The Futility of Egalitarianism

Email #18/#32:

"That is the particular way in which women are dumb, to reference what I said in a previous e-mail."

Dumb, too, is subjective. Everyone alive has an ability to formulate a purpose within a Divine order like The Hierarchy of this universe. Women are not "dumb" as in their brains cannot function at a high level. Women lack a fundamental ability to utilize logic as a tool during high stress situations. Politics, especially in hell where war and split decisions up to the second require a cool head that needs to make life or death choices where even his own is at stake... should be left to a seasoned mind belonging to a man. Likewise, when complex ideals that require a hardened heart to formulate a solution to are required to be devoid of emotional intrusion, women lack the ability to be logical over empathetic. The Vegan thing that I explained above is a prime example. The entire animal food process and the implements that it provides are lost to the equation because of an inherent lack of putting the whole's benefit and continuity above a personal vendetta against all killing of all things that are going to die regardless. Nathan asked me to watch a movie called Endgame 2050. I did. And that was what the whole damn thing boiled down to, an emotionally charged outcry to stop killing animals that the woman doctor was fond of. The emotional ties to manipulating and misconstruing hard scientific data is why the scientific community cannot be trusted right now. This infection has spread uncontrollably since feminism dug its claws in. There are lots of positions in society where the best fit for the job is a man and it will always work out better that way. There's no reason to try to dumb down the standard of anything just to make a woman feel "empowered." As I said in a previous email, all that does is waste an already dwindling finite energy supply. We burn more fuel, because standards are lowered to include everyone.

Women can and do mimic men in various scenarios quite well. Generally speaking, though, leadership positions where women are in charge of distributing information to a justifiably rowdy and manly group of guys, does not go over well. It's difficult to respect people that cannot perform the task they are assigned to teach or maintain. When women enter into the workforce in some positions of manual labor, the quality or efficiency suffers to that of a full man crew. It's just that way. We were made for hard labor and most of us enjoy it. It's also quite fun saying jokes with the guys free and clear of women getting offended by them. All of this is not ubiquitous. There are women that are anomalous and excel at these types of professions, but the exception proves the rule, it doesn't signify the implied ideology of equality between men and women. Women can excel at leadership positions designed for a passive positionary stance. Where manual labor, war, politics, is not the focal point. Allowing men to be men is in everyone's best interest. The intrusion of women into every institution designed specifically for men in existence has caused a massive inefficiency to permeate everything as old rules based on logic are replaced by whiny emotionally derived, subjective assessments of women's opinions. Women are not dumb, or stupid, or any of that. They are best suited for lives outside of heavy stress positions. In those positions, women are a liability to themselves, and everyone they are in charge of. Standards are lowered to include them, quality suffers, and more energy is wasted to bridge the gap. More burning everywhere... just to make sure every woman can be included in any job.

One of the positions I worked where I fucked up my hand, was a glass bottle forming operator, mechanic, and machine repairman. It was a very hot job where molten bottles came out of machines that ran at speeds of 500 bottles a minute or more. When the plug ups got bad, they were really bad. Very dangerous with an almost guaranteed injury occurrence. Every so often through my years there a woman would try to be an apprentice. They rarely lasted much longer than a couple plug ups and blank changes (600+ degree molds). The reason, and I tried to be as polite as possible when doing this, is that their tits would burn. Literally. Every guy with a big belly also had that problem... but they could stick it out. Not women. Reaching over a bottle line moving at that speed with 1000 degree heat just a couple inches from the torso causes blisters and heat rash... on the closest region to the bottles, the nipples. Uniforms catching on fire in that region even on men was a regular thing. Anyways, all of that was well understood by everyone who worked there, but it never failed. A woman would try out, cause all kinds of plug up and damage to try to be like one of us, throwing thousands of dollars away in lost time and more often than not causing burns on the men that inevitably had to save their ass, just because of their ego. Still, I would assume that no woman would be able to handle that job, period. There weren't any there when I was a journeyman machine repairman, and that was in Portland. Ground zero of feminist cancerous ideology. That's just one example of many out there that are similar. We waste so much time on the selfish ego driven ideas of equality when there is no such thing as equality.

I'm not saying women are stupid at all. I'm saying that feminism is flawed in numerous ways, basically all ways. There are many different ways that women can utilize their strengths without causing an inefficiency. Women need to put their egos in the trash, along with men. And both sexes should do what they were made to do. Many women understand this. Many men do not. All of these people who let their virtue signaling define their behavior have very difficult lessons to learn in the near future. A more traditional setup is inevitable. Certain things will have to be done in a certain way just because of the duties that will be addressed when the self segregated communities form. Uppity loud mouthed, over opinionated women who try to preach dominance will have their bluffs called. Talk time and hollow word salad will be useless. What people produce will matter, not how loud they can make their voice heard. It will benefit women to return to a more traditional role, lest they will have to do all manual labor requirements for running a sustainable system AND protect themselves from rogue factions. Same with effeminate men. They too will have nothing to offer after a collapse. Strong, hard working, dedicated, focused and protective men will need to be the focal point. Women should be happy about this, by the way. The men have to do all the hard work. The natural state of the nuclear family is the solution. Feminism directly attacked that stable and natural state of child rearing... and as a result, have landed humanity in hell, without humanity even realizing it. Both men and women are to blame. I'm not blaming everything on women. Women fucked up by wanting equality. Men fucked up by allowing the dysfunction to continue to this point. It would be nice if both men and women allowed nature/humanity's maker and the Nine Principles' system to function as it was intended. Nobody is really stupid... People are all just consumed by selfishness on all levels. Ego being the most prominent.

I also do not discriminate when speaking to each individual sex. There's no reason to. You found me, and listened to the reason and logic over the emotional traps I set in the book. You're "smarter" than most men if that's the criteria. Don't sell your brain short... just don't try to be a politician or glass molder apprentice, heh. Beyond awakening women will be far superior to the masses still "sleeping." BUT!!! That means it's your job to help them exceed you and your abilities. Holding that superiority within as a tool to insert dominance would just be ego driven nonsense/selfish. Consider what I am doing right now just by writing these emails and keeping up on my book... My hope is that the people in the future will exceed this knowledge. It doesn't matter if it's a woman or a man... just that it gets exceeded. If everyone were doing this, feminism and the bullshit that comes with it wouldn't even be a thing at all. Everyone would just be working for the betterment of the whole, not to prove something to the self. Everyone needs to focus on the real problems at hand. This selfishness shit is why we're all in hell right now. There literally is no benefit to it.

Email #20/#36:

"Do you have recommendations on how to increase this ability?"

The only cure is to eliminate the stress. I cannot guarantee when it will happen, but I have given all the necessary tools to make a truly stress free life on Earth. Real purpose for everyone alive. A clear path to Salvation... but people seem to be content burning alive in the Lake of Fire. So... we all wait for them. When you reach a point of transcendence and are officially a type 1 civilization, relationship struggles are nothing like now. Sex is not a valuable commodity. Although everyone will be moving towards purity, and subsequently be beautiful as a result, sex will not be a selling point for women. At that point, society will dramatically shift. Feminism gave women the ability to make choices. All of them... even the women who shouldn't be allowed to choose. With that ability, the nuclear family dynamic has been obliterated, sexual promiscuity and STDs are common, porn is free and available to everyone with internet access, even young children, and why? The simple fact of the matter is that sex sells, AND!!! it's a fairly stress free environment. Some of those aspects are utilized by the general public, and the result is a much sexualized paradigm for all women to deal with. It becomes a competition to keep up with the herd. The cure to all of this stress is the nuclear family.

At a fundamental level, the nuclear family dynamic must remain intact. When women were given the right to vote, divorce rates skyrocketed, and the nuclear family suffered, thusly, everyone alive suffered... especially the women. When women estrange their children for personal conquest, a bond is severed that can never be mended. Internally to an emotional being/woman, this brings on devastation. That feeling of remorse and inadequacy gets filled with more sexual conquest, drugs, alcohol, possibly more kids, and then some more sex and alcohol, and the problem continues to grow in scope. All of this selfish shit needs to stop, then the stress will go away. Women stress these days because their men stress about the women fucking other guys. If the men didn't have a reason to stress over such notions, they wouldn't. My advice for a stress free life for a woman is to do everything you can possibly do, to ease the stress of your husband. You do that by being loyal, selfless, and productive. Men are going to be protecting everything in these communities of the future. Why would women try to make men resentful towards women if that's the case? If I was a woman, that is what I would do to secure my future during the collapse; say my marriage vows, and actually live by them. Men have a longer list of problems to deal with than women. If the goal is to create a stress free environment, there's your answer. In hell, women have been taught the exact opposite of what I just said, no? Empowerment, individualism, selfishness... all plights to break marriage vows/the nuclear family. Women cannot compete with men, and shouldn't even want to. That's like going to war with yourself. Men and women need each other, and that is the basis for the nuclear family. Severing that bond can therefore, only bring stress.

If humanity makes it beyond the collapse, well beyond the stresses of building an entire Earth covered in pyramids, sustained ecosystems, and purity, there will be no difference between the intellectual abilities of men and women. There are glimpses of this now in varying sectors of complex management scenarios, but those scenarios have an oil economy tied to them. Meaning ANYONE has the ability to choose to be selfish, or otherwise separate themselves from the whole, and their resource base will continue functioning and reinforcing the derelict notions of selfishness. That simply will not be the case in the near future, as I've been explaining. When these equilibrium scenarios are met, ALL stresses will slowly dissolve away. Women will be able to compete with men in all aspects of intellectual progress. Why? There won't be a reason to COMPETE at all. Men won't care who or what solved a problem, just that it was solved. And women won't brag about their ability to outsmart a man, because they will recognize that they wouldn't be in a place to solve that problem if it wasn't for men. Of course these types of ego battles will exist on some level for a very long time here, if humanity makes it, but they will slowly fade over time. Trying to leap ahead in this game of life can only hurt you. Stay in the moment and realize the steps to success that are necessary for that conclusion. This scenario might not even happen in your lifetime, but the goal is within reach whether you will get to see it or not. How will each woman choose to behave is entirely up to them. Women too have free will. Use it wisely.

"If women were created as a punishment, does that mean being one is a punishment? As in, every woman was in a previous lifetime a man who was some kind of failure?"

Definitely not. Being a woman is not necessarily a punishment, although I see why people think that. The idea of equality and a level playing field for everyone is an enticing idea. That is just not the case at this stage of development. Women, and every other subspecies to that of white men with blue eyes actually have a much easier path to Salvation. They do not have to accomplish the same goals. IF... they do everything necessary for us to accomplish our goals, they too are accomplishing their own. For example, a black woman choosing to sterilize herself, self segregate to her people's homeland Africa, teach everyone how sustainability, equilibrium, and purity are benefits, ALL for the betterment of her species, she would rocket past a white man with blue eyes that just became a cog in an already functioning system. She would gain the ability to go anywhere she wanted during her next life. Sterilization needs to be controlled and done for the right reasons. I am not even suggesting outright killing any subspecies, not even Jews. What the goal should be is to create an equilibrium point of sustainability, then maintain it. Every subspecies on Earth is living beyond their means. People can slowly come to an equilibrium by self sacrificing their ability to have children, or do like China did. 1 child per couple. But as we can see, that didn't really help anything. Each sub specie should have their own self segregated area that they form an equilibrium with. If THAT is the reasoning behind why people choose to sterilize themselves, that is selfless. If people choose to sterilize themselves so they can fuck everything with a pulse and add to the nuclear family deterioration conundrum, that is selfish. The intentions always come out during judgement. That said, choosing these paths for selfless reasons is Divine in every way. The further down the list you are when you make these decisions, the further you can "jump" when you transcend. It's easy for white men to not want to breed right now, because these choices are so difficult. It's up to a significant portion of humanity to CHOOSE to not breed, and instead encourage white men with blue eyes to breed. Arguably, an impossibility within hell, but nonetheless, that's the game. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be seeing many different subspecies members soar past white men with blue eyes during judgement. That's not the issue. The issue is... will ALL of them do it? It's not looking very likely. Just saying.

The placement of a soul doesn't necessarily signify what past indiscretions were pursued. Nor does being a woman signify that you fucked up in any way. Both are necessary to the whole, and both have obligations. To see why women were a punishment, you must view a scenario beyond the procreation standard model humanity lives by. The Yews are a perfect example. They did not breed. Their lives were simple, refined, and purely Divine. Just being a Yew meant you were essentially untouchable by any human. Far beyond our stature in every way. They did not even have to eat... There were no women for their species because there was no justification for procreation. The Yews could have lived indefinitely, if the humans didn't fuck up so badly. They were also gentle and unwilling to fight at all. They knew what was coming for them after death, should that ever arrive, and were content at every waking moment of their existence. Humans on the other hand have lived this way for so long, our punishments reflect our arrogance. We were scared of dying even though there is no reason to be frightened, and tried to assume control of all aspects of our destiny. So... humanity's maker gave humanity women so the perception of a continued progeny lineage after death could be assumed from a physical life perspective; procreation ensued. That was eons ago, however, and now the man woman dichotomy is seen as a teaching tool for understanding and subsequently balancing the principles inherent to every life in this realm. If/when humanity makes it, procreation will be seen as a blessing. It's really the only tool we've been given to right our wrongs. Right now, though, in hell, where purity is seen as a bad word and selfish carnal pleasures are viewed as empowering, women, and by default procreation itself... is indeed a punishment. It's a tool just like everything else... even you and I. It all comes down to how that tool is used. Use your tools wisely.


"Must it be that way?"

There will always be designated strengths to each sex, and as a result the complexity of any given community will be based on those strengths. The crude oil economy allows complexity failure attempts while goals are pursued. No such thing will be allowed during the collapse. The energy to recover from such failures will not exist in any conventional way. When it comes to big production as was the case in the environment I got hurt in, some things yes and some things no. I made beer, wine, milk, etc bottles and jars at high capacity production. I don't think those systems will exist in any comparable way, although I don't see jar production going away. At some level, glass production will continue. Our older machines ran on purely mechanical drums similar to how a music box functions. The entire process could be electricity free, and glass is almost 100% recyclable. CAN women do it? Maybe. Should we waste time trying to push for them to be able to do it instead of just getting the job done as efficiently as possible? No. There are ways to scale down several different aspects of modern society so that everyone CAN do the tasks. The real question is, why? So... must it be that way? For now, yes. In the distant future it won't matter, like I said earlier... but this is not the distant future, so pursuing those kinds of goals can only inhibit progress in the present.


Another portion of this recent reply eluded to worrying about the perception you give off to others. With me, I simply don't give a fuck what people "think" about me. I don't mind being a punching bag here. What people think about me doesn't matter as much as what those people's actions produce. The dichotomy of men and women is no different from your perspective. The only way for a woman OR man to win TOGETHER... is to continuously try to best each other, while also allowing an unmitigated flow of information between the two. You might be responsible for 90% of any given workload, but can only be successful at your endeavors if 100% is accounted for. If the remaining 10% could only come from a man, the full 100% of your own 90% must be shared with him without reservation, lest he would not be able to complete the task. Whether you did 90% of the work, or he did, and either had to account for the remainder, the two "halves" are required for both genders to "win." Bragging about how much effort you personally put into a subject is irrelevant. The simple fact remains that without help, the entirety of the goal will be lost. One must first ask themselves a simple question; am I trying to gain glory, or will everyone gain glory from my sacrifice? Again, this comes down to selfishness, or selflessness... as do most things in hell. Take me as an example. I do not hold back anything from you because of your gender. You might be the only human alive that can bring a win on. Your gender has nothing to do with my motivation for speaking to you... My only goal is a win... for BOTH OF US. I will do anything and everything I can to make that win happen. Until that ideology is ubiquitous in all human endeavors, there will always be a loser. And in a time of survival being the primary objective, a loss is a loss that both genders must carry. When "1" loses, everyone does. In short... fuck what other people think while on a righteous path. Man, woman, tranny, child... doesn't matter. NONE OF THEM are your maker. HE is the one you're trying to capitulate to. Not some self centered idiot that bases their abilities on what dangles between their legs. It's a very difficult task to recognize me in hell. You did that, and have done very well since. While this might seem like an opportunity to brag or feel superior to the men in this society that have not been able to accomplish this mission, take this opportunity to shelf your ego. TRY... to help them reach your same stature. You never know who will be the next one to elevate BOTH of you beyond this precipice. In so doing, you'll both win. Otherwise it was all just wasted potential...


"Wouldn't selfishness lead to people wanting to keep to their own kind and not express empathy for outsiders?"

That's exactly what is happening, except people are desperately trying to instill that the entire human race is one, devoid of a subspecies narrative. It's obvious that women are a different subspecies to men, but since feminism has ramped up full force for 100 years now, the narrative in play is that women are as capable, if not more so in most feministic ideologies. This seemingly unrelated ideology is the reason for the dereliction between subspecies procreation in the first place. Women must internalize their equal status to that of men, lest their entire feminism narrative be destroyed. Humanity as a whole has allowed this ideology to infect everything. Thus, the ideals have morphed into EVERYBODY, man, woman, black, white... all being equal. If ever a feminism ideologue were to admit that this is simply not true, EVERYONE would be subjected to scrutiny under those conditions... and feminists cannot allow that conversation to occur at all costs.

This is why emotions have center stage right now instead of logic and reason. White people's biggest flaw is our inability to alleviate ourselves of overwhelming empathy. That was the case when colonization was at society's forefront, as well as now. We desperately WANT everyone to actually be equal, and as a result, have just about assured omnicide. If you haven't noticed, white people are the only ones that want equality. Everyone other than white people wants to take control, or be recognized as "better" than whites. Our empathy continues to fuel this situation. There's no way for ANYONE to be "better" than white people at anything, but that doesn't stop us from trying to elevate the status of the subspecies that follow us in the hierarchy of Earth. Hell is the result, and empathy/good intentions are what paved the road to this destination. This dysfunction will not persist much longer before complete civil unrest consumes every white country on Earth. There's a breaking point for everything...

So... the basic rundown is that feminism at every juncture of societal direction for the last 100 years has led to a predominantly emotional clause to everything in existence. Emotional clauses, when set against logical clauses, will always have a selfish deficit attached to them. The equation will always turn out negative. Why? Because someone has to take a loss or a tie that SHOULD HAVE won any given argument at hand. Just because a win was received by the derelict party does not relieve the situation of the deficit. In fact quite the opposite. Let's take black people being equal as an example. We'll say black people being allowed to integrate into public schools ubiquitously is the feminists approach. Then we'll say self segregation of public schools is the conventional approach. As more and more blacks come into this school system, standards have to be lowered just so they'll pass (Affirmative Action). More attention is given to them, more free lunches, more social counseling, more athletic attention, which all leads to more money spent on them than what was dedicated to a pure white student body prior. It's actually a double whammy because the new black families do not put in as much tax revenue into the system as a pure white school's parents do. The deficit grows out of control in almost every major city's school district in the entire USA, and the standards fall even further. Everybody knows why, but since feminism/equality at all costs is the narrative bought into in the first place, a doubling down effect ensues. In the end the deficit grows out of control, more debt is taken on without any way of rectifying it, and someone has to take the blame. Guess who... the only people with empathy assume the entire burden. After a while of doing this, EVERYONE buys into the propaganda and violent reactions by those who have the least ability to understand the actual causes grows out of control. This is just about where the world is now, societally speaking. Nature, as you well know, is taking the brunt of the deficit created in TRYING to make everyone feel equal. It's a vicious cycle that only has "1" end... and it all started with an inherently degenerate ideology; feminism. It has bled into EVERYTHING!!!