A Letter to Love

Dear Love,


I need not even ask who you are. I need not attempt to explain or justify you. I need not reach for you nor pull on you. You’re always there- everywhere- in just the form I need you to be. You cannot do me wrong.

In the realm of love, there is no wrong. All I have to do is be, and you’ll be there. I’ll see you there. I need not look for you. Though love is quiet, I need not strain to listen for it, for love speaks volumes. It falls upon the ears of those open to hearing it.

At times I purport to not understanding you, Love. I will think you are so hard and complex and unattainable. But I know those supposed difficulties come only from the speech of fear. If I am open to you in every pore, no misunderstanding is possible.

And should misunderstanding come, I can use it to stand back and view you in your mystery, your grandiosity, and your awe. Let my supposed lack of understanding be but another facilitator for my appreciation of you.

Let even my cowardice serve as motivation to see that even in the darkness, I am with you. For if I could never be cowardly, could I ever be courageous? And if I could never be courageous, could I ever user my heart, where you live?

I know, Love, you do not need me to speak for you—only to live by you. So do that I shall: every day, I will renew my commitment. Even when I think I do not understand how, and am utterly lost and hopeless, again I shall find you staring me right in the face. Because that is where you always are: right before my eyes—maybe even just under my nose.

Should I ever forget you- and I will- it will be a wonderful platform from which to remember, and again I shall know your aliveness and glory.

Thank you Love, for all that you are. You are blessed, and bless all. May we know you in all your ways.