Future People

This is targeted more so at people of the future than those of the present. Indeed, future people have always been in mind while I go about my life's tasks. I strive to leave them with a healthy and functioning foundation upon which they can build and progress further than I could have even dreamed of. However, I have nevertheless allowed thought of people of the present to taint my efforts more than I ought to. For a long time (relative to my own lifetime), the goal has been to continually share and refine my message until it is expressed in a way which finally makes sense to most. Indeed, it still would be ideal if this is achieved. However, keeping that goal at the forefront of my mind has only stifled me. Surely this is obvious from how few entries have made it to the Archive since February 2021. To be fair to myself, that is when I started learning machining. Since that time, I have been dedicated to developing my skills, as well as my own collection of tools, in the physical world. I am in much the opposite position than I was in two years ago. I used to spend a lot of time at the computer, and there were a few years where I posted here frequently. Now, I do so only a little. While I certainly do not mind being free from the digital world, I cannot neglect the duties I have here.

What people of the past have done for me, both through their own writings as well as others' recollections of their lives, is to provide me with inspiration and with a kind of intellectual safe haven. The writing style of the past- especially of those I admire- is clear and genuine, free from the general mental illness of today. Their thought process and and style of personal expression rubs off on my mind and elevates my own thoughts-- provided that I remain pure of intent, as opposed to trying to be like the person per se. After reflecting upon this, I have decided that I would like to provide this same intellectual safe haven to people of the future. It's not that I've never had this thought before. The key difference this time, is that I've decided this should be my primary goal when writing or when engaging in any other form of “content creation.” It is not that I do not wish to contribute to the lives of present-day people-- namely, those who are currently in adulthood. However, making them my priority has gotten me, not nowhere, but somewhere inferior to where I ought to be. I would like to think the situation here is counterintuitive, and it will turn out that the best way to contribute to the present is to remain focused upon the future.

Rather than announce here what I plan to do differently with this website- if anything-, I would rather just get started and then discuss it later.