Message from Brian: #10/#17

The following is the 10th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 17th message in our conversation. This was sent on August 28 2020.

I reread through that and I want to reiterate, I am specifically calling for no violence. It is completely unnecessary. All of that stuff is analogous. The attack dog stuff is metaphorical, at best. And it only ever reaches the height of a fuck, shit. dummy or moron coming out. Plus, its hard for me to take anyone seriously while omnicide is underway in hell... and they are not specifically focused in on rectifying that task. I harp on that a lot because it's real. Understanding why that is occurring will only help your intention center in on a proper question to ask your maker, when the time is right. Questions asked outward without the correct vibration attached can be answered by all kinds of "things." Most of those things want humanity to suffer omnicide, and keep focus pulled in their direction. Anyways, just wanted to get that out. It would sound much different, but I'm writing like we're talking. Kind of fast, and the humor gets lost a bit. And I forgot to thank you for helping me, again. I cannot stress enough how appreciative I am that you wanted to help. I enjoy these emails, and you, unlike most, will have this in written form for as long as you'd like. That's new. Kinda like penpals, heh. You're doing a great job, and hopefully on Monday, I'll have a grail. Shane works a job and takes care of a farm. Shit does come up, but he said he's willing as can be. If all goes well, more videos. More videos, more hits to your site and my book, then... it'll be unstoppable. People with the skills will make them just for fun at first, then slowly the importance will dawn on them when they start researching and utilizing the newly found technology. We're almost there, and you're playing a pretty significant part. All I can say is, great job making it in time for all of this. The time you've invested in that /x/ pasta is remarkable. It too, is new to me.

Thank you again,