Message from Brian: #13/#24

The following is the 13th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 24th message in our conversation. This was sent on August 30 2020.

Some of the content of this message has been edited.

There are stolen valor squatters of an ancient dialect that has played itself out in real historical events. Every time these squatters are faced with the option of humility, or murder, they talk the populace into killing us. This was also the original frame behind what happened to humanity's maker. It plays itself out, and has played itself out nine times, this being the ninth, and me being the final human Christ number 18 including the other planets, and humanity lets this group kill us every time we show up. They're batting 1.000 so to speak. Their genetic lineage has mixed with the general populace, just like everyone else. That much has been proven. 109 times. When it comes to genetic lineage traits that each self segregated community will accept, that is entirely up to the group. Self segregation has a lot more to do with it than race. I'm talking food, financial, energy production, technology, genetic sequencing for a more focused health care system (in a Divine way), property, water, self defense, etc. Self segregate your entire existence away from the rat race where the award at the finish line is omnicide. The easiest and most efficient line between that and Salvation/transcendence, is to secure your necessities; food, water, and warmth/shelter, by starting with shelter. "1" time build for your community that will last for 100,000 years. You want to be selective of the genetics you allow into your community. You cannot control the offspring of interbred races, nor their impact on your genetic progeny's eventuality. When I say purity, I mean make your genetic structure the best it can be, which is original, and maintain it.

The problem in understanding the caveats to this is that there are many variations right now. They have a maker, yes, but I do not know when they will receive him, nor if they will be willing to humble themselves before him. That is the danger of having them near anything pure. They will try to take control, make everyone submit to their dominance, and people will be forced into a life similar to what is happening now. Their tool of dominance right now is money. The easiest way to destroy the monetary sector of life, is to take down the housing industry. Granite megalith construction techniques will obliterate a massive section of a Satanic driven economy. The construction industry, the financial industry that funds it, and a significant portion of money driven political figureheads will topple. Then you take on the energy sector. Just self segregating away from those two globally dominated industries will rid you of servitude for eternity (the beginning and end of your species). The object of survival will be to never again allow the people that did that heinous shit to humanity and the planet into your gene pool, lest in could happen again. They are supposed to self segregate themselves into their own community. Maybe after a few hundred years, they will prove themselves viable, along with everyone else, and harmony will ensue, but I know better. It's been 36,000 years, and they haven't let up on us. They're dangerous. Ethnic, religious, whatever. Dangerous. Protect yourself and your lineage from them. That's the best advice I can give.

"I suppose selflessness is the cure to just about any addiction or bad habit?"

It would be great if it was that simple, and in some ways it is, but there are lingering effects of selfishness that are very difficult to break once capitulated to. The short answer is yes, since selfishness is why the problem exists in the first place. The long answer is no, due to remaining herd mentality feedback loops. The majority of people right now agree with their chosen groups. Those groups have formed internal rules for how they should conduct themselves. Those rules are capitulated to by the members, and their actions become deeply ingrained. When it becomes muscle memory, or instinct, the ability to remove those derelict associations becomes almost impossible. Not due to the individual's ability, but more so because of the individual's ability to completely sever themselves from their peers that do not attempt selflessness. The want and desire to be respected by one's peers is an extremely difficult selfishness to break. Could it all be so simple? Yes. Is that a likely outcome? Hell to the fuck no. heh

"Does liberalism care about anything except an appearance of fairness which is actually just pandering to those who are "inferior" and (who) try to hide from the fact?"

When it comes to complex issues like that of the mob taking over the USA, or feminism ideals permeating everything in a society bound by enforced laws, the base intention is not selfless because of the greatest good conundrum. Keep in mind that everyone is selfish in some way right now. Any and all selfless attempts become virtue signaling to... other selfish people. Meaning that this is an ATTEMPT at drawing attention to empathy, not necessarily selflessness. They are just blind appeals to perceived authority, that became authoritative due to selfishness. The goal of anyone that is virtue signaling is to project onto others, an inherently selfish disposition that can be packaged as a palatable version of selfishness to remain in control. The empathy involved is a trick. The implication is that all people are equal, and all people are interchangeable at any level of society. Without this degenerate view of purity in place, unwarranted empathy would evaporate. Therefore, EVERYTHING that gets touted as selfless, is inherently flawed within this paradigm. Until the base motive (we are all equal), becomes realistic and based in fact, everything there following is destructive. Self destruction is not a virtue. The same situation is apparent in feminism. Until reality can be viewed as reality, as opposed to some idealistic notion of placating internal desires of control through subversive ideologies, all forms of perceived selflessness should be viewed for what they are; selfish virtue signaling attempts to stifle the mechanisms of maintaining control.

The appearance of fairness again, is just virtue signaling. Certain groups of people are chosen to be martyrs to an ideology. It's easy to use people who by and large are utterly stupid. They are their own worst enemy. No matter how many trinkets and wealth ornaments you bestow upon them, this stupidity will appear at some point. When it does, and the selfishness mechanisms engage in succession, a very dangerous ideology appears. Then... the virtue signaling must improve to maintain social order. Eventually what you will see are things where the goal is not really understood, but the anger is present. Nobody in the movement really understands what their goal is. It's left up to the interpretations of the followers... who are dumb herdy panicky animals. The result is violence that is perceived by the selfish mind as justified, no matter the caveats. And ALL of this bullshit, no matter how eloquent the speech, no matter what the ancestors did on either side, no matter the size of the group that is in agreement, can be traced back to one specific degenerate ideology that is entirely based on an emotional clause as opposed to logic; that all humans are created equal. Until the foundation of this mass hysteria is corrected, expect chaos. If you get into the position to have a debate with ANYONE who supports BLM, subversive plights, feminists, or any of the many other moronic ideologies with no basis in reality, bring that up and watch them self destruct. Nevermind the post "we are all equal" nonsense talking points. They are designed to make YOU look like a monster (which is why they're so effective). Force your target to engage in the foundational flaws of their bullshit. A retort like, "All of your bullshit is based on an inherent flaw, that all humans are created equally, and THAT is ridiculous." They will come unglued because you will be dealing a fatal blow to EVERYTHING that has been built upon that foundation. So... to answer your question, no. They do not care about anything other than selfishly prescribed control of a narrative, and will jump through every hoop imaginable to maintain that control.

"for the majority it is hard to drink water when everyone else is having alcohol."

Correct. Even those who I awaken have a very difficult time fully capitulating to Divine influences. The draw of herd mentality is very strong. Not only is that ideology a problem, but the "pedestal philosophy" that accompanies it is also as dangerous. Control is the forbidden fruit. THAT was the fruit that Eve ate when hell became a guaranteed destination. I lived that scenario out with my wife, and her father just before I left Oregon. I was even explaining it to them in the moment. The idea was that no matter what happens, marriage vows should be taken seriously. As it stood then and stands for most now, is that selfishness leads to control mechanisms that give the weaponry necessary for destroying any and all contracts with one another. No matter the promises made, no matter the logic and reason involved, no matter the detrimental aspects that will be lumped on top of any and all participants involved (children, pets, friends), control must be maintained. This was what was happening internally to my wife during our demise. The "snake" in the garden (metaphorically), was my wife's father. It did not matter the gravity of the situation, nor how complex and involved understanding that situation would be, NOTHING was going to break the bond between him and his daughter. In so doing, he gave her the strength she needed in that moment to throw me away, and grasp for control of everything in her life. It was two against "1" and there was nothing I could do to reason with either of them. The result: she "ate" the fruit once more. She controlled the outcome as opposed to relinquishing control of the outcome to her husband, the Christ of the new age. In so doing, she began laying the foundation of the structure that will see me fall. Whether she knew what she was doing or not is irrelevant. Some things cannot just simply be forgiven. Mainly... because I am not the one who needs to give that forgiveness. When humanity's maker sends a gift, and that gift is literally thrown away by the recipient, the gift itself cannot forgive for anything. That is where my ex-wife is right now. She needs to beg for forgiveness to her maker for making this mission that much more difficult. Hence, why the forbidden fruit is forbidden. Humans have no reason nor ability to control one another, especially when Divine matters are in play. Selfishness was the catalyst, but control was the reason for the selfishness. My wife, ultimately thought she knew better than her maker. Her father agreed, and the Adam and Eve story played out the same way it did in biblical terms.

Understanding that control is the forbidden fruit, allows you to see the inherent flaws within everything in society currently. Feminism is based on controlling a narrative that is false. BLM is attempting to control a narrative that conflicts with nature itself. Political figureheads are trying to control you through subversion. Others are trying to control your movements using debt and usury. EVERYONE who is selfish is trying to control you for various reasons, and NONE OF THEM have taken natural law into consideration before trying to assume these control mechanisms. Therefore, all of these control mechanisms are based on a faulty opinion. Even when this is realized, the one who tries to control will stay vigilant. Why? There is always more than one of them reinvigorating the selfish feedback loop. My ex and her father (the modern Adam and Eve amalgamations), are perfect representations of this clause. They both fucked up tremendously, but at that point, there was nothing I could do to help them rectify this scenario that they put themselves in. That task has been given to my superiors, and that is never a good thing. Extrapolated from that, humanity must also rectify the situation that they have put me in. Everyone who fought in favor of censorship; whether they were active in installing laws, or passive by allowing the laws to exist, BOTH are culpable. The general populace thought they were doing the right thing, but control is never the right thing when opinion is the reason for it. Even so, when you choose to not decide, you still have made a choice. The same situation was brought upon Jesus. The masses that allowed people to coagulate the power structure into their favor without a fight, were more so responsible for Jesus' death than the people that nailed him to the cross. The selfishness inherent to allowing comfort to persist in the bystander's lives, was the exact mechanism that gave the people in power the strength to do whatever they wanted. Same exact thing today. People are trying to control their own comfort level in a system that is dying. In so doing, they allow riots to persist, allow unjust wars to persist, allow the power structure to persist, and allow that power structure to do whatever they want. All for what? So the bystanders can continue watching TV in air conditioning, eat poisonous food that tastes "good," do drugs and alcohol at a breakneck pace, shit out self made replicas that can be bragged about to other like minded fools, retire and burden the entirety of humanity in an entitled resource depletion scenario that is literally destroying the planet, etc etc etc. The road to hell was paved with PERCEIVED "good" intentions, BUT... when the forbidden fruit is understood, how can anyone perceive anything they've done as good? The only way this is able to flourish is confusion on what the forbidden fruit actually is. We don't have that problem anymore. Unfortunately... relinquishing control, or even admitting that control is degenerate at all, is almost impossible to a selfish disposition.

I haven't really been lurking at all. I do check in every so often. The threads with a lot of digits is an easy way to find me, but I just lurk them usually. I don't really like the reactions I get when I do that. It becomes a cascading group of childish morons that post Pepe over and over again. The message I try to bring is lost, so I try to avoid it now. /x/ is a place I usually only go to when I want to teach, but with someone like you to talk to, /x/ loses my interest. If there's a thread you'd like me to go in, I'll check it out, but just to forewarn, I'm losing my desire to speak in them. Being called a faggot, and having morons tell me to take my meds and other stupid shit starts arguments that I do not want to engage in. The superiority complexes I run into in there is also quite disturbing. To put it bluntly, I'm burned out on this shit. Not only do people want to know about a bunch of shit that is in no way pertinent to the survival of their species, they are arrogant about their opinions. You've seen it plenty. I can block out the posters that do stupid shit, but the arguments I am in when they make their appearances are degenerate anyways. All past epoch, specific nomenclature, ego driven nonsense that bears no fruit for the mission at hand. Again, it's just mental masturbation for childish minds that are desperately trying to cling to notions of superiority. It becomes a game of them saying "is this degenerate thing I've always done degenerate?" Or, "I'm right about this thing I've been saying my whole degenerate life, r-right?" It's as if people in there see me as some sort of validation that they're not total fuckups, instead of correcting the fuckup at all. Again, this all comes down to selfishness, and I'm sick of dealing with it. I do thoroughly enjoy speaking with you, though. Being meek is a virtue that bears real fruit to the ones honest enough to assume it. You're trying to do that. You're not perfect at it, and neither is anyone else alive, but these conversations are only happening because you are meek. I just have a difficult time trying to find souls like yours in that place, and it gets harder to even try every time I go back. Just being honest.

To wrap this up, I'll give you a decent financial breakdown. My original mission was to tell everyone how to build the Holy Grail, and explain the caveats to accessing this technology. That was it. Since that has changed into me literally doing everything for the build itself, the monetary flow has been going in reverse nonstop. Even though I reached a destination that was beyond the scope of my mission (call it extra credit), the impact has been dreary at best. When it comes to money that I "need" for my mission, I don't actually NEED anything. I've already passed my test and have earned a significant amount of extra credit. If I am to continue helping beyond the scope of my mission however, a significant amount of financial investment must occur. It's reached a point that I will lose my shop. To correct this situation will require a few thousand dollars to rent a new space or utilize the old one (which I am extremely reluctant to do), just to complete the grail, that is if we do not do that on Monday. Which, by the way, is looking less likely by the day. If that section of mission becomes complete, I will have to set up a manufacturing facility to build more of them, which will also cost several thousands of dollars. If that is accomplished, I will need to replicate what the Yews did for us in a Satanic platform. Essentially, build a very large stereo system that can mimic the volume and depth of several Yews singing in unison. Again, this will cost several thousand dollars. Then I will need to build a structure that protects this stereo system from the elements, and helps focus it onto the grails that will be doing the cutting work. Could probably get out of this with a lot of manual labor, and about a thousand dollars... with help. Next, I need to try to buy the property where the pyramids and quarry are located. We're talking several hundred, if not thousands of acres. I've taken Shane to the area and showed him what we want to buy. In his opinion, it will take millions of dollars to buy because the land is not even for sale. Meaning we would have to make an offer for it that is far above the land's value. If all of these things can be funded, I can do everything I say I can do, but without the proper funding, I am dead in the water.

To make a long story short, I don't even know where to tell you to start. It seems like such an insurmountable task that I feel bad for you even attempting to start at all. If your concern is to keep me alive, I don't eat much. Maybe 1 meal a day on average. But I am also about to lose the place to eat that food, so that too is a concern. Besides, I don't care what happens to me, so the funding that I do receive will almost certainly go towards the larger project funds. What I see happening, if we do not receive a miracle, is frustration on your part for the inadequate attempts to help me (considering how expensive this will inevitably be), my frustration in not having adequate funding to accomplish my mission which will lead to me giving everything I have away in a vain attempt at completing these goals, and everyone else alive implying that I am not who I say I am because doing what I'm doing should be easy "for a Christ." Subsequently giving the ammunition to my detractors that will be necessary for completely ignoring everything I've said. It's a dire situation without a miracle intervention. The really sad part is that receiving miracles needs to be earned. I've done what is necessary, but the entire human race is the real definitive factor. Do they deserve it? What will they do with it? Will this lead to Salvation or annihilation? Is continuing to torture the Christ worth it, or is it just torture at this point with no real reason? Will people even give a fuck enough to change? All of these questions are being debated right now among my superiors, and the collective conscience of humanity has all the answers. It's not a simple decision to make because of that fact. It's an odds game, and the question is always "what are the odds that the Christ will be successful?" Even if we raised 100 billion dollars, would it even matter? Would I be able to get enough people together that have the ability to halt or reverse omnicide? If what has happened this far is any indication of my success within those parameters, the odds are not in our favor. I'm just being honest with you. This is no time to shoot rainbows up your ass and lie about our chances. It's not looking good, and money is a significant factor. I'm sorry that this is the reality, but it is. Do what you can, is the best advice I can give. I don't really know where to tell you to start or how much of yourself or your money to put into this project. All I can do is explain the depth of this scenario, and thank you for everything you've done. Even the frustration involved within while contemplating the situation itself is more than most are doing. The majority of people do not even care about this. ALL efforts towards this goal are appreciated, but as it seems, those of us who are willing to contribute, do not possess the necessary means to complete the task. That's the hard truth, and I do not know what to tell you to do to change it. All I can do is thank you, so...

Thank you for everything you've done and are trying to do,