First Post

Whether this will be an objective success I am uncertain. Maybe I’ll have lots of visitors after just a week or two. Maybe it’ll take a few years to build up traffic. Or maybe this thing will just flop. Somehow I don’t feel that I need to be too worried about that.

What’s most important to me is that my message is received- even if others understand it differently than I conveyed it. As long as you learn something of value and are inspired to take action, that is what matters.

I will admit that I am wondering whether I’m a little late to be hopping on the blog-train. Okay, I know I am. However, at present I feel that this is the best format for most of the content I’ve created recently. Plus, a blog is a great way to share ideas with people for free. So I'm game. :)

I have to note that some of what I’ve written so far is on the longer side, unlike this post. Sometimes there can be more meaning and mystery to shorter pieces, since the reader has to extrapolate most of the meaning for himself. However, I can’t say I’m too interested in writing poetry right now. Shorter pieces aren’t bad at all- I’ll definitely have a few of those- but I haven’t exactly been writing with a totally logical process. I get an idea, I start writing, I stay with it until I feel it’s complete. A blog isn’t a book, and I think to over scrutinize what most of the posts should look like would defeat the purpose. It’s okay to write informally and use not-real words. The point is to share yourself.

If you know me personally I will tell you that this might all feel a little weird. One of my objectives in my work is to become much more honest-- something I haven’t always been very good at. There’s really no point in hiding behind a façade anymore. It hasn’t done a whole lot for me except create communication difficulties, disconnection, and misery.

On the positive side, I think that others will benefit from my honesty. It may inspire people to become more honest themselves, and live how they would really like to. Maybe my in-person changes will become apparent gradually in comparison to my writing, but if nothing else I suppose the net has a way of being fast.

I won’t use names without asking first- my lack of privacy shouldn’t infringe on yours- but if you can tell that I’ve written about you then, well, thanks for the inspiration. ;) I’d like to think that only a few others will be able to tell it’s you, and even then I doubt the business will be too risky for the most part. You can contact me if something really bothers you, and we’ll take it from there. I’ll do my best here, but I’d rather not compromise my work.

I don’t suspect that anyone will be too distraught over all this, but if you decide that from now on you’re going to keep tomatoes on your windowsill and throw them at me as I run by your house, then so be it. I hope they’re tasty! J