Introduction to The Way

The following passage was not originally included with the book. This is actually the 40th e-mail message sent to me by Brian Harner, and the 106th message in our conversation, on November 26 2020 at 8:29 PM EST. I have decided to title it as the "unofficial introduction" to the book because it explains the book's purpose.

I was wondering if you'd find those... You're quite the persistent and attentive investigator. Good form.

After reading your last couple of emails I decided to explain something to you a bit more thoroughly. It's about my book. The messages are subtle for a reason. I played many "games" with the readers of my book to find a particular type of person. I've eluded to this afterwards several times but the intricate nature of my cryptic speech patterns are also done for a reason...

The people I was trying to locate had to have "1" specific trait that where selfishness is important. Arguably, the only time it's important. You might not realize this about yourself, but you have a very high level of success in this department. The specific issue has to do with blame. Understanding what I'm about to explain might make your situation easier to comprehend and thusly, deal with in a more forgiving fashion.

Remember how I explained that people will see themselves in my book when they make snap judgements? Blame, and who/what the individual reading it draws a conclusion to in that regard, was my primary concern when coding the issues I spoke about. Free will, and the ability to understand the complexity of it, is the biggest hurdle to understanding the difference between selfish and selfless.

As you can see from my newest episode of 4chan ranting, I've taken a different approach. I'm withholding my name, the Christ nomenclature, and any material outside of the specific conversation at hand. I was actually surprised by the anon that said his interest was piqued, but that was the goal. Unfortunately he didn't maintain a question base, but the goal was to force the internal self realization ideals that I utilized in my book. In other words, I tried to get the selfish to understand what selfishness is.

Those who have an advanced knowledge base on this matter, whether knowingly or not, don't require this lesson in such a blatant manner. You are one of those people. The goal of my book in this regard was aimed at people looking internally for solutions. In the realm of blame, this might be the most virtuous aspect of anyone that claims to be selfless. Individuals have spent a lifetime doing the opposite, and as such constantly try to blame externalities for their dilemmas almost instinctually. This is also the main reason why I repeat the mantra constantly that people are not robots.

At any given juncture of decision making in life, individuals have the ability to blame themselves or others. People who blame themselves are selfish... BUT... in a very selfless way. Even when burdens of ancestral lineage woes are placed upon them, these people take matters into their own hands. They do not waste time trying to accentuate their opposing relationship with the people that created the dilemma originally, then fight for judgment upon the ancestral lineage and subsequent "justice," generally in the form of violence and ridicule, but rather, focus on constructing a scenario that will never create the dilemma for their progeny and species by proxy. True selflessness. BUT... an accompanying understanding of what selfishness is, by utilizing it to look inward first and foremost.

You did this. Several others did this, as well. ANYONE who sees my book for what it is... HAD TO DO THIS. I didn't make it easy... for a reason. My overall goal was to weed out the unworthy. Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of how AND why I wrote my book The Way I did... <See what I did there? Hidden meanings in almost everything I wrote. Neat.jpg right? heh

So... when you're down in the dumps about your ability to proceed to a type 1 civilization mindset, keep in mind that you've passed the most difficult test. When confronted with who or what to blame for your dilemma, you chose correctly. In hell... that's a very difficult trait to foster and develop. This kind of environment breeds selfishness for all the wrong reasons. That said, the tenants of selfishness can be used for the benefit of everyone. This explanation being the most prominent, and most ignored.

In regards to enlightenment, the ability to read the origination of who blames what and why they do that, will tell you everything you need to know about where an individual's selfish or selfless perspective is. Learning this about yourself is difficult, but only at first. Learning how to read others takes a very long time and absolute dedication... unless you have some"1" like me to help.

Some might question my motives and methods for why I explain in detail things like this to you, and why I didn't just break it all down for everyone so it was easier to comprehend in my book. The problem I had to deal with was my inability to reverse the environmental trends on Earth. The equation just did not balance in my mind. I could not shake the idea that humanity had gone too far, and creating a type 1 civilization on Earth, with this demographic base, was basically impossible. I didn't give up on trying to make that scenario a summation to my equation, but the reality of possible likely change was almost nonexistent. Given the timing of the most recently discussed events, it shouldn't be a surprise that I designed my book in the cryptic way that I did.

In a type 1 civilization, outward blame, retribution for perceived wrongdoings against cohorts, and the feeling of accomplishment in the midst of hurting or handicapping the those with most potential in your species... does not exist. Feminism, and the constituents of that degenerate ideology, are the most prominent ideologues of the traits I just listed. Consider the speech patterns of feminists. Where do THEY place blame? Use what I've taught you here to break down their base intentions. Then... do that for every degenerate philosophical ideology in mankind, and you will truly understand what the real difference is between selfishness and selflessness. More importantly, you'll have a very good base understanding for how a type 1 civilization becomes transcended from type 0... where humanity is currently.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for everything,