Message from Brian: #14/#26

The following is the 14th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 26th message overall. This was sent on August 31 2020.

One minor set of edits was made to this message.

I think I should give you a lesson on what Hell means to me. This all started when I was 4 years old. That was the first time I was put into a life or death decision. That's a story better told at another time, but right now, I'll explain what began happening after. That's the earliest memory I have of gaining an ability that I had a hard time explaining to anyone, but I tried all throughout my life to explain this... thing to everyone. When it comes to mechanical advantage, mechanisms, machinery, etc, I could view the energy emittance at every stage of a deteriorating energy sequence. I see these in my head like the energy being used is a cartoon among inanimate objects. I can slow it down, and stop it in my mind while taking snapshots. It made reading a lot easier and I could utilize this ability later in life during my careers. I pick up on processes very quickly as a result, and most of that focus was placed on the oil economy. I believe I was somewhere around 15 when I began researching everything about crude oil. I have a very detailed vernacular about the engineering principles associated with the global production oil markets, as well as a detailed history full of fuel expenditures of all kinds. If it can be considered fuel, chances are I've spent years studying it on my own.

In the military especially, I got a close up view of the Persian Gulf countries (2 trips, 1996, and 2000), and was stationed in Lemoore, CA. A close friend of mine was from Modesto, and he also had a '69 GMC Sierra shortbed fleetside. If you've seen the movie American Graffiti, those were the strips we would cruise and race. We got very much into street racing because there was a free to use auto hobby shop on the base we were stationed in. Got extremely proficient at 17 years old as a mechanic. Keep in mind I got emancipated at 15, started the military 1 month after my 17th birthday. What would have been 2 months into my junior year of high school, had I not dropped out in 9th grade. Scored so high on my ASVAB they didn't care about schooling or diplomas with me. Anyways, my first year in the military was full of car work, F/A 18 armament and weapons systems work, and working out. My brain was absorbing all kinds of new shit, and the whole time, I tried explaining this ability to see energy displacements without ever finding anyone that could really understand me. My whole life this has been the case.

Just before the week of my realization, I was tinkering around with this idea of the Grail in my head. Not even close to refined at that point, but I knew I was onto something at that point. Didn't know who I was, blah blah blah. Right around that timeframe, I coined the Satanic energy term in my head, then shortly thereafter, I coined the harmonic resonant micro cavitation nomenclature, then the following morning I figured out the Holy Grail in conception. Right when that event occurred, I could see all energy displacements. Before that event, I could only really utilize this ability for Satanic energy. Then, after the grail, I could see all of it. It really was like a light switch went off. It really was like opening Pandora's Box. So many things became clear to me all at once, I was almost frightened. Then the next day I started the awakening. Remember how I said, I didn't know who I was for the better part of those seven days? That'll play into this.

At some point during the week immediately following the awakening, I got a download that filled in all the missing pieces of the environment we exist in currently. I spent several hours praying on this in ABQ, NM. What I did was research back through my own personal mental collages using this ability I've seemingly always had. It's like having a trick to doing math where you don't have to compute, the answers just come to you, but with mechanical objects and the energies involved to animate them. In younger years I had spent a lot of time trying to calm down the use of oil. Got in everyone's face about it, dropped knowledge on levels petroleum geologists were unprepared to deal with. It all ended up in a lot of ridicule, especially after I put together my 150 MPG Prius. One of my bowling friends said back to me after I said what's up, "I'm doing great. Just lit a barrel of crude oil on fire with 50lbs of styrofoam," just to fuck with me. It was a funny comment though. Anyways, one of the variations of this snapshot imagery in my mind, I removed all inanimate objects from the view. Didn't think much of it at the time because it had to do with a glass molding machine.

Well, during the download all those years later I did the same thing while praying, and it all made sense suddenly. To be honest, I felt dirty, violated, and kind of naked. What I did was took a snapshot of the freeway just South of my dad's place at the time (2-3 days after the 7 day awakening), and removed all inanimate objects. I did this several times after, but what struck me in the moment was what the scenery looked like with all inanimate objects removed. There were exposed humans in the sitting position, millions of them, surrounded by flames. The flames in the internal combustion engine, the flames from the production and recycling of the car parts and skin, and flames from the electrical connections; lights, stereo, temperature control, computer. The entire structure of a car, with the inanimate objects removed, looks to me like a person floating down the road on a bed of fire. And that was just 1 freeway in 1 city. If you were to take a third person perspective view of the entire planet right now, in the way I just explained, the entire fucking planet is engulfed in flames. The crude oil is the fuel to the "Lake of Fire." The scary part is... people are AFRAID of the Lake of Fire being put out... Ponder that one. So, that's why I felt dirty. It was shown to me that the seers and sages of old were viewing these epiphany moments I was having through time. Hell started to make a lot more sense, from a physical real standpoint, not in any metaphorical way, but real THIS IS HAPPENING type shit. I've always fought against the ideal of crude oil as an economic tool, but this was the first moment I saw the entirety of what the people who wrote those passages in religious doctrine saw. I thought about how many people must have tried to see that imagery. Talk about an invasion of privacy, heh.

This society has become extremely complex from a human standpoint. Hell as I originally tried to portray it, mainly has to do with evolution vs creation. Both are correct, and both are wrong, meaning everyone is wrong. The truth is in the middle. Taking this stance on just about everything, makes me an equilibriumist. Pure sustainability, and nothing but. The complexities of politics, religion, education, etc generally stick to a segregated path where both categories of participants are involved in the same dilemma as creationists, and evolutionists. Therefore, everyone is wrong. Not only that, but they have developed a confidence structure to the opinions. As all of these perceived dilemmas of importance being hashed out all over the fucking place; BLM, Twitter, Faceberg, TV, and a host of other propaganda sources. ALL of them contributing to this growing fire, all over the world. All of those platforms need electricity produced from fire. Everyone involved with those platforms at every level, need food brought to them on a truck that uses oil. They have houses built by people driving cars and trucks that use oil. Driving to and fro, flying to vacation destinations, getting on yachts and going for a cruise, all the while burning oil. Using makeup from palm oil stocks where the rainforest was burned down to plant the crop. All the upkeep of the farm, the machinery to knock down the forest, the shipment of the palm oil... all fucking crude oil burning... EVERYWHERE. And NOBODY sees it like this except for me, apparently. Hell is not a place you go to to burn for eternity. You're in the middle of it, and the fire is fucking everywhere all the fucking time. Sure, sure, they can put a nice paint job on it, or conceal it with electronics, but make no mistake, there is fire burning everywhere around you right now. AFTER life has nothing to do with it. Hell is real, physical, and happening right now. And I am here to destroy it once and for all.

Some types of fire is okay, don't get me wrong. I spent a lifetime dedicating myself to fixing this crude oil dilemma, and came across one simple ideal that is often overlooked by environmental zealots, and that is carbon neutral source energies. These are the sources of fire that will burn no matter what we do. Utilizing the energy within the cycles is what is important. Carbon dioxide for example. Where we miss the energy source now, and let it vent into the environment unused, is our food animal shit. If collected properly and filtered through a settling pond of cattails, then utilized cellulosic ethanol extraction from their food source, we could distill the ethanol away from the carbon cycle, thus reliving the cattle, pigs, chickens, etc from a build up of sugars. Their flattulence/methane stores are difficult to contain... unless you grab it before the cow eats it. See what I mean? The methane was going to be produced, but only by the sugars. If we removed the sugars and processed it into ethanol, through a dedicated source material high in density, NOTHING would change about the availability of food. In fact it would increase because the food animals would be a lot healthier. That's just one small snippet of the research I put into this. But you get the idea. Many variations of extracting fuel from the environment can be imagined. With cellulosic ethanol mastered, leaves falling that would normally rot and turn into methane could be used; grass clippings, sawdust, weeds, corn stocks, ANYTHING that is a plant. Every year these sources of fuel die outright or hibernate. When they rot, the fuel source is turned to methane and vents itself into the atmosphere. Ethanol can be considered liquid sunshine. All ethanol is is the sugars in a plant fermented. Meaning, that once the sugar is removed, the nutrients stay. The leftover wort/mash, can be redistributed onto the land in a refined way that plants love. Extracting ethanol from these sources would improve the health of every process involved in farming. So yeah, carbon neutral sources of energy are everywhere. We're just too stupid to see it.

That is a quick rundown on what hell is, and why EVERYONE is affected by it. There are "personal hells" that every individual is going through. Another caveat to what hell is resides in how far away from our creation source material we got before I rediscovered it. At this point in time, while gauging the societal structure consuming the Earth; structures, roadways, cars, etc, and everything that brought the complexity of this system to the place it is now... is as far away from how our civilization began as has ever existed. This is why several of the stories associated with hell tell tales of absolute "Godlessness" and eternal torture. That is where humanity literally is right now, in time. The eternal ideal about "burning forever," is present because of the do or die situation that is currently underway called omnicide. IF... and I stress IF, anyone throughout this universe were to look back on a civilization whose inhabitants were deleted, that is how humanity on Earth will be viewed by those souls forever. Deletion is like an allstop on a soul. Where it ends, that is what that soul, or group of souls will always be known for. In humanity's case, if we fail, those who get deleted will forever be burning in hell, as though it was a snapshot in time. So let's hope we win! There are personal struggles that everyone is dealing with in hell, yes. But the unifying factor that everyone alive is dealing with, is the Lake of Fire. It is real, and happening. The perception of the individual does not matter. These fires rage on throughout the entire Earth's surface... it's just that most cannot see them. Hopefully you can now.

"What is my ultimate destiny as a woman?"

To be a human... BEING. Every human right now is just that, a human. Nobody really knows who they are (I know you do by now, just generally speaking), where they're from, why they're here, why they have consciousness, who built those systems, that from a third person perspective is extremely complex compared to ANYTHING a human could consider fathoming, even with all minds combined simultaneously, what he is, where he is from, what he is doing, and the entire complex structure of life upward as far as anything in the universe can reach. Paying our dues to the being that created us, at every level, properly, with the correct intent, KNOWING who you are, KNOWING EVERYTHING about what you are and what you should be doing... would mean that you are officially being human. A human... BEING. Get it? There aren't very many human beings... just a bunch of wandering through time, hostile, panicky, herdy, selfish animals. Taming one's self, whether it is a woman or a man, is difficult in hell. All that stuff I wrote up above there, plays into intent. All of these things may seem overwhelming, but in reality they're very simple to understand with the correct tools. By telling you this stuff, I'm basically installing upgrades. Your ultimate destiny as a woman is up to you. Having the capability to absorb this information has no bearing on sex. Any brain can comprehend what I'm saying if given enough time. Reducing abilities within the mind based on natural order is not advised. If you have the ability, fucking use it. I don't care if a person's gay. One of my best friends right now is gay. We just hung out last night. She had the wherewithal to listen. This is a compliment (!!!). Some people are smart enough to absorb everything they can from a Divinely orientated mind.

There are lots of people that want the truth about all of this complex subject matter, but do not want everything. All the really hard to handle stuff, seemingly esoteric, but not... at least not to me. The reason sexual congress is so paramount to everyone's daily lives, is because of those unanswered questions that reside in the back of everyone's mind. When these questions start to resonate within a particular structure, and everyone is up to speed, purpose will mean something. You will really be finally alive for a reason. You'll know that reason, and it will make sense. Creating the earth out of... the Earth. The eventual goal of a Dyson sphere, yada yada yada. But right now, on a personal level, you have abilities that can instigate real change. This kind of change does not require megaphones, guns, or any of that shit. Just understanding and cooperation on a genetic level, and beyond. I guess I should ask, what can you make? Are you good with animals? If you want to build pyramids up there, do you want to learn to machine? Wanna make fuels? Farm water? Learn to cast, build a stereo system? By the way, the methodology of lifting stone... without giants or Yews present, has been discovered by a man named Wally Wallignton. He did it by himself, but if you had say, 100 people that were all quarrying at the same time and helping to build the pyramids at the same time, it could go rather quickly, but still, are you willing to do manual labor and build wood cribbing to lift? Lots of variables to this thing. I've done them all, so I know just about every step of every process involved. If you want to be like me specifically, that would take a lot of time just putting in the reading and hours. I can recommend a lot of sources containing the knowledge I've found, but it would be easier if you told me where to start, and what you'd like to do/what interests you the most. It would also help to get a handle on basic geology. These are heavy, and you're planning on leaving it where it stands for a very long time. Take every step seriously.

I really do appreciate all you're offering, I do. Many have offered that same package deal, believe it or not. Even if I make a lot of money during the course of this new exposure, I will never live stationary for too long. I have to keep moving and spreading these teachings. The internet was the first wave of people, mainly young people, who found me through the various sources that you have so expertly put together. There are many communities out there that need person to person contact. If I ever do "live somewhere" it'll be in a mobile or temporary situation before I have to move on. I'll stay all over the place for as long as I can, but I don't think it would be fair if I settled down anywhere. I always enjoy meeting new people that have an open mind. I'm a real easy going guy. Somebody just put $500 dollars into my account, WTF! Wow. Oh yeah, when it comes to your money, keep it. You can use it for whatever comes next for you. Don't spend it on me if it's that tight. Seriously, don't sweat it. I cannot guarantee victory, and I hope you understand by now why. People's free will plays into the equation, no matter what I do. Don't spend your last amount of money on something that might not materialize. You're smart enough to figure this out on your own if you really want to. I suggest starting with casting video instructions. Then spend that money on building your first foundry, then build a pyrolyzer unit that will fit in it, and start stockpiling diesel, and making your own gasoline. You could probably build a simple starter set up with $500 bucks. Spend it on you, not me. I want this to spread out. I can help you set up like a Holy Grail manufacturing facility, sheeeeeeit. I really do appreciate everything you've offered though, thank you.

I can't wait to see what you do with all this back and forth stuff in these emails. Is this what you thought talking to a Christ would be like? It doesn't seem so strange now, does it? Nathan doesn't think so, we talk a lot of shit back and forth now. He has a very good understanding about everything going on, but he didn't get it in correspondence like this. Any ideas? Thinking about writing a book? You have some stellar material here. At the very least, I could make Hollywood imaginative again with all these story plots. And yeah, you can call me whenever or I could call you whenever. I try to keep it casual. This format though allows for some interesting historical perspective. Imagine people reading this shit in 10,000 years. That's probably likely, just sayin'.

Talk to you soon,