Message from Brian: #18/#32

This is the 18th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner and the 32nd in our conversation. It was sent on September 5 2020 at 7:57AM.

Note that the questions that have quotation marks around them are questions I asked, and he is answering them.

"If I have lingering injuries (1+ year) am I doomed?"

You're definitely not doomed, but it is something you should try to fix now. That said, there are many types of therapies that are sufficient within the parameters of current medicine. I've had many physical therapists for my injuries, and they do an adequate job given their current technology. I had laser therapy for a while after my initial injury with a specialist, that was better than expected. It's expensive, but effective. When it comes to degenerative diseases that are brought on by poor health within the individual, and not being able to escape the toxic environment that created said diseases, my advice would be to look into Georges Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator. It too uses a resonant pulse (if done correctly) that can zero in on certain organs, or cancers and things of that nature. It uses Satanic energy in the form of high voltage electricity, meaning without an environment like a pyramid where external frequencies are quelled, the therapy is subject to those intrusions. It all depends on how much those intrusions affect the therapy itself, and how well the patient's body takes to it. Very interesting material that I studied a few years ago. He was originally from Italy and did most of his research pre, and during WW2. Most of his machines were lost to time when I first read into it. They found an original version somewhere tucked away in a basement a couple of years ago. Might be something to look into... Building one is fairly easy if you know electricity. This form of therapy can be used on many different frequency waves. This type of machine is similar to John Kanzius' machine, it just runs with a different form of energy, electricity. You can extrapolate these findings and apply them to sound, RF, gravity... John Hutchinson researched this phenomenon but was severely underfunded. Go figure. A lot of that going around.

The whole idea here is to not get into a frenzy while trading your manual labor, finite energy reserves, and most importantly, TIME... for someone else to not do their fair share. Meaning, if you want to drive a car, you need to learn how to build a car, from scratch. I've taken that so far as learning how to extract metals from ore, or other alloy sources, but let's just say from bear machining and casting parts. I am not an expert on individual processes of every individual part, but there is nothing on a car that I haven't disassembled and bought anew, or made from scratch. Having the proper tooling to make your life easier, and powering it under varying inputs, natural inputs, carbon neutral inputs. Having the ability to service all of the necessary equipment in your life to make your life fulfilling, fun, teachable. Being able to hand down information in an adequate way, with the proper dialect that you can relate to (purity comes into this), is of the utmost importance. With all of that in mind, what's going to happen in the very near future is going to be fought against by everyone alive that cannot maintain this kind of hand me down system. Everyone who has taken for granted how their food is grown, or their energy is produced, or how to maintain a vehicle of any kind and how to supply its energy, or any other version of necessity in modern life functionality, will become enraged at how our people will not do that anymore. The system of the future will be smaller communities that will self segregate, but interconnect with their fellow peoples of other communities. The information will flow, but the individual communities will have to supply all means of sustainability. The grid tied power system is in hospice right now. The labor that comes with maintenance alone of the grid is not worth the energy we spend for it, and that's before speaking about the impact to the environment DURING, and post usage.

Ethanol, especially cellulosic ethanol, can rid people of a centralized energy system once and for all. The United States has wasted 13 years this far, not telling humanity about the science, and letting the research take place on a more varied playing field. Just switching feed stocks into a more energy dense crop in regions where they grow better, and allowing the land to dictate the crop instead of mass producing shit in areas to appease diet fads. All of these stresses that people will have to deal with head on, will bring with it some sort of collapse. Humanity is already seeing the first few waves of this happening now. After that chaos dies down, and people build their communities based on involvement in the community and the purity ideals as the glue that binds them (real love), the outlook on the future will shift to a more appreciative disposition. Slowly but surely, the stresses will fade, the "old" ways of trying to impress each other for acceptance, basing all idolatry on looks and wasted artful injections into a zeitgeist that is in hell... all for fame and money will end, and the people will learn how to transcend. This whole thing is not going to be an immediate switch, unless something drastic happens human wide... But I'm saying that when it does, and the progeny have lived an entire life from conception to death with the methodology of life that I am trying to revive, small injuries and big injuries will be exceedingly rare. Most people push themselves in ways that hurt their body, I know I am "1" of them, but my injuries were based on humanity as a whole's success. Personally fueled injuries and injuries that happen due to a mass production environment designed to be profitable over safe and sustainable, will cease to exist. All I can say is that the pyramid technologies on the level that I am trying to explain have numerous qualities and functions available, BUT... getting to a point of using one is what's important now. The dangerous aspects of society still exist, and must be dealt with. It would be a lot quicker transition if these communities started forming now, and going off the grid immediately food/water/energy/money wise. However, as noted numerous times, it seems purity and the reason to preserve it are fought against vehemently, and nobody wants to stop using money. Why? They can't take care of themselves. They have no idea how to sustain life without money. Slaves to the dollar.

As I said, these situations that cause these problems to exist is why I am doing what I am doing. I am not trying to cure symptoms. I am trying to cure the disease, selfishness. Among many other things, but ya know. Anyways, I'll show you the MWO videos and will broadly recommend this channel that I enjoy watching. It's full of great information and the young man does a good job of explaining stuff. Georges Lakhovsky I haven't seen this, but I was put through it and It worked better than drugs. This guy has a round about way of teaching what cellulosic ethanol is as well. I've recommended him before... David Blume. The guy that taught me a significant amount of ethanol production information. I've read his book, Alcohol Can Be A Gas, several times. His newer video is updated, but even now, he does not try to delve into cellulosic ethanol

"In The Way you said that no one can healthily be vegetarian 100% of the time except you. To gain the ability to eschew meat healthily, does a human need to achieve transcendence to a point where they partially are nourished by manna?"

Even I cannot fully sustain that ability. As I've said, now it is getting more and more difficult to procure certain abilities. My consumerism is very low, but I use a hight fat and sugar diet to sustain my body. I only eat once a day, but when I do, it's fatty. Surviving on manna and water alone is what I did during and just after my realization. It was strange in that my body was physically rejecting any sustenance other than water for almost a month. I feel better when I fast as well, but I do not recommend anyone doing that, at least not the way I did/do. There will be a time when the human body will require very little direct nourishment from the environment, but now is not that time. There is far too much work that needs to be done, and vegans cannot sustain it. My body could at that time, but that time has passed, and whatever usage this deteriorated vessel is worth now I sit in should be utilized for a manual labor variety... if I can. It's getting harder and harder, but I'm trying. If I was purely vegan and trying to raise cattle, chickens, goats, and recyclable critters such as worms, fish, and anything for cellulosic enzyme production, that could not happen. Nor would my body be able to build and produce grails, or pyramids... at least not without a fully functioning crude oil economy taking up the slack.

It is a simple EROEI equation when it comes to vegans. They have to force their body to process more material and with a less variable energy density than that of an omnivore. Vegans only exist because of an emotional tie to animals that is entirely selfish in disposition, and/or bad computation data from climate (((scientists))). Almost always, there is some element of sadness equated into the reasoning in a vegan's head for being vegan. It's as if there is an emotional ploy driven by them to "not hurt animals," when in reality, they are saying kill off the animals we have now so their farts don't destroy the ozone. I am in the process of learning regenerative grazing right now. When you are a farmer, your job is to take care of the land. Without its health, there is no land. Before cattle farming fenced off tornado alley, hundreds of millions of animals were in the cattle's place. All shitting and farting methane. So what is the goal of being vegan in today's society, if that is the case? Anyways, the majority of the excrement goes to feeding dung beetles and other various shit eaters, who feed the smaller reptiles that aerate and permeate the soil. Regenerative grazing cattle takes care of all levels of the local ecosystem, and grows the healthiest form of protein on Earth currently. I suggest looking into a friend of mine, Weldon Warren's story for the direct scientific method founded research from a cattleman himself. It's as if vegans would like to destroy the cattle raising/ecosystem replacement from the decimation of bison... and replace it with plowed, genetically altered (because that's the only way to veganise the entirety of humanity), watered from an almost dried up reservoir, crops of monoculture waste that can be processed into heavy carbohydrate substances and pushed through a processing system that is entirely run on crude oil. Animal food is definitely necessary right now, and for a long time to come. Vegetarians and vegans were sold a bullshit story heavily drenched in emotional plights and dishonesty about motives. The land functioned fine when it was full of animals before humans inhabited it, and during... if the economic system in place was gone.

Humans, in the current form cannot survive entirely on manna. Man N/A... We can use it in the interim, but access has to be granted from humanity's maker first and foremost, then a massive complex of interconnected communities needs to replace the shit in society now, and we must all commit to being stewards of our biosphere, not pillagers on the fucking rampage trying to convert it into dollar bills... then maybe, a significant amout of people can start to experience these abilities, but before that can even occur, the communities must be built to sustain their population. The easiest way to do that is outlaw hair dye, makeup, plastic surgery, money, and any other forms of tricking men and women into breeding with external genetic bases. Sustaining an animal food farm is not difficult when scaled down. The relationships with the animals is close and caring. The problem is not animal consumption, the problem is unmitigated sexual exploitation at every level of society, which has created an ever growing population base that couldn't take care of themselves if their life depended on it... literally. The overpopulation is what is responsible for the mass production of food animals and a complete dissociation with where their food is raised. It causes a production line scenario where the emotion is removed. The cattlemen I know care deeply for their herds. It's insane to assume otherwise because their jobs would be very difficult if they didn't. The feed lots, and grain producers that feed the millions of worthless Satanic economy clogs are not necessarily being mean, but rather just filling a void brought on by a selfish attitude from the general populace. People in society that are just for beef, no questions asked, are wrong. Vegans are also wrong. The middle ground of sustainable equilibrium is everyone that eats meat plays a part in raising it. If veganism is what is craved, good luck finding nutrients for your crops when the ammonia nitrate sourced from the crude oil economy is gone and the nitrogen starts to be consumed without animal excrement replacing it. If vegans thought this situation all the way through, they would have to admit that killing all the animals is the only way to sustain that WANT... AND they would have to admit that a highly connected mass production line with all components fueled with crude oil is also necessary. That is the only viable way to sustain veganism human wide... especially when building an entire planet of pyramids is on the horizon. In other words it is not a sustainable method of human production.

This vegan thing gets to me for a variety of reasons. The biggest one being how vegans became vegans. The reasons behind why people choose these things, and the superiority complex fueled by an egotistical selfish disposition that accompanies those stories, is a perfect representation of emotion over logic. The entire system was not properly thought through. Vegans stopped at the slaughtering section, allowed their emotions to control the equation progress, and filled in the information that correlated to their ill conceived theories. In short, veganism is bad science. Which is ironic because so many vegans try to assume the posture as educated. Methane is bad, yes. But as I explained in my previous email, we can extract the source of that methane before consumption by the food animal takes place and greatly reduce the methane, without reducing nutrient uptake by the animal. It's called DDGS, and David Blume does a great job of explaining the science behind this process. Again, we can do this same thing on a cellulosic extraction level, and multiply the amount of ethanol usage tremendously. There is no logical reason to stop consuming food animals. There are however, many reasons why the process of raising animals should change drastically and immediately, but none of those reasons are emotionally derived, and none of them call for a reduction in animal food sources. Weldon's website.

Harmonic, because it emits from the human voice. Resonant because you are tying the resonant structure of that voice to a specifically created for that voice object (The Holy Grail [and as you already know looks like a cup]). And yes. Micro Cavitation because the interaction between the plate and stone should be facilitated by water of some type (for fine detail, a proper vacuum seal, and a steady cut), to produce very small cavitation bubbles that erode the stone quickly, kind of like massaging it away. As opposed to blowing it up, or fracturing it in some other violent fashion (hammers, jack hammers, saw, etc). Harmonic Resonant Micro Cavitation, in that order for those reasons. That's the technical terminology. There has been a group of purely academics that have uncovered a significant portion of this technology, but not as broad OR in depth as I have. They call it Archaeoacoustics. From what I understand this group of people are more hippyish or hipsterish in their intent, and less practical and pragmatic. Plus, I doubt that they have utilized resonance as the primary power amplifier, and I'm almost certain they have not tied that structure into solid workable tooling to prove their theories and hypotheses. They're worth a look on YouTube if you have the time. I haven't looked into their progress in quite a while. It would be interesting if they had tied all of this together by now. I wonder if they too would spontaneously "wake up" like I did. Anything's possible I guess, but still unlikely.

"Is this any indication on how humans should prepare their own food?"

I wouldn't recommend it unless needed. There are some things in life that should be enjoyed, and food is one of them for now. Food is a stress reliever if prepared correctly. Cattle have a much different digestive system than a human. Most plant eating species do. We should utilize their digestive system microbes to produce the correct enzymes for cellulosic ethanol production, but we shouldn't design our diets based on what their diets are. Their digestive system is the perfect biomimicry platform for transforming cellulose into sugar for their body's fuel. We just need to replicate what their stomachs are doing and cellulosic ethanol production will be everywhere. It's not an easy process, but it is sustainable and keeps the methane producing substances in animal food to a minimum. There might be a few reasons to correlate our diets, but fermenting the sugar out of our food is a bit extreme and would not offer the same benefits. Cows are vegan and they function just fine. They have 4 stomachs and regurgitate their stomach contents back into their mouths to further breakdown the materials, though (chew the cud). Just a slight difference, heh.

"On a related note, what should be done with human feces? Is the current way of transporting it all to either a sewage system or septic tank the best for environment health? I'm inclined to think not, since pooping in water contaminates it, and I don't know that this poop ever decomposes properly."

I like the idea of microbe conversion, which is more or less how it is delt with now, however, the nutrient base should be diverted to usage with ethanol stocks that are built to withstand that nutrient punch. Same with runoff from animal excrement. Build many different wading type pools that graduate the nutrients downward to something like cattails. Again, David blume's book goes into depth with the various types of feedstocks for the different regions of farming. You're much further North than I am currently, so you could grow sugar beets and cattails. Both highly useful for cleaning water from human intrusion, and growing the methane induced ethanol before it becomes methane in easily accessible starch ethanol stocks. Then, if you've built your system to utilize cellulosic ethanol, the rest of the plant can be utilized for cellulosic production... or you could use the material in a gasifier. There are many biomass plants in the NE USA, I would guess. Same thing. Just learn the process and scale down. The great thing about cattails is the rhizomes. You don't have to replant after harvest. David Blume is much more elegant at explaining these things than I am, and researching cellulosic ethanol is difficult at best. It's just not talked about (((for some reason))). What most county, and state maintenance ordinances instruct to do now is chemically kill them. Not only do the taxes we pay for go to destroying a perfectly viable, abundant, naturally occurring plant that has massive potential to fuel especially rural areas, but we also poison the environment, and destroy natural cover for amphibians and other small animals. It would take a significant effort to dig the necessary wading pools but it would pay off twice. The water down stream would be a lot cleaner, and you would break into, and be able to utilize, a naturally occurring sustainable portion of the entire planet's carbon dioxide cycle loop. And nary a creature comfort was lost... Equilibrium with every portion accounted for in the carbon dioxide cycle loop, and no real loss of fuel... But definitely a drop in methane production. At least current methane production.

"What is farming water? Search engines are not helpful so far, so I am trying to imagine what this would be. Making natural water sources palatable by cleaning them? Identifying natural water sources that already are palatable and utilizing them? Constructing wells?"

Great questions. The way I picture farming water is utilizing a very small battery operated system that is tied to a hygrometer and an air pressure tank release, Storing excess energy in air pressure tanks from small closed systems of wind and solar inputs. The air tank itself would be the battery, meaning the wind system or solar system could be free of electricity completely. An important distinction to make because there is a loss of energy when mechanical energy is made into electricity, and electrical systems are subject to cataclysmic events like a Carrington event. Anyways, the air pressure stored up would run a pump that would either pump water directly from the source, or separate from it to mitigate loss, to a depth underground where the temperature would stay below the surface. Then condensation would do the rest. You'd put your coil for collection on pontoons so it would stay just above the surface. In winter, this is also possible on the inverse. Since your depth of temperature exchange should be set to a depth that remains constant, you could use your stored air pressure energy to keep a source liquid. This is the same strategy on a geothermal home, but I would use it for condensation collection. I'm in Oklahoma, and they have enormous amounts of wind here, high humidity, but not much rain. My originally planned idea was to use the top of pyramids for wind power collection straight into a pump, and the pool would be at the top slowly trickling downward toward all of the plants I'd like to grow on the slopes. It would collect into a moat that would be on the three northern facing slopes bases. The moat water would be the basis for my aquaponic system and it would help clean runoff water.

All of that is based on an ever running system with very little maintenance that is highly efficient and purely mechanical. This is the type of system that should be used for each community I was referring to. Slowly but surely people will figure out the different systems that produce this stored energy and how to utilize it. When wind is way down, use the stored up ethanol, etc etc. Implementing these systems will clean the environment and account for all of the human intrusion, but are very difficult to justify doing en masse. They make sense on a community level, but not a city level. Those are the methods that should be looked into for farms especially, right now. Considering what is happening with the Oglala and San Jaoquin reservoirs, and how much food those areas produce, those farmers better save their own asses now. This isn't the type of water production that will be huge and river producing at first, but it could get there in those areas at certain times. For a domicile, I would siphon water off of the moats and streams into an underground facility where I would have my scaled up Nitinol engine running a cavitation water heater for steam. I'd use the steam energy on a variation of Robert Green's steam engine design for various purposes. For me mainly machining like this fine gentleman... David Richards is his name and he has resored to perfect working condition, a 100% steam powered machine shop. This again would be a good use for biomass conversions from left over waste material from ethanol production, or when your trees are past productive stages. I would like to produce the bulk of this steam energy from a cavitation system powered by a Nitinol engine, though. The strands would need to be long, and woven together because of the fragility, but that is based on early data. There is an alloy possibility I've been considering trying, but the foundry process is complex for Nitinol. Every atom of titanium (Nitinol is 50% Titanium and 50% Nickel) that interacts with carbon or oxygen robs it from the mixture, and Nitinol has delicate tolerances. This means the process needs to be done in a vacuum chamber, with electricity as the melting agent. Induction melting, arc melting, etc. Once the process is mastered, which it already has, the maintenance concerns become a breeze to deal with, plus it gives other opportunities for complex alloys that are air oxidation sensitive. That's the kind of stuff I was building when all of this Christ situation happened. I'm a pretty busy guy, even when I'm forced to sit on my ass. I was just about to machine the cavitation water heater element, and my dog's leg started hurting him. It was walking him gingerly and building a ramp for the truck I owned when I had conceptualized the Holy Grail. I have a picture taken of it that I showed my now ex wife when I finished the ramp, just before we went out to dinner that Friday. Anyways, this was what I was doing when I became the Christ. I also have a wind generator upgrade that I was building the molds for. I was going to construct them of recycled milk jug tops, melted into wind generator sectional pieces. Horizontal not vertical. I really don't want to try to explain it like this and confuse you. It's better left to a whiteboard kind of conversation.

So, in essence, when I say farming water, I mean it from many different functions, and that is before I even talk about hydrogen production. That too should be engineered into the Nitinol motor. It should be reiterated, even though you've probably read this before, I am not talking about a small strand YouTube style Nitinol engine here. If that is the most economical production way, and my alloy idea doesn't work, the strands will be upwards of 40 feet long, with a few hundred fibers per strand. The torque would be slower but much more energy dense. I would gear up the speed through a simple gear that would be connected to the cavitation water heater to run at optimum speed. It too would be much larger than the YouTube version. If you were to get in the way of one of these strands flexing back unabated by the motor resistance itself, it would probably cut you in half. We're talking some serious torque. Very powerful. On that note, one of the steam engines could be dedicated to powering an HHO or just Hydrogen generator. I also have several upgrades to what I just said, but that kind of requires a whiteboard. I'd need to draw this out to properly explain it. The cavitation water heater and steam produced from it distill your water, by the way. Which is one of the few methods of removing radiation. There are also properties of cavitation that cleanse water in various ways. Although I would need to research this in real time for an accurate measurement of the total dissolved solids before and after cavitation, that is research that I don't think I'll have time for. Maybe...

It should be of note that when it comes to humidity being a problem indoors, and rejuvenating water, Johann Grander. I am not familiar with the rejuvenating water properties, but the humidity machines that function in a completely passive way sound fascinating to me. I'd like to study that further, but again, that is one of those things I just couldn't get to. Nonetheless, his studies are valid, and should be utilized moving forward in the home, and environment. Viktor Schauberger's work is also of note here. Many of these things are just simply not taught to anyone in any form of academia. Much less cavitation systems and resonance. One form of cavitation that should be used on a much larger scale but for smaller communities are hydraulic ram pumps for water storage and elevated micro hydro plants. A simple float valve rigged to fill and release similar to how a toilet flushes and you have a cavitation water pump powered micro hydro plant, off grid and autonomous. Wasteful, but only in drought areas. Up north, I'm sure there are all kinds of sources for hydraulic ram pumps or just plain old micro hydro. Again, the mechanical energy from the micro hydro plant could be directly connected to a cavitation water heater, or geared up/down for the optimal speed. I've seen most of this guy's videos, and have used them to explain to others what I was planning in Oregon for my property there. This particular video shows how much torque and power can be achieved. If the draw from the generator was instead put into a cavitation water heater sequence, the power could be amplified greatly and several steam engines could run easily, along with siphoning heat for the domicile, all while cleaning water for your aquaponic farm and refeeding vapor to your collection system on top of the pyramid. Just to reiterate, cavitation water heaters, when made large enough to suffice, are over unity/Divine. They should be added into any system that draws power, but it must be done at the individual level, and used for mechanical energy over electrical energy. THAT is the whole point here. Yes, use electricity on a closed system small scale way, but DO NOT build a system that relies on it. Might be a break in the ability to use it coming up shortly. I can neither confirm nor deny...

"What does this mean? It sounds like we are choking on the fire's smoke now?"

If I remember correctly I was talking shit to somebody about the sequences problems associated with peak oil. In crude oil's earlier days, especially in the Permian Basin (mostly Texas) and Ghawar in Saudi Arabia, the crude oil was called light sweet crude. The "sweet" refers to the sulfur content. The higher the sulfur content the more energy is required to refine it, and that is the basis for the decline in EROEI that peak oil is actually referring to. Tar sands, shale, etc, all have high levels of detrimental elements to the refinement process, and those refinement process are at or below 1:1 EROEI right now, when disposing of those toxins are accounted for. (((Thankfully for Chevron's stock prices, most people think a gallon of gasoline costs about 2-4 dollars))), but when the clean up costs, and the military protecting the supply chain costs, and the inevitable swap from gasoline to ethanol of hydrogen (possibly methane/natural gas in some remote situations) costs are all added up, a gallon of gasoline costs closer to 20-25 dollars a gallon. But those costs are hidden in the taxes that everyone pays every year without really knowing where it goes. Well now you know. It goes to supplement and supply the enormous network of protectors of the oil economy, and everyone who makes money from that specific energy source. As the source deteriorates from light sweet crude to some deteriorated version the sulfur content rises, meaning more is burned to refine it. THAT'S RIGHT! the worse off the quality gets, the more we have to burn to refine it, and that equation never stops deteriorating. I mean, that's exactly why the USA is even trying to refine tar sands and shale. It's because the light sweet crude is drying up. Hydraulic fracturing is just more evidence that peak oil has already occurred. It's just a shame that nobody really understands it. I studied Marion King Hubbert's own research, and several opinions that correlated to the data. I'm very well versed in what peak oil is and it's always somebody that doesn't know what the science behind the research is, means, or how to correlate the data. Most people don't even know how gasoline is made, but that won't stop them from commenting on it. It's always amusing to me though, because they're not really arguing with me, they're arguing with M. King Hubbert himself. It's his research I'm using. But yeah, the longer we use oil, the more the quality degrades, ultimately meaning the more sour/sulfur rich the toxins from refinement become. And it just keeps multiplying... every day. The fire hasn't stopped in over 100 years, and now... it is EVERYWHERE. 

"Where did you buy the sand from?"

Amazon got it here the fastest so I went with them. The closest local supplier was in Kansas City and there was a minimum order involved, like a whole palet. I asked for Shane's advice, and he said just go with the sure thing.

"That is the particular way in which women are dumb, to reference what I said in a previous e-mail."

Dumb, too, is subjective. Everyone alive has an ability to formulate a purpose within a Divine order like The Hierarchy of this universe. Women are not "dumb" as in their brains cannot function at a high level. Women lack a fundamental ability to utilize logic as a tool during high stress situations. Politics, especially in hell where war and split decisions up to the second require a cool head that needs to make life or death choices where even his own is at stake... should be left to a seasoned mind belonging to a man. Likewise, when complex ideals that require a hardened heart to formulate a solution to are required to be devoid of emotional intrusion, women lack the ability to be logical over empathetic. The Vegan thing that I explained above is a prime example. The entire animal food process and the implements that it provides are lost to the equation because of an inherent lack of putting the whole's benefit and continuity above a personal vendetta against all killing of all things that are going to die regardless. Nathan asked me to watch a movie called Endgame 2050. I did. And that was what the whole damn thing boiled down to, an emotionally charged outcry to stop killing animals that the woman doctor was fond of. The emotional ties to manipulating and misconstruing hard scientific data is why the scientific community cannot be trusted right now. This infection has spread uncontrollably since feminism dug its claws in. There are lots of positions in society where the best fit for the job is a man and it will always work out better that way. There's no reason to try to dumb down the standard of anything just to make a woman feel "empowered." As I said in a previous email, all that does is waste an already dwindling finite energy supply. We burn more fuel, because standards are lowered to include everyone.

Women can and do mimic men in various scenarios quite well. Generally speaking, though, leadership positions where women are in charge of distributing information to a justifiably rowdy and manly group of guys, does not go over well. It's difficult to respect people that cannot perform the task they are assigned to teach or maintain. When women enter into the workforce in some positions of manual labor, the quality or efficiency suffers to that of a full man crew. It's just that way. We were made for hard labor and most of us enjoy it. It's also quite fun saying jokes with the guys free and clear of women getting offended by them. All of this is not ubiquitous. There are women that are anomalous and excel at these types of professions, but the exception proves the rule, it doesn't signify the implied ideology of equality between men and women. Women can excel at leadership positions designed for a passive positionary stance. Where manual labor, war, politics, is not the focal point. Allowing men to be men is in everyone's best interest. The intrusion of women into every institution designed specifically for men in existence has caused a massive inefficiency to permeate everything as old rules based on logic are replaced by whiny emotionally derived, subjective assessments of women's opinions. Women are not dumb, or stupid, or any of that. They are best suited for lives outside of heavy stress positions. In those positions, women are a liability to themselves, and everyone they are in charge of. Standards are lowered to include them, quality suffers, and more energy is wasted to bridge the gap. More burning everywhere... just to make sure every woman can be included in any job.

One of the positions I worked where I fucked up my hand, was a glass bottle forming operator, mechanic, and machine repairman. It was a very hot job where molten bottles came out of machines that ran at speeds of 500 bottles a minute or more. When the plug ups got bad, they were really bad. Very dangerous with an almost guaranteed injury occurrence. Every so often through my years there a woman would try to be an apprentice. They rarely lasted much longer than a couple plug ups and blank changes (600+ degree molds). The reason, and I tried to be as polite as possible when doing this, is that their tits would burn. Literally. Every guy with a big belly also had that problem... but they could stick it out. Not women. Reaching over a bottle line moving at that speed with 1000 degree heat just a couple inches from the torso causes blisters and heat rash... on the closest region to the bottles, the nipples. Uniforms catching on fire in that region even on men was a regular thing. Anyways, all of that was well understood by everyone who worked there, but it never failed. A woman would try out, cause all kinds of plug up and damage to try to be like one of us, throwing thousands of dollars away in lost time and more often than not causing burns on the men that inevitably had to save their ass, just because of their ego. Still, I would assume that no woman would be able to handle that job, period. There weren't any there when I was a journeyman machine repairman, and that was in Portland. Ground zero of feminist cancerous ideology. That's just one example of many out there that are similar. We waste so much time on the selfish ego driven ideas of equality when there is no such thing as equality.

I'm not saying women are stupid at all. I'm saying that feminism is flawed in numerous ways, basically all ways. There are many different ways that women can utilize their strengths without causing an inefficiency. Women need to put their egos in the trash, along with men. And both sexes should do what they were made to do. Many women understand this. Many men do not. All of these people who let their virtue signaling define their behavior have very difficult lessons to learn in the near future. A more traditional setup is inevitable. Certain things will have to be done in a certain way just because of the duties that will be addressed when the self segregated communities form. Uppity loud mouthed, over opinionated women who try to preach dominance will have their bluffs called. Talk time and hollow word salad will be useless. What people produce will matter, not how loud they can make their voice heard. It will benefit women to return to a more traditional role, lest they will have to do all manual labor requirements for running a sustainable system AND protect themselves from rogue factions. Same with effeminate men. They too will have nothing to offer after a collapse. Strong, hard working, dedicated, focused and protective men will need to be the focal point. Women should be happy about this, by the way. The men have to do all the hard work. The natural state of the nuclear family is the solution. Feminism directly attacked that stable and natural state of child rearing... and as a result, have landed humanity in hell, without humanity even realizing it. Both men and women are to blame. I'm not blaming everything on women. Women fucked up by wanting equality. Men fucked up by allowing the dysfunction to continue to this point. It would be nice if both men and women allowed nature/humanity's maker and the Nine Principles' system to function as it was intended. Nobody is really stupid... People are all just consumed by selfishness on all levels. Ego being the most prominent.

I also do not discriminate when speaking to each individual sex. There's no reason to. You found me, and listened to the reason and logic over the emotional traps I set in the book. You're "smarter" than most men if that's the criteria. Don't sell your brain short... just don't try to be a politician or glass molder apprentice, heh. Beyond awakening women will be far superior to the masses still "sleeping." BUT!!! That means it's your job to help them exceed you and your abilities. Holding that superiority within as a tool to insert dominance would just be ego driven nonsense/selfish. Consider what I am doing right now just by writing these emails and keeping up on my book... My hope is that the people in the future will exceed this knowledge. It doesn't matter if it's a woman or a man... just that it gets exceeded. If everyone were doing this, feminism and the bullshit that comes with it wouldn't even be a thing at all. Everyone would just be working for the betterment of the whole, not to prove something to the self. Everyone needs to focus on the real problems at hand. This selfishness shit is why we're all in hell right now. There literally is no benefit to it.

I hope I got to everything. I'm still trying to write the book so it might be a few days between these emails, but I'll keep checking them.