Have You Had Enough Now?

You don’t have to keep wallowing in fear and self-doubt. You don’t have to continue being a victim of your story. You don’t have to perpetuate more of the same.

If you’ve had enough, you can just unplug and stop.


Rise Above

Do you realize that you’re capable at any moment of rising above your petty anxieties? Do you know with full certainty that doubt is unnecessary? Do you know that you can listen to yourself, take action, and be fine no matter what happens? Are you aware that you can simply keep going?

Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past. Perhaps people have doubted you, criticized you, and sneered at you. You’ve been told that your wrong and need to get off your high horse. If only you were different, then I would stop being such a jerk to you, they say.

Yeah, right. That’s a load of BS. You know the problem isn’t with you. The only real problem is the doubt you are broadcasting. If you were totally certain of yourself then you either wouldn’t receive that kind of flak from people in the first place, or you just wouldn’t allow it into your life. You would know that such petty arguments are beneath you. You would say, I don’t need this. I have better things to do. And you’d be right to say that, because you indeed have far, far better things to do. You have an awesome life to live. Unwarranted criticism from others is a waste of that life.

So, don’t even bother with such criticism. Know you’re above it. You aren’t above the people dishing out the criticism, but rather the vibe that creates such criticism. A life of joy and purpose is way, way above the thoughts and emotions that surround criticism. The two are practically alien to one another.

All you have to do in order to rise above is to know yourself once again. Re-commit to your path and resolve to take action. Don’t worry about creating the right results. The action you take that produces crappy results is better than the perfect plan that you don’t act on at all.


Choosing a New Vibe

It’s quite a bit more obvious, when you’re broadcasting doubt, than you think. When you’re in a state of self-doubt you unconsciously engage in time-wasting and self-sabotaging behaviors. Such behaviors can include aimless web-surfing, checking social media outlets, excessive and/or unhealthy eating, and staying in bed wayyy too long.

When you notice yourself engaging in such behaviors, don’t beat yourself up or say Aw, man, I’m broadcasting doubt again! That will only perpetuate the state of self-sabotage. Instead, just unplug from that state of being entirely. Just stop. Shift the entire way you’re being. Tune into the vibe that you consciously desire to hold, and re-create it on the spot. Remember that you don’t have to be perfect, and real motivation comes from simply staying on your path and taking action. It’s okay if the external results don’t say that you won, because you can always keep going. Just keep creating. That’s the real win.

It would be helpful to take some time to identify what exactly is the vibe that you want to hold. This need not be difficult. A vibe is simply a certain state of being that broadcasts a particular message. When you’re acting in accordance with your path, the general message you broadcast is, I know. On the other hand, when you succumb to perfectionism and entertain thoughts that maybe everything I’m doing is wrong and I should just do what people seem to be demanding that I do, the message you broadcast is along the lines of, Kick me.

An ideal vibe feels awesome. In particular, a vibe that broadcasts certainty endows you with the experience of incredible power, high energy, fearlessness, and an affinity for others and the world as a whole. In such a vibe there is no room for disdain or whininess. When you know that you are 100% responsible for your experience of reality, and that you are capable of creating anything you desire, complaining and hatred are unnecessary. At any and all times you have the power to either remove yourself from undesirable situations or change them.

Of course, in a vibe of self-certainty you might not find yourself in undesirable situations in the first place—not for long, anyway. You may very well observe, for example, that you no longer resonate with the place you currently find yourself in. Perhaps it is a room, a building, a town, or even a country.

Coming to this awareness doesn’t have to be painful, however: you don’t have to deny your shifting desires in order to keep your energy high. Instead you can observe what is so, accept it, and know that you’re capable of taking the actions that will change your reality.

Say to yourself, I don’t feel it is serving me to be where I am anymore: I would like to leave. Why don’t I get out of here for a little while- even if it’s just for a few hours and only a few steps away- and from there I can identify a particular place that interests me to go to next. Then I’ll take the actions I know I need to take to get there, and I won’t stop until I arrive. Then, once I do arrive, I can gauge where I’m at, and decide from there what I’ll do next.


Create the Future Now

To help you identify a solid vibe you can lock into that will move you into a place of feeling empowered and taking lots of action, think of the most powerful experiences you’ve had. For me it helps to recall races I’ve run that I found to be particularly challenging and where I was proud of how I did in the end. You may similarly find it helpful to think of competitions you’ve done well in.

In general you want to look for high-level challenges that you faced and moments where you were 100% engaged with life. Potential experiences of this sort include working on a creative project, looking into the eyes of a loved one, saying something important to someone you care about (e.g. I love you!), and looking down from the top of a mountain you just climbed. Anything that engages you, induces a flow state, and draws out more power than you previously thought you had will do.

Realize that all of the experiences of power you’ve had were really internal. Feeling powerful was a result of a state of being that you exuded, and subsequently taking action from that state. As such, at any time you can re-create this state of being and experience your true power once again.

Shifting your vibe is far different from “positive mental attitude” or “the power of positive thinking.” Positive thinking is an attempt to be hopeful against the backdrop of the assumption that I’m screwed. A consciously chosen vibe, on the other hand, goes beyond mere positive affirmations and pumping yourself up. Power is a decision. It is a decision to understand that you are creating your experience and you can continue onward with your experience as you will to do so.

Don’t think positively. To think I can overcome this! Or I’m going to do great! is to, in fact, broadcast the opposite, which is doubt, doubt, doubt. Don’t tell me you’re going to do great. I don’t want to hear it. Instead, know that it’s already done.

Oh boy. That’s where things start to get juicy. This is where complete and total self-certainty comes in. If you want to experience your true power, you have to be several steps ahead of yourself. You have to know that what you are attempting to do, you have already done.

What? How can I know I already did it when I haven’t done it yet? There’s no evidence! This is a sham! I want the last five minutes of my life back!

Take it easy, Mr. Analyzer. The truth of the matter is quite straightforward. If you know with total certainty that you are going to do something, then the deed is essentially already done. As such, you might as well accept the fact that it’s already done, because that’s what it is—a fact.

Gratitude for things that have already happened is well and good. It’s normal. It feels wonderful. But it is exponentially more powerful to be grateful for things that have yet to unfold in physical reality.

If you know for certain that something is going to happen, you might as well be grateful for it now. To take the stance of gratitude in advance is to affirm that an event has, in essence, already happened. In this way, time collapses on itself, and the future arrives now.

The future arrives now in the sense that you (a) feel the feelings that you will experience once the thing actually happens, and (b) it becomes much easier to act in accordance with the event. For example, if the thing you are being grateful in advance for is the completion of a race, then the stance of advance-gratitude will make it feel quite natural for you to train and prepare for the race. It won’t feel like a gargantuan effort or a me against the world-type scenario. Instead you will feel in tune with reality, and you will indeed experience immense power.

Your view of the future has a massive effect on your experience of the present. If you know for certain that you have precisely the future you want ahead of you, then in the present you will feel grateful, powerful, light, and joyful. On the other hand, if you think your future is dismal, then you will feel paralyzed and miserable, and you’ll experience a whole mess of internal conflict.

If your mind is racing with negative, conflicting thoughts, this means you have serious doubts about your future. On the other hand, if your mind is dedicating most or even all of its resources to continual action in a positive direction, this means you are certain about your future—and boy is that future desirable.


The Will to Power

If you have been hurt by other people, beaten down by life, or have sold yourself short time and time again, this is my invitation to you to cast all of that aside and step into the power you know you already have and embrace the bright future that you know has already taken place.

When you know that it’s all going to work out fine, you can genuinely live as though that is already the case. There is no need to pretend because it’s true. When you act in accordance with a consciously chosen future, you broadcast that you know that that future will happen. When you take such action, you experience the same caliber of power that you will experience once the future does indeed arrive. And to experience what you will experience when the future arrives is to express and to know that that future is already here.

If people continue their attempts to derail you on your quest for a life intelligently lived, you will have to ignore them. You can’t wait for them to stop before you forge a great life for yourself, because if you wait they’ll never stop.

Reality responds to you and reflects yourself back to you. The creation of certainty is an act of will—not of passive observation. You must will yourself into the experience of your true power. The way to do this is to know that you are already powerful. No one can do this for you, because an experience arises from a state of being. Not only is a state of being subjective and totally within the realm of choice, but a state of being is essentially a state of knowing something in particular to be true. No one can know anything for you. You have to know for yourself.

If you want to experience joy, you must experience the joy of being yourself. You do this by being certain of your ability to create without limit and without end, and then using that ability to take action.

If you’ve had enough of spinning the wheels of self-doubt and defeat it’s time to get out of that vehicle, step into the driver’s seat of certainty, and put your foot on the gas.

You’ve got this. It’s already done. Be grateful now for the incredible power and joy that you are going to experience, and you will find that they have already been made real.

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