Live Without Logistics

Stop worrying. You don’t have to get everything perfectly.


Your life will be in such a way that it could not be written or imagined by another person. Not before its particular events play out, anyway. So do not fret about proving some reputation or making it look a certain way. Because it is yet too soon to imagine how it will look, and any reputation you could have has not yet existed.

Whenever you worry about doing things just right, and trying to looking good to others, just be clear with people that you aren’t perfect. Tell them about your insecurities. They will understand. You can work together. You will be OK.

The universe has something different in mind from the ways you think things can and must be done. But it is being formulated in relation to your commitment to living for what you care about most. It will be ready when you are.


Your actions don’t have to take any particular form, remember. You just have to commit to aligning with the principles.

Today, put no effort into contemplating or preparing for the logistics of what you are trying to do. Instead, live as you would as though those things are already in place—live in the flow of fearless, higher consciousness. You will be fine.


What if right now, rather than all this rushing around, you just lived like there wasn’t any particular move you needed to make next—like you were fine? What would you do?