Message from Brian: #17/#30

The following is the 17th message I received from Brian Harner and the 30th message in our conversation. This was sent on September 2 2020, 1:50AM EST.

One minor edit was made to this message.

I'm replying to the first few paragraphs. Here's the thing... When it comes to humanity's collective conscience, it is very difficult to escape it, AND not be involved in it. In other words, doing away with Satanic energy completely and immediately is impossible. You're on a planet that is beyond capacity. There is nowhere left to run or to hide from this intrusion on your existence. Likewise, it is futile to assume the position of eradicating crude oil usage from just your own existence. To eradicate the usage of crude oil, will take more crude oil usage. That's why I push for people to familiarize themselves with a pyrolyzer. Along with the continued crude oil burning, there is also a very large plastic situation. It is everywhere in the environment, particularly in the oceans. If people saw value in it, maybe it wouldn't be such a problem. Anyways, a personal outlook on these matters is noble... for education purposes. When it comes to practice, a much more broad outlook needs to be taken. What I'm saying is, it's not good enough to end your usage. First, you have to develop a plan for everyone that doesn't know what you know, and sell them (with factual knowledge) on the merits of any given alternative. Otherwise, you'll go down on a sinking ship with the others... no matter what you tried to do to save yourself.

I'm not trying to demean your efforts, far from it. I would like to see your "meekness" continue moving forward in a more refined way. I had this discussion early on with Nathan as a matter of fact. While waking up, he developed a sense of abstract intrusion, I guess you could say. The excitement of this new knowledge is palpable. I get it. For lack of a better term, it's fun. But I have to tell you, like I told him, you have come very far on this journey now; learned a lot, helped a lot, and continue to help. That also means that you will be held to a higher standard by your maker. When discerning the methods you will use moving forward on this path, you have to decide what is more important; your success, or humanity's success. From that you will form a mission. The reason I call these tasks missions is because of their nature. This isn't a "job," or a chore. This is like getting dropped behind enemy lines with no form of communication, and no determined extraction. A mission is something you decided to do, and once you've started, there is no turning back. You HAVE to comply with the parameters, because it becomes about survival. That is what I do. EVERYTHING I'm doing right now is strictly oriented to the survival of humanity.

A lot of this has to do with each individual time perspective. With you and Nathan specifically, you're both young and have relatively hassle free lives right now. There are numerous reasons to find time for personal endeavors, which is everyone's right to free will to choose how to spend that time. While Nathan wanted to delve into prophecy stuff, or get more involved with an esoteric subject matter, I tried to keep him focused on figuring out a mission. Something that would consume his free time, and help him produce a valuable commodity when the collapse occurs. We still have fun conversations and bullshit here and there, plus he and his wife are editing the video instructions, but now he has something to strive for. Something not as abstract, complex, or grandiose in inception. Generally this kind of stance instills a false sense of superiority, and makes the ego portray that complex. As a young man or woman, if/when you form a mission, which is step "1"... you have to slice up the grandiose subjects into pieces that are consumable. The various subjects that I've spoken about have been mastered by me over a lifetime. It takes a lot of research just to figure out what to do, unless you found a cheat code like me but ya know... and then, it takes an enormous amount of dedication to determine the proper sequence of instructions that you can hand down.

What I am implying when I say you're not perfect at being meek, is that nobody can be perfect at being meek in hell. Not even me. I too have to use what is available for my mission to succeed. If not using crude oil was a stipulation to my mission, it would have never happened. It's just that way. Everyone can improve their intention behind why they are doing what they are doing, however... just like me. This mission of mine does not stop with the grail... if I survive. My mission is to build grails, set up manufacturing facilities for grail production, teach people, then move on to another place and start the entire process again, all the while explaining why and how to build pyramids everywhere I go. I will never stop trying to accomplish that mission, and when that mission is complete, I will form a new mission, on the off chance I'm still alive. While doing this, in my waiting times, I will teach everything I've learned in life about Sustainable energy, whether it be Satanic or Divine on the energy spectrum. Both are necessary to some extent. The carbon dioxide is not a problem, the continued upward expanding of it without being mitigated is. We need to form loops, not hills, if you catch my drift. All of that requires fighting fire with fire. My personal woes do not interfere in any way. If my mission is doomed to fail, so am I. All of that conviction comes from a lifetime of research done on my own. I was not given a curriculum, it was based on what I was trying to do and what surrounded those subjects at any given point.

I can help direct people to the correct sources of information, but I can't force them to educate themselves, nor can I force them to see why educating themselves in that way, for that purpose is in their best interests. So you see, while personal triumphs might be intriguing to pursue, one must first discern why the personal triumph was striven for to begin with. Then, one must discern how much of that personal triumph striven for has to do with survival of the human race, because whether the person in question has the necessary knowledge to discern if that situation is accurate or not, is completely irrelevant. When it comes to survival, it is the one doing the surviving that should be an expert in it, right? Again, I'm not trying to dissuade you from pursuing your goals in life. All I am trying to do for you, and everyone else, is to teach you how to benefit not only yourself with all of your hard work and dedication, but the entire human race as well. They deserve it, and you deserve it. From time to time a course correction and personal evaluation is necessary. Start from the absolute beginning on everything you've ever pursued... but first, ask yourself why are you pursuing them.

"I thought your realization started when you figured out how the pyramids were built. So the last pieces to fall into place were the two different energy paradigms, Satanic vs. Divine. The understanding of that led to the conception of the Holy Grail."

First came the word Satanic a few days earlier. I didn't correlate it to technology for a couple of days until I started watching Zahi Hawass on demand, as per my wife's request. Which in and of itself was somewhat strange. It was in that moment though where I discerned the difference between Satanic and Divine energies. Before that I referred to them as male and female, and Divine energy as aether, zero point energy, overunity, free energy, and a few others. Later that evening after I got back from walking my dog at the beach, I put the necessary steps in place to create the grail in my mind, but I hadn't called it the Holy Grail at that point, just knew what I wanted to build in my head. It was right then where shit started to get weird. That was Friday night I do believe, and through the weekend I put the grail and pyramid system together, and that was when my realization basically began full force. There was a lot going on that week before my realization started, but I remember all of it. That Friday night when I had conceptualized the grail, my wife and I went to dinner at a place called the Riverhouse. That was when I started breaking down the technology outloud for the first time. It was different. The food tasted different, I was nervous around everyone, and my wife was beginning to turn herself off. It was all very surreal, but easy to remember. The pyramid stuff, well, I should say the conclusion of that knowledge (because I had been studying it for years), came in one big package right as my realization began. I felt like I was watching old home movies... I guess that's the best way to explain it. It was all suddenly extremely familiar, and I understood the purpose finally. Before that it was all esoteric or mysticism drenched nonsense. But when I had figured out what the grail was, the pyramids made perfect sense for the first time ever to me.

"What lost technique did our ancestors use to lift stones that weigh millions of pounds?"

Wally Wallington. He's the man that figure out how humans built these structures. The process takes a lot longer without giants and Yews assisting us, but the process and all of the instruction on how to do this are very simple. Like I said, you could do this by yourself, but it will go a lot faster when there are more helping. Here is a good video for a visual. There were times that the giants "cheated," but not really during the first pyramid at all. They were much more advanced than us. It would be like an NFL team coaching a peewee league team. When given the opportunity, the NFL team is going to do some NFL stuff that the peewees just can't do. That said, it did help us pick up other techniques that went forward in Atlantis after the first cataclysm post-creation. At this point, humanity needs to focus on the basics. If these grail manufacturing facilities start pumping out tools, humanity might earn some external help. Stuff I haven't even been given. But for now, just the basics. Like I said, this will be hard work to rectify our situation. It is quite literally, humanity's penance for kicking our maker off the planet, and the only way to earn their arrival again. And even that's not guaranteed. But if it does happen, there will be no doom. He will at least be able to recognize that humanity has corrected its course.

"Our ancestors did not use machining technology like we do-- did they? I haven't imagined them using a lathe to build the Dendera Bulb/their version of the Holy Grail. Likewise, a chorus of human men singing cannot replace the effect of the Yews?"

We can mimic certain aspects of it, but Yews had a vocal range and hearing range, way beyond our capacity to discern in any natural way. There is also no scientific founded method currently that could detect the energies those beings could emit. There are aspects of it that some of us can utilize sparingly, like internal harmonic resonant capitulation, but to a Yew, those were elementary level abilities. They were well beyond our ability spectrum, and the giants were well beyond the Yews ability spectrum. Just singing in a human male tonal frequency alone, we could help them, and we did that. That specific technology is just a minor piece of the spectrum of technology that this will replace in current use.

I do not view all Satanic energy as bad or hurtful. Most of the conventional processes are useful for a variety of reasons. I do not drink alcohol if I can help it, but I do like making alcohol. Doing so also teaches a person how to make fuel, and preserve water in a desperate situation. It also teaches how to make cleaning products, essential oil extraction, and medicinal production... if that is WHY you are trying to learn about it. Most people who get into alcohol production of any kind, like drinking and getting drunk. That aspect of research is selfish, and could be considered Satanic. The process of making the alcohol itself COULD BE selfless, as long as the intent is oriented correctly. This really all comes down to each individual and why they do what they do. Consider how many alcoholic beverages are made and served every day worldwide. If just that ethanol went to fuel instead of drunkeness, a significant amount of crude oil usage could stop immediately. And not just because of the immediate ethanol production explosion. Imagine how many people would be staying home/building pyramids if there were no bars to burn crude oil in a car to drive to... All of the makeup that wouldn't get used goof powdering up the souless sex addicts just trying to get a fix of what "good" feels like, if only for just 15 minutes. Just imagine how much fuel we would have. Abundance for all... but they have to give up drinking of their own volition.

So I cannot tell you what poisons or Satanic energies will persist or go away completely in your lifetime. What needs to be understood about Satanic energy, is that intent is everything. I do not say electricity is necessarily bad. I say that electric energy grids are not only bad, but suicidal. Energy production, and energy usage should be done at the point of usage, by the individual using it. No need for a power grid, and no need for ANYONE to not understand how to produce all of their own energy. If learning such a basic system of survival is so detrimental to the majority of brains trying to capitulate to survival itself, well then I guess you've found another group of people that should not breed. That's the harsh truth, but the truth no less. When it comes to technical processes involved with production of the Dendera sized bulbs, a variation of a lathe was used. It had two long bars that were supported in various places. There were two large cheater bars with hardened balls on the end that were made to smash the material as it went down the face of the bulb. There was a fire underneath that kept it annealed. This is probably better explained with a whiteboard... But anyways, nothing that we are using currently for machining practices should be considered wrong in any way. It's just that we should have learned these practices in the proper order, as to protect us from what has happened now. We're basically right at the feet of the giant lizard with daggers, figuratively within the depiction, and literally within the omnicide paradigm. Almost everything in the ancient's epoch was done with casting methods. Lost wax specifically. Very little machining or refinement necessary if done correctly.

"If I always felt the way I did in the cave, life would be fundamentally different."

Exactly. Now imagine everyone in the world doing this in unison... Beautiful. Your "cave" structure instead is a dedicated pyramid that sits atop your domicile with your food trees growing on the slopes. With everyone's voice added to the structure of the resonance, within a dedicated genetic purity standard for the right reasons, the sound inside will be like bathing in a fountain of youth. No need for drugs anymore. There are many different structures of waveform technology that can be used within a pyramid, be amplified by the structure itself and how it is made, and shield from external sources of wave form energies that degrade resonance points. There are sweet spots for these things. Not too loud, not too quiet, not too intrusive, etc, but these things need to be researched on a deeper level. The sound technologies that this form of a resonance bulb will aid in the use of is fuel production, stone cutting, etc. That said, everything in this material universe has a resonance structure, Determining what that structure is, whether it being to crack a walnut, or heal the sick tree that it came from, requires research into those areas, and I have not been able to partake in those specific lessons. I'd like to though. It is Divine research afterall, and fits the criteria for investigation. If the idea is to attach a large stone to break it, that seems rather simple actually, but it would take a bit of engineering and a large dedicated shop space. Otherwise yes, there are many ways to utilize this energy source. The problem is finding the right amount of vibration, the correct amount of weight to use for the tool itself, and the ability to focus that waveform energy to a focal point; the bulb itself. Then anything is really possible I suppose. I'm as excited to begin this research as soon as possible. heh, I do believe that is how we met.

" Then he made a follow-up asking why, which also got shut down.”

I was wondering why I had such a spike in the book numbers. You guys are awesome. I don't know what to say other than thank you. It sucks they're 404ing me now. It's all so tiresome...

I can imagine how reluctant you must be. I get it. I have eyes and can see what is happening in society. That's kind of the point for me though. This is hell. Just about everything about it clashes with me fundamentally. That's the shittiest part of the whole thing, really. Just about everyone alive has some personal reason to hate me right now, but in so doing fail to see the beauty in what I'm describing. It's sad... for them. And they don't even realize it, just steady virtue signaling onward toward omnicide. Yes indeed. Much chaos is expected, and subhumans of all races and creeds will amass as a solid zombie-like army hellbent on destroying everything... I can't guarantee success, but I will guarantee that I will not stop until I cannot go on anymore. That's exactly why I call it a mission.

I don't really know what will happen to my living situation. What I can tell you is with the cash infusion I will keep my phone on for a while longer. I do really appreciate the money you donated, but don't worry about my situation. Thank you for the money, but please keep the rest. I do not feel right accepting it while all this shit is happening here. I have enough to make the grail. That is what I will tell them too if it comes down to having to leave. There are a lot of people that have offered me a place to stay for a while for free. My first stop would probably be Nathan's to help the video production stuff get going. There's still that looming which will drive a lot of traffic. And that might open doors for quick expansion into other avenues for financial support. Maybe these fucks are going to try to ban everything I post or that is posted about me? I don't know, but I'm going to keep trying, you have my word. And I'll keep you informed of all of it. I might not have solid access to email for a while, but when I do I'll catch you up as quickly as I can. You're in the loop. And if you're ever asking yourself if this is all bullshit, ask yourself what would be the motive? Plus, how many Christ wannabe biblical and religious LARPing "prophets" told you to not worship them? Or humans in general for that matter? I also do not ever want to have sex with this body again, and hope to die having given everything away for free on my way out. I've already broken every mold the LARPing fools pretending to be me for all different forms of degeneracy, mainly money and sex. I won't reject you or whatever you're worried about. We're on the same team.

Anyways, I'm going to wrap it up. I have a plan for tomorrow but it involves driving an hour to buy sand, and I don't know if it will work or not... We got rained out today. It also rained tonight. Right now as a matter of fact. That's a no go... unless I can get dry sand. I'm going to call before I go, but I might be pouring tomorrow. It's supposed to rain then too, but you never know.

Thank you for the money, but please keep the rest. I'm serious, please keep it.