Hydrocarbons and War: Why Russia Invaded Ukraine

The following is from an e-mail written to me by Brian Harner on February 28, 2022. I've added the headings.

Russia's Hydrocarbons

So... this Ukrainian thing... I thought I'd give you my impression. First of all I'll start by saying that I'm not on either side, which you probably already know. Secondarily, as with everything, the basic premise is traceable back to a hydrocarbon system of monetary management, which I'm absolutely certain you know I'm not in favor of at all... heh. That said I'm trying to be subjective as though I have the ability to put myself in either position, and from that position, gather objective information as to the primary motive for the reasons to start this type of war. I don't see a scenario where this type of thing resolves itself in a peaceful manner, and I'm reminded of a prophecy that states "there will be wars, and rumors of wars." Anyways, this is more a conflict between NATO and Russia than Ukraine and Russia. In 2014 there was a Russian friendly president in Ukraine, and the United States did not like that arrangement. There was a coup in Ukraine that followed by the installation of a Jewish globalist, NATO/United States friendly president that created a dilemma for how Russia was to then sell natural gas to Europe. Prior to 2014, the United States went heavy into hydraulic fracturing. The distillates from that crude oil is negative EROEI, but the natural gas from that process is plentiful. During the Obama years there were massive liquification hubs designed and built along the NE US to process this abundance of natural gas and then ship it globally, primarily to Europe. That process, however abundant the natural gas is, is much more costly than installing pipelines through Ukraine and distributing gas to Europe directly from Russia. As this became an issue for the already built, massive infrastructure that the globalists invested in for the LNG, the coup happened, the Biden kid was installed on the board of directors for an energy company called Burisma (even though he had no business in that industry at all), and the buffer between Russia being able to freely sell gas directly to Europe was constricted through regulation and sanctions. Many things followed the coup, and many of those things added to the tension, but the basic premise for where this started was based on hydrocarbons/natural gas; who gets to sell it to who, what the price will be, and in what currency it's traded in. After Vietnam, there hasn't been a conflict that this wasn't the basis for... at least not when the US is involved.

Questionable Facilities

As annoying and unhealthy as this became to Putin directly, he allowed it as long as he was still able to sell the natural gas. In between 2014 and now, many other aspects of the relationship between the installed government of Ukraine and US grew into more severe concerns for Russia. One of those concerns that's starting to pick up attention on /pol/ recently is the bioweapons labs and manufacturing facilities that the US built along the Russian border in Ukraine. Apparently the research conducted there was solely based on studying Russian slavic RNA and DNA from every region of Russia. There were collections of blood and tissue samples from all over Russia, and from nowhere else. It was/is seen as a direct attack on the Russian people, at least from Putin's position.


There's also the issue of Donbass. Apparently the newly installed government has been extremely nasty to the people of that region. Some say it's liken to a civil war being waged against people from the government directly. Bombings, attacks, assassinations, kidnappings, etc, but those events do not make it to western world news, so the issue has been able to proceed. Putin is in direct conflict with what's happening there because that region is apparently very Russian friendly, regardless of what puppet government has been installed. Again, Russia views what's happening as a direct attack on them.


All of this, and a few other issues are looming over the decision to include Ukraine in NATO. Currently, Ukraine is not a member of NATO, but the wheels were turning to make that possible. If NATO were to include Ukraine, that would mean that every issue I just described would be accentuated by the presence of NATO/the US directly at the border of Russia. Additionally, NATO/the US would be obligated to back the Ukrainian government in any type of action. As it stands currently, there's no real obligation to help Ukraine, but there's a lot of pressure to help them because of everything I just mentioned, not to mention the other various shady dealings that will be exposed by Russia, should they become successful in their invasion. I'm sure there's lots of shit to uncover that's buried in file cabinets and computer terminals throughout that country. Anyway, Ukraine is more or less, at least on paper, independent, and essentially a buffer zone between NATO/Europe, and Russia. After the 2014 coup, that's a gray area, but at least on paper, they're "independent." Putin saw all of this happening on his border, along with the humanitarian crisis and had enough. His patience ran out. Hence, the invasion. Before he was forced into a position where he'd be in direct conflict with NATO, and by extension the United States, he acted while the Ukraine was still technically "independent." What's happened since the invasion started was a warning to NATO and the United States that stated they had better not try to intervene, otherwise Putin would escalate this to a nuclear campaign... seeing as though that's really his only option if NATO and the United States became dedicated actors in this situation. There was a significant amount of aggression towards Russia through the puppet government of Ukraine, but technically, at least on paper, which is important from a media perspective, that aggression was carried out by Ukraine independently. Of course this is bullshit. The real aggression was from NATO and the United States, but the Ukraine "buffer zone" allowed the aggression to escalate with NATO and the United States appearing to have clean hands.


(Note: In the following analogy, China = the US, Mexico = Ukraine, Central America = Europe, and the US = Russia. The purpose of this fictional analogy is to help Americans imagine themselves in Russia's position.)

Picture it like this... Imagine China became overly friendly to Mexico. The United States had developed an exchange of natural gas through Mexico to Guatemala and the rest of central America. China then stimulates a coup of the Mexican government that was friendly not just to the United States, but also their exchange capabilities of this natural gas to their southern neighbors. The gas continues to flow, but is now regulated by the threat of China using regulations and sanctions to manipulate the price. Additionally, China itself starts selling their overseas natural gas directly to central America, manipulating the price even further. Furthermore, China forces central America to trade the natural gas in the Yuan (China's currency), and nothing else. While this is happening, China starts building bioweapons manufacturing facilities and labs along the US southern border, all while harvesting tissue and blood samples from every region of the United States. Next, Mexico, starts bombing and killing the population of Juarez and Tijuana because they're friendly to the United States. In this scenario, as these types of scenarios become increasingly common over the course of 10-20 years, and the threat of Mexico joining a political accord directly with China, if you were the president of the United States, how long would you allow these things to happen before you did something about it? Now, that's an overly simplified version of a potential analogy for this current situation. It's difficult to liken central America to Europe, or China being in the same positional authority as the US, but I'm trying to get you to see what this is like from Russia's perspective. Not what the scenario is for an American currently trying to understand the conflict. Because in reality, the United States wouldn't allow any of what has happened in Ukraine to happen on our borders. If anything, when viewed from this perspective, Russia has been excessively calm and allowing of these obviously aggressive actions to occur without even so much as whining about it... for a decade now.

The Failure of Globalism

I'm sure you can see where my tone is going with this. Globalists are to blame. They instigated the aggression, and Putin called their bluff. He's basically daring them to out themselves as hypocrites and the actual aggression forces with many aspects of the Ukraine conflict. Apparently yesterday, NATO did start sending weapons and money to Ukraine... the first action of a declaration of war against Russia. Ironically, the day after the invasion started, natural gas sales increased from Russia to Europe 38%, and continues to rise daily. All the sanctions and financial penalties that globalists are levying against Russia have not had an impact on those sales. In fact, they're increasing dramatically and suddenly. Everything else is just humanitarian window dressing to win the hearts and minds of NPC morons that don't understand how the world works. I stand firm that anyone using hydrocarbons of any variety is asking for war, and the subsequent destruction of the entire human race. Neither side of this conflict is "in the right" when the basis of the conflict is centered around the exploitation and consumption of any hydrocarbon system. As it seems, this particular conflict has the potential to go nuclear should NATO, and/or the United States decide to intervene. Yesterday was the first step to those political bodies actually intervening... so we'll see what happens. I doubt Putin will be as patient as he was over the last decade should NATO be stupid enough to declare allegiance with Ukraine, and start sending troops, planes, and supplies to the region, out in the open. They're being sneaky about it now, but that could change, and if it does, there's serious potential for a no bullshit nuclear holocaust commencing. Many layers to this onion, and I'm certain there's more to it than my take. It's quite possible that this is a depopulation strategy, a bait and switch, as in the oil supply issues are becoming difficult to manage and this war is the last opportunity for globalists to maintain some semblance of control, or some other hidden motive where the entire network of governments globally are working together for some other nefarious reasons, but on the surface, knowing what I know about crude oil and how this degenerate society functions, that's my best assessment.

All of all of that said... from your perspective, my advice is to block it out. The collapse, no matter how it's going to occur, changes nothing for you. Hopefully, after listening to me for this long, you understand that you're already doing exactly what you should be doing to correct the course of humanity. We're not in the position to change free will. People will suffer the consequences of their laziness and degeneracy in their own way. Just know, don't guess, that you're doing the best you can to create a scenario where these types of conflicts/wars/invasions never occur again. Anyone who's not behaving that way is bound to an inevitable conflict... and as it seems now, that's coming to a head. Stay focused while everyone else is distracted by the inevitability of their degeneracy emerging as a real cost to their sustainability. That's the best advice I can muster. It's interesting watching it all play out, though. Almost comedic reading the opinions of media and their drones/NPCs trying to equate what's happening to external sources of dismay. Global idiocy with zero self reflection... It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Seems I say that a lot these days.

Once Brian saw that I posted the above, he had this to add, on March 2 2022:

I didn't know you were going to post that Ukraine write up as an article on your site. I'm glad you liked it as is, but if I'd have known you were going to post it, I probably would have elaborated on the more opinionated aspects. Kind of seemed like I ran through that instead of focusing on it, but no biggie. Hopefully it illuminates issues that are less known about in public media. I know that very few know about the bio labs, and Ukraine is not the only place those facilities are located. They're peppered all over the Baltic states, Africa, South America and obviously... China. The ones in Ukraine are of particular interest because of the blatant CIA backed coup that occurred there so recently, along with the energy corruption. Joe Biden's kid having a seat on the Burisma board of directors is not a one off thing, he's just the most notable as of late since ole Joepedo is the most recent illegitimate president. Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Mitt Romney also have children on the board of directors in energy companies doing Ukrainian business... although this is vehemently denied by mass media. Ukraine WAS (now anyway) a blatant money laundering system, as well as a biological weapon manufacturing operation... which was also vehemently denied prior to last week. It's funny watching the backtracking as this invasion progresses. At first it was "there's no biological weapon manufacturing in Ukraine, conspiratards!" Then it was "there are facilities in Ukraine, but they're based on veterinary research." Then "there's viral research being done, but it's totally peaceful, maaan, just trust us!" Now the department of defense has scrubbed everything from their data systems about anything involving Ukraine and biological facilities, but they seem to have forgotten this is the age of the internet, and you can't just erase things. Anyways, I'm not asking you to include this stuff. It's all just comedy to me. Changes nothing about what we're doing or have done. It's just funny watching these morons stumbling over themselves, and even funnier seeing people still gullible enough to actually listen to the blatant lies. Here's something I watched a while back that might help put it in perspective better for you. Every document used in the making of this documentary has now been erased from the department of defense.


For the Putin take on it, go to 24:12... although the entire documentary is good. Just for your sake, so you know I'm not just making shit up, it's worth a watch. Something else that will be, or has been getting deleted everywhere possible, was Obama's involvement with this Ukrainian situation back in 2005 when he was a senator getting groomed for becoming another puppet illegitimate president. Lots of shady shit going on, but it's hard to find stuff on it now... especially over the last week, heh. Thank you for posting that, though. I didn't really consider it to be that impactful. I just knew how busy you were lately and thought I'd haphazardly give you my take. Maybe I'm better at this when I'm not trying so hard?