Fancy One-Liners

I wrote this in early June 2015, shortly after reading Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. I think I intended to add more but didn't... Ah well. Perhaps some of these will prove wise and insightful to you, and others will not. Let's see about it.

If this is the tool which I am to wield, then I shall wield it well.

This consciousness is the only one I have control over. Thus, it is the only one which I shall attempt to wield control over.

The highest exercise of reason is to minimize thought only to the extent to which it is necessary.

You need not look beyond yourself to understand your nature, your purpose, or any other thing. Simply turn away from that which obscures your nature, and your nature shall reveal itself to you. You will recognize it promptly.

Be content to live from your own mind, and you will find this the only place you need to be.

Only your thoughts can hurt you.

Be free of the need for fame and fortune, and these things shall find you only if and as needed.

Your mind is intelligent. Use your mind to make this so—now.

Simply see what a man has made of himself and you shall know him.

Whatever you deem as necessary to your survival, allow yourself to it. Soon you shall find that you do not need it.

Rejoice in all things, as they are made by you.

Seek not fame after death, for it will be outside of your awareness. Seek not fame during life, for you cannot conceive of it.

The only place you must rule is your own mind. This is all you can do.