Message from Brian: #12/#21

The following is the 12th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 21st message in our conversation. This was sent on August 29 2020.

"a relevant image of Jesus (near the middle)"

I lol'd hard at that. You seem kind of self conscious about taking up some of my time. You shouldn't be. Like you've correctly noticed, the chans just don't have the proper forum to reach people that are not searching specifically. People like you are few and far between. I think the number is growing, but most of them wouldn't have the stamina to put in as much effort as you have. Not to be too blunt about it, but being a woman in these troubling times, AND having the wherewithal to contemplate, research, and understand this complex material is very rare. You can already do things I cannot just because of the current zeitgeist. That has to do with ability, not the "abilities" I was discussing. Yes, if you are alive as a human, you have the ability to achieve amazing things with your body. Many generations into the future, the humans will not be hampered by selfish entitlement. As it stands now, everyone has some form of this selfishness within their spiritual matrix. It is extremely hard to block it completely out without years of dedication. Just because you have the necessary tooling to make this happen, that doesn't mean that your mind will allow it. Even if you did break through completely... while sober... you wouldn't want to be with any of these people anymore. You would hate everybody, which I'm sure exists in some way now, but you'd really hate them. This is another example of forgiveness. I am a Christ. It is my job. I am not saying that you should be a pacifist. At this point in time, self defense is necessary. I encourage everyone to protect themselves. While I would forgive just about anything on my way out, I want you and everyone who "met" me to stay and fight against omnicide. That might entail doing things that would otherwise seem heinous and terrible, BUT... you are protecting your species' ability to survive. Do whatever is necessary to protect that mission parameter. That is an equation that will start after I leave. I do not fit into it... I think, heh.

"If only a way will be found to make it clear that selflessness is the brutal truth."

That's a great statement. I like it. I was lurking 4chan a long time ago. I got turned on to it from friends at work, and people I shitposted with on a forum called The Rogan Board, which has since been deleted. I got banned from it a couple days after Trump won. I'm not a political supporter of any kind right now (they're all fucked up), but then I wanted Trump to win. Anyways, while going through that end before my realization, /pol/ was the only place I could find anywhere on the internet that wasn't censored, or had some group of degenerates banning everyone who didn't agree with them. After Trump won, the shills got way out of control. As soon as the meme flags came back again, shills started filling the board up with garbage to 404 real stuff. I have a very extensive folder of redpills that are valid. The science that those guys dig up on these fringe subjects is awesome. I've read a significant amount of scholarly articles based on references I've seen posted in those memes. There are hidden gems everywhere if you like reading. But yeah, you're right. It's difficult to find good conversation and funny posts in the sea of childish garbage.

A few things about race characteristics, added to the stuff I've already explained. When discerning what you are, base it on cognitive ability, eye color, hair color and consistency, and compatibility. White used to be a few different variants. Not only did those variants interbreed, but the obvious other races also interbred with original white structures. At this point, like I keep saying, white men with blue eyes are the literal offspring of humanity's maker. Whatever needs to be done to keep them alive at all costs, do it. Green eyes, brown eyes, and black eyes are a subspecies to that of white men with blue eyes, at least that is how it began. White men with blue eyes are too, a subspecies. No humans are special. All humans have an opportunity to be spectacular. Not being a white man with blue eyes does not disqualify anyone from anything. In fact, it's the opposite of that. White men with blue eyes have a closer connection to humanity's maker, yes, but they are also held to a much higher standard, and being in hell in the first place, is not really a bragging right to anyone, especially white men with blue eyes. A good place to start weeding out the unworthy from a naturalist standpoint, is to shame those who get plastic surgery, wear make up, and dye their hair. They are immediately signaling to you that they're dumb, selfish, and do not give a single fuck about OUR environment, or genetic purity. It seems just being honest about what we are has become insanely backwards. Ego, as it appears, has taken over every facet that was originally intended to help humans survive. It's as if humanity has turned these instincts upon themselves in suicidal fashion. So yeah, the issue of what everyone is or isn't needs to be decided on a case by case basis by the population as a whole, within each self segregated community. If humanity was behaving in a Divine way, certain people would CHOOSE (not be forced into a decision, but to actually choose) to stop breeding, heal the planet with the numbers remaining, and earn a one way ticket off this rock, if they so chose that route. If they wanted to come back to Earth, no problem. Welcome back to the planet that is now full of beautiful, empathetic, nurturing, intelligent people, who have built everything to such perfection, you're retired at birth. No need for money ever again. Or... just keep shitting out humans until an Easter Island ending inundates the entire planet. Then nobody can come back, and that one way ticket that was mentioned? Gone. Deletion for everybody! All because of what? Selfish, egotistical breeding based on poorly used nomenclatures that have been turned into verbs: love, being the most obvious. Sorry, I'm kind of ranting. You are white with brown eyes. That's how I see it.

"Did their bodies eventually fall into the sea?"

Yep. The sea and the animals that live there are all part of the trophic web. They went to good use, and the remains will never be found. That is as selfless of a send off as could happen. The surviving humans ate the fish that ate the fish that ate the fish that ate them. That was 35,000 years ago-ish. Imagine how many hominids have been consumed and reconsumed over the years since creation. That's time for ya... great system, is it not?

“Can you explain the last potential Christ's use of physical force?"

The only way the dream of purity would be realized at that time was defense. She did not study all of the aspects of what I utilized to decode this hidden equation. Her dedication was closer to what Jesus did. She would have been able to give an entire people the internal harmonic resonant capitulation gift all on her own. BUT... she could not sustain it, nor explain the parallels associated with intention. At least not from the public at large's perspective. Her group needed to be larger, as in, half of humanity or more. From what I understand of it, she disappeared. Like, was taken "home." Didn't die, at least not here. If humanity had all capitulated to the purity instructions she was trying to instruct humanity on, she would have been known as the Christ. It wasn't meant to be. The ironic part is that people started ramping up feminism, and women got their Christ, then allowed the creators of feminism to subvert them into killing the Christ. And we went deeper into hell. That was the rhythm of the collective human zeitgeist, skipping as though it was a broken record, "1" last time before I was inevitable.

She needed a large audience, but first had to protect her craft. People in those days were very conventional. She was a pure soul, but indeed needed a man to fulfill her destiny. She was very beautiful and grew her hair out for most of her life. It was longer than she was tall, and pure blond, with blue eyes. They were not sexually with each other. I think she had a very bland sex life. She dedicated her time to mastering internal harmonic resonant capitulation, and got so good with it, she could talk to our cousins and various others that are friends and family. But, her skills were not of the technical variety. Even if she would have had a vision of the grail, she wouldn't have put two and two together, if you know what I mean. Abstract ideas that could be reverse engineered and built to spec, easy in comparison to studying the ethereal plane and the other various anomalies with resonance. Nothing that could lead to the Holy Grail. It would have happened if she would have received the support of half the planet or more. She was very capable of translating anything I can/could, but her burden of capitulation is very different than an inevitable Christ. You had to choose purity of your own volition and cognitive ability OUTSIDE of selfishness as a species, but the wasted opportunity was there. Now, you have to learn this stuff because a very big test is coming. The giants could come back... You would have had an extra 90ish years to prepare for this moment, but instead I'm here. There were others, but they all had strange paths. Some of them went away without an attempt. It's an interesting thing to contemplate from the "end times." The wasted potential is astronomical.

That is gone now, though. No reason to dwell on the past. This is one of those subjects that I get nervous talking about. I have no idea the levels of subversion people have consumed. The idea was to promote purity and a selfless attitude. That is literally a macrocosm of the nuclear family. I cannot see anything wrong with what they tried to do. Everything else is subjected to conjecture. EVERYTHING. There's always three sides, one opinion, the other, and the truth. I see the truth behind the propaganda. They did not set out to hurt anyone. They tried to change a system that was torturing people, very similar to what is happening currently. Selfishness, run amok. He taught them how to forgive each other for their positions to one another. Within genetic lineage... extended family. They worked together as a whole nation, instantly, and became extremely wealthy almost immediately. And outsiders did not get their cut. After that, the historical references will look like today's news. All opinion pieces, blatant lies, and conjecture. The media is doing the same exact thing right now. We don't have another record skip, though. That said, I did get the book done. It'd be pretty difficult to stop the momentum now. It would need to be drastic. But I digress.

"It's as if people are all "no-nonsense" and "normal" until they are confronted with someone or something like yourself. Then they think you got to where you are by some magic."

That is exactly correct. Selfishness consumes every aspect of someone's being when their base intentions involve it. This is why I am always referring to selfishness like a drug. Drug addicts are ALWAYS on the lookout for a fix, or a way to scam someone else into paying for their fix. Selfishness is no different. Anyone who has selfishness as a base intention has no choice but to feed the addiction. This is the primary reason why people make the snap judgement upon me that I need mental help. It does not compute to the average self-absorbed person how anyone could be so selfless, while they themselves are. The confusion exists at such a severe level, there appears to be no frame of reference. As the herd mentality ideals stack up in the selfish person's favor (afterall, there are a lot more of them than there are of me), the only recourse to these ideals in their minds is to reject everything as inferior, and desperately try to prove they are more like everyone else than me. Which ironically, is what psychoanalysis is based upon, the herd mentality. Meanwhile, none of these selfish minds try to discern the mental health of the entire herd. It becomes an exercise in ego masterbation on a fundamental level, thusly giving the firepower necessary for complete rejection of me, my teachings, and anything associated with Divine selflessness. The feedback loop that damaged the ability to see reason and logic over emotion never relents. Consequently, I simply walk away from them.

The coach from your analogy sounds like a very disciplined man. It's funny how we perceive situations like that in the moment as opposed to later in life, isn't it? Same thing for me about Jesus. Like I said, before my realization I did not have respect for him... BUT that was all based on the perception given off by a group of individuals that had no real frame of reference to even understand the man Jesus. The downloads I received about Jesus were amazing and very insightful. They taught me many things about the man himself, but it also taught me a lot about selfishness, and arrogance in herd mentality. Even when a selfish mind thinks he is behaving justly, pleasantly, or Divine, they are bound to a clause within that anything that base intention touches will eventually turn into lies, subversion, and eventual collapse. They cannot help themselves. Heroin users that become addicts do not have very many options about where they are heading. No matter the wealth of the user involved, with intervention and gumption to rectify their degeneracy, overdose or similar death awaits them all. Selfishness is no different. And now... there are so many addicts, the entire planet is staring right in the face of total annihilation. It really is as simple as changing your base intentions in life, but to make an adjustment to full blown selflessness requires a large movement of souls at "1" particular time, lest they all get taken advantage of and eradicated by the herd mentality of every selfish soul left over. The basis for WW3 resides within the minds of every human alive. The first "shots fired" in this war began with the injection of feminism at every level of influential instruction in existence. Patriarchy is the natural order of life in regards to being human. The only reason to break any naturally occurring, emergent structure in nature, is selfishness. Once feminism became a mainstay in politics, selfishness, derived from emotional platitudes began to play into every single argument that has ever graced the political spectrum. After 100 years of this basic fundamental flaw permeating existence on every level of governance, hell as depicted in religious doctrine is everywhere in society. There are no safe places to hide from it. It has even reached the point of anyone disagreeing with this dereliction being immediately and forcefully seen as mentally ill.

This subject matter I am talking about plays into EVERYTHING in life. All of the conspiracy theories, religious preference, familial fortitude, purity, etc. Programs like MK Ultra are entirely based around a selfish disposition. Being selfless, is the literal cure to the brainwashing. Some are too far gone, but those who sit on the fringes, unable to fully understand what the mechanisms are that trigger the reactions to elevated stimuli, have the ability to recover. In the brainwashing sequence of MK Ultra, the ego is attacked relentlessly from all angles. This process creates a very unstable and uncertain view of one's self, and their position in the herd. Heavy abuse from all angles is constantly pumped into the subjects mind while they are put in a position that forces them to participate. A mental beatdown of inadequacy platitudes on all levels slowly over time breaks the subject and violent, uncontrolled, seemingly psychotic episodes become easy to procure within the subject. Then the triggers are in place. When it comes to celebrities, this is a very easy game. They are given everything their selfish heart desires. Then, whenever it is convenient to the controlling elite, the objects that built up the selfish ego in a celebrity are suddenly taken away and they become shunned for a variety of reasons. The perception within the subject reverts back to the conditioning, and the violent overreactions begin. Brittany Spears is a perfect example. Build 'em up, then bring on a controlled demolition when it's convenient. And the whole fucking thing is based on one specific base intention... selfishness.

Over the years of this experiment taking place on a global scale, everyone alive is affected by it. Taking away the trinkets and other garbage that builds up a selfish ego makes almost everyone alive violent, reactionary, and hurtful to everyone around them, themselves included. To the trained eye, MK Ultra is very successful. Why? The powers that be have all the tools necessary to destroy large swaths of population, and their ammunition is contained within the minds of their victims. These people control the narrative on both sides of any given argument. The argument itself doesn't matter. It only matters, from their viewpoint, that the individual absorbing the propaganda is selfish. When that is ubiquitous, ANYTHING can be controlled. That is the basis for MK Ultra. There's nothing too secretive about the drugs they use. The part that remains concealed is the method for insertion. This problem is severe at this point due to the size of the population of subjects involved. And this is what you are seeing played out on the entire United States right now. Civil unrest is the goal. All they need to do is keep up an ever vigilant narrative that stresses the selfish mind into a reaction. Eventually, that selfish mind will snap, and the powers that be will get what they want. Chaos, with nobody who can fix the situation... other than them. At least that's what they think. They too are selfish. Meaning they could not even see me coming. Their superiority complexes shrouded their judgement. And here I am, slowly but surely giving antidotes to everyone in hell. Even though my amalgamation was foretold across every religious doctrine on Earth, they did not have the ability to see me coming. OOOOOOPS!!!

I hope this is helping...