First Phonecall with Brian Harner

I did not record this conversation, so I only have a summary that I wrote up. This is also the 30th e-mail message I sent to Brian Harner, and the 61st message of our conversation. It was sent on September 21 2020 at 11:07AM.

I called Brian to tell him I would be at a race on September 19th, and I wanted to talk to him since there was a risk of him losing his apartment again over the weekend. I called just after sending him an e-mail. This e-mail contained two screenshots of my computer: one was a Facebook message to “the modern Judas,” and the other was a post on a profile picture of Kassidi Jones. He repeated what he said in his e-mail reply, which is that “There is a going to be a tidal wave of momentum against these motherfuckers.”

Consequently, the opening topic of our conversation was Kassidi Jones. He could sue her for breaking her employment contract (he spent $20,000 in an attempt to secure her services), but he does not want to go “on the grid” of the legal system. After he saw her jaw drop during a speech he gave just to her, Brian thought he would not have to worry about her. Her veins also bulged while he was talking to her, and she asked, “What's happening to me?” He said (at least to me), “I don't know, maybe that's a sign to shut the fuck up and listen.” Kassidi had signed a NDA and a contract in which she agreed to help Brian produce videos. Every time they scheduled a day on which to film, however, she provided an excuse for why she could not be there. At their last scheduled appointment, the reason she gave for not making it was that she had to get a birth control injection. Brian was perplexed by this partially because she did not have a boyfriend.
Kassidi had received a full ride to Texas Tech University, where she studied Video Production, and got kicked off the track team her last semester due to partying. She took a job as a stripper to make up for presumably-lost scholarships. Brian met her at her workplace about 1.5 months after she graduated from college, where she was still stripping. Brian wanted to get her away from that profession and the degenerate subculture she had fallen into. Kassidi was “gorgeous” before she underwent cosmetic treatments which include Botox (she wanted to remove wrinkles from her forehead) and lip plumper. He attributes her failure to alcohol. She was basically an alcoholic and often drank while at her job. That made it easier for her to go along with the majority of people around her rather than listen to the most truthful presence in her life. “She listened to her brain instead of her soul.”
Brian is not sure if she was annoyed that he was not sexually attracted to her. This is partially based on several statements she made. Did she want him to be?
You can read more about Kassidi Jones in Chapter Two of The Way.

The Hierarchy of the Universe, Humanity's Situation, and the Holy Grail
Jesus did not die for our sins: he was murdered. Brian says he is actually more forgiving than Jesus. Jesus is quite indignant about what has been done in his name. Christians are foolish to think the rapture will be favorable towards them just because they proclaimed that they are on Jesus' side. Likewise, they look forward to meeting Jesus when they die. They do not realize that Jesus will not be pleased when he meets most of them. Brian said that if he was a Christian, he would be terrified at the prospect of what is coming to him and others like him.
As of December 21 2019, Jesus has retired. This is the date of the opening of the new age. He technically could still intervene in people's judgments, but Brian would be surprised if he did. Most people do not know there is a new Christ whom is for our current age. Brian implied that there are consequences of his remaining alive since this date. He says COVID and the Oregon fires are such consequences, and they were foretold in Biblical prophecy. Brian foresaw images of fire both in the air and on the ground simultaneously. Such images have also been captured of the Oregon fires. Overall Brian is constantly conflicted over the benefits and the consequences of his remaining alive. He implied that once he sheds his physical human body he will be able to help us in larger and different ways. Brian has many scars. He says the dilapidated state of his body is humanity's punishment.
The hierarchy of the universe is very pragmatic. It is selfish to think they would create a place which exists solely to punish failures and fools-- that is, Hell. How can anyone think they deserve that much attention and other resources? The hierarchy does not engage in wastefulness.
Brian was not supposed to see the grail. He was originally supposed to just share information about how it works, pass away, and leave humanity to figure out how to build it. What is happening in this timeline now has “never happened before,” and was not foreseen via any alternate timelines. He has lived longer and completed more work than expected. I laughed a little at how special this seemed. Brian explained, “That is not necessarily a good thing,” because people will have no valid excuses to present when they die and undergo judgment. On top of that, who can look into the eyes of their superiors in the hierarchy and lie? So humanity has no escape from the need to procure genuine success now.
In this unique timeline we are being held to ever-increasingly higher standards due to the the ever-increasing amount of help we are receiving. It seems the only possibilities are tremendous success or tremendous failure. There might be something here humanity's maker wants to preserve: maybe it is Brian. The hierarchy, including Jesus, is unhappy with humanity. If it was not for Brian, our attorney, they would eradicate us.
Brian reiterated that I extended this unique timeline by writing to and about him at a point when it looked like he was close to the end of his life. In the process I broke my free will. Now my maker can communicate and make things happen through and for me. He might answer questions or prayers he would not have previously. “That's good. You want that.” I wanted to clarify that I now bear a large responsibility and will be held to the highest standard. Brian asked, “You want to know your grade?” He implied that I am doing well. He has not judged or damned anyone definitively yet, though he very recently made the difficult decision to turn his back on “the modern Judas.” That means he sees no further possibility of Judas' salvation.
He asked me, Isn't it exciting to be given enlightenment and know you are on a righteous path? I replied, “Yes it is.”
Timing is everything. It seems humanity's maker is allowing for the holy grail to be built by Brian at a somewhat slow pace. One factor in the slowness is the amount of time it takes for deliveries of petrobond sand to arrive: so far both deliveries have taken over a week. At the time of this phone conversation, Brian was waiting on the second delivery of sand. The first one was ordered in early September.

Brian explained that there are three or four different ways of building a holy grail. The way he demonstrates in his upcoming videos is the cheapest way. The traditional way involves using a large oven and is much more expensive. (((there's a reason that was easy for me to remember in spite of my lack of machining knowledge.)))
In due time he would like for a grail manufacturing facility to be built. It will cost between tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. I thought of the Prince die-casting company, which previously belonged to the family of Blackwater founder Erik Prince, but I did not mention this. Brian said if he had it his way he would receive one dollar from every person on Earth. “That would guarantee a win.”
When we have the grail, nothing will want to mess with us. They will be too terrified.

Brian says there currently are about 30 people he would take with him to form a viable Type 1 civilization, as opposed to the 144,000 foretold in scripture. This is akin to having a kindergarten student skip to fourth grade (presumably while the rest of the class fails out of school). This is what will happen if we reach the point of rapture. No one in the hierarchy will be happy about it, including Brian. All the work the Christs have done will have been for nothing.
I asked Brian whether the Amish would be worthy of a Type 1 civilization. He explained that their way of life might be sustainable for 1 billion people, but for not 8 billion. If humanity is to survive, they also will have to make changes to their lifestyle. Additionally, individuals still will be judged as such even if they belong to a self-sufficient, virtuous community. If a person does not do his best, he cannot hide it by surrounding himself with people who do so successfully.

75% of Type 0 civilizations in the third dimension get wiped out. Of the 25% that make it, 5-10% are men (i.e. species similar to humans). The Tree of Life faces upside down. The roots of the tree are God, the man who exists outside this universe. The rest of the tree is inside of the cavitation bubble which contains the entire universe. The trunk is God's son, the Nine Principles. The branches and their many sub-branches are the multiple tiers of maker species, and the leaves represent Type 0 species which have yet to create a species of their own. Humanity is one of these Type 0 leaves. Periodically the leaves on the Tree of Life fall off, as though in seasons. There are no more habitable Type 0 planets for humanity to flee to, so if we make Earth uninhabitable (which we are on track to doing) then our species will go extinct.

Brian explained that there are both 3rd and 4th-dimension reptilians. The 4th dimension is also where humanity's maker exists. Both humanity's maker and the 4th-dimension reptilians live off of the energy of humans. Humanity's maker is nourished by the positive energy of humans, while the reptilians thrive when humans exude negative, opportunistic energies. As such, our maker is weak, while the reptilians are enjoying themselves. Meanwhile, the 3rd dimension is where humans live, and like us the 3rd-dimension reptilians must eat physical substance to survive. If we fail due to our own opportunism, they will be given license to wipe us out. Brian said, “They are licking their chops right now.”

Other Topics
Women and children often are attracted to Brian. Sometimes when he eats at restaurants he catches women staring at him, even for the entire time. He also implied that some women hope there is a possibility of a relationship between them. The women seem to interpret their feelings as being sexual, possibly due to societal influences. I asked, “What if they are interpreting their experiences as sexual because that's all they know?” He says that women at least want to be alone with him. I suggested they want him to see their souls as they really are. Children in stores occasionally follow him. The most powerful effect comes from his eyes. Brian reiterated again that he does not give off any kind of sexual vibe, nor does he intend on having sex ever again in his present human body. He has told me this multiple times since we met, possibly because people often either hope or expect otherwise. He made his point by explaining that he was reluctant to have sex even with his wife of 10 years, before they divorced, because of the state of his body. I told him I wished that his apparent attractiveness would make people want to listen to him more.

People make such strong assertions in either direction regarding the existence of God. Brian took care not to prior to his realization.

Details about Robert. Foundry-building. Meredith broke something. There are 3-4 apartments on the top floor of the Holy Grill: Brian lives in one, right behind the grill sign. He still sees Robert, and he gets greeted with a “bullshit used car salesman” routine. He does not see Robert's mother Judy because he is mainly awake during the night and sleeps during the day. For about two months Robert looked like he had a stroke and his face got stuck that way: specifically, one half of his face drooped down while the other half remained normal. Brian assured me that was not a coincidence. Robert is “two-faced,” meaning he is polite when he speaks to people, then he talks negatively about them behind their backs. Brian reiterated that he gave up on Robert and his mother: they may be the first people whom he has cast such a judgment upon. For now he prefers to avoid people who have the name Jones, James, or Robert. He was wary of Kassidi from the start due to her surname.

I suggested that people might have an easier time listening and relating to his voice than his writing. He explained that is what Kassidi and the planned videos were for. It's not fair that he cannot give one-on-one time to 8 billion people. I was going to say that one-on-one time is clearly not enough for the people who betrayed him anyway.

Brian says he is willing to talk to anyone and is not afraid to do so. He explained how it actually is convenient that the attention and money flowing to him so far has been low. Nathan is setting up another fundraiser. Brain said, if that earned millions of dollars it would get shut down and goons would throw everything they have at him, because they and Jews want to hold on to what they perceive as being eternity. He would rather not be interviewed before the grail is complete. He wants to get this most-important project done without the disruptions that public attention might bring.

Several days before this conversation, Brian informed me there was a possibility of him losing his apartment once again. If this happens he will leave his equipment and holy grail blanks with Shane, and live for some time with Nathan. ... He and Nathan have talked for many hours. About 1.5 days after this conversation, on the night of September 19th, Brian informed me via text that his landlord(s) does not have the balls to kick him out-- at least, not yet. Note that this is not due to money but other conflicts.

Several days earlier, Brian had asked me to find the contact information of an old friend named Vanessa, whom he mentioned in chapter 2 of The Way. He managed to get in touch with someone she works with, and this person supposedly e-mailed her about Brian.

At the end of our conversation, Brian wished me luck with my race. I told him I want to run with a quote from him on my back. He asserted, “You don't have to kiss my ass.” I reiterated that I hold myself back when I feel I am not on a fully righteous path. This is/was my first race since I started talking to him, and I want to center myself in this. I said, “Thank you for everything for done.” He replied, “Thank you for thanking me.” Thus our conversation ended at 1:15PM, after 1 hour 45 minutes and 12 seconds.

When I finished writing down notes from our conversation in my notebook I wrote the following: “What great fortune I have had! I am held to a higher standard and simultaneously rewarded.”

Brian replied on September 22 2020 at 2:27AM with the following:

A couple things... I don't live right behind the sign. I'm two doors down from that place. That's Robert's apartment. It wasn't Meredith that broke my welder. It was his employee. There's a few more slight inaccuracies, but overall it looks pretty good. Reads kind of oddly, but still good. I saw that you posted an audio version of the book. You're putting in a lot of effort, young lady. I hope it doesn't all go to waste. After a few years of putting in effort in this way, you'll understand in an intimate way why I would be upset at the prospect of a "rapture," at least in the way most Christians see it. Anyways, good stuff. I'm going to keep these fairly short and brief. Now that we've crossed the line of talking to one another on the phone, I'd much rather continue in that way. I'm sure you've noticed just after "1" session, I'm much easier to converse with using that medium of communication. Plus, my back is feeling better. I don't want to risk another bout of that shit right before my sand is supposed to arrive.

Thanks again and I'll talk to you soon,