgrades are given at a specific time. Humanity calls this event the dawn of civilization.

As each species drudges their way through type 0 stature (depending on how often they've fucked up), certain lessons are applied to help teach this process of how the varying species are created. Humanity on Earth has fucked up a lot. More than most. Humanity's inability to understand these concepts led to the tower of Babylon methodology, where the idea of protecting a specific genetic lineage WITHIN a species had to be implemented in order to be understood. Same difference when/if humanity were to enter into The Hierarchy as a type 1 civilization. You're not supposed to breed outside of your genetic lineage on Earth, for the same reason why you shouldn't breed between varying species of different planetary origin. On a fundamental level, breeding with a species from a different solar system that has 1 lung and a huge heart due to their atmosphere varying from that of Earth's dramatically, would cause a significant problem for the progeny of that interaction. Who the hell knows what would happen, but the fact remains that the species would not be a viable genetic match to EITHER environment of their parents origin. On a spiritual level, the mutted genetic progeny would have no real connection to The Hierarchy they were born into, thusly being forced to go at existence alone, which leads to extreme angst, confusion, and ultimately retribution just for being born. You can imagine how shitty that must feel, right? No home, no maker, and no real way to connect spiritually (ethereally) to ANYTHING. All because of a sexually charged fetish within the parents.

What is happening in humanity right now is this exact dereliction on a global scale. While it may appear to be harmless on a physical level, the spiritual side of the coin is discombobulated and defunct of all connection, which is what has brought on the extreme draw towards sex as the only way to "feel good." In reality that is accurate. For a mutt, especially Jews, the only way they can feel good/complete, is to engage in carnal acts of desire. They don't know anything else, because to them... there is nothing else. Thankfully, humanity's maker decided to teach these ideals at a type 0 perspective through the separation of the subspecies on Earth, as to not inundate the local "flora and fauna" of the universe to humanity's carnal obsessions. Unfortunately, this lesson has not been learned. In fact, this lesson is fought against vehemently by almost every society on Earth. They would understand why these acts are so detrimental biologically and spiritually if they could connect to their maker... but, as we've seen numerous times now, selfishness and ownership ideals are everywhere. Meaning, they physically halt themselves from the connection to their maker. The disease has spread. The nomenclatures are exactly backwards. Thus... more aspects of hell emerge. Racial inbreeding is hatred, to your maker. Destroying purity is hatred, to your maker. Assuming ownership of the self is hatred, to your maker. When a subspecies interacts with a different subspecies of this universe in a carnal way... that is hatred... TO BOTH MAKERS. So yes, the goals are basically the same, but the nuances are what matter. Always remember, EVERYTHING is a microcosm, macrocosm, and/or euphemism for an already existing system/structure. Humanity's maker has been creating "men" for a very long time. Everything being done on Earth by humans has been seen before many times over. What myself, and everyone in The Hierarchy are trying to do, is get humanity to a point where you can create a system/structure that we haven't seen before. The only way to accomplish that mission, is to have humanity go through the process of learning everything we already know. The shitty part is, humanity can't even get past these easy lessons... but I'll keep trying to rectify this defunct, completely backwards, and utterly destructive way of life until my last breath is breathed. You have my word on that.

This would be a better conversation done on the phone or in person. It's better when these intricate subjects are broached from the perspective of being able to ask questions within the conversation. I hope it wasn't too confusing. Great question to ask, though. It's one of the more touchy subjects, which usually leads to anger, but it doesn't have to be that way. It's just easier to hear these things instead of read them. Probably has to do with attention spans within the hell paradigm. There's just so many people arguing in favor of impurity, that taking these lessons at face value is a difficult task to say the least. From my experience, it's just better trying to understand what I'm saying if you have the ability to interact within the conversation. I just hope I didn't confuse you. Let me know if I did. This might be the most important thing humanity needs to rectify, and everyone alive is emotional about it due to such ego saturation. In reality, it's a very easy concept to understand and capitulate to... as long as you're viewing it from a galactic, or universal perspective. Viewing these things from a dumbed down "Earth only" view is why everyone has the problems they have. It's all about scope. Very difficult to get across properly just from "1" email. Still, great question. Extremely pertinent.

"It's so common to try to get off emotionally and feed one's own ego, and I get repulsed when I see that."

Welcome to an enlightened path in hell. All I can say is, prepare yourself. It will get worse. In so doing... you know what you are doing is righteous. Like I've asked all of my friends at varying stages of this process... Is this what you thought enlightenment would be? LOOOOOOL All you can do is try to remain humorous about it so you continue to feed your maker. Free will is the best gift we could have ever asked for... But in a place like this, it will seem like a punishment. Don't let the demons get to you. They are living for the moment. You are now living for eternity. Your scope will start to reflect that, and the demons will amass trying to leech from your energy parasitically. The only way they can achieve that is if you allow yourself to play THEIR game. You're better than them, and they know it. Use that as fuel to shield yourself from them. Build impenetrable defenses. It's as easy as laughing at them. Really. You're doing great, by the way. Keep up the good work.

Talk to you soon,