Message from Brian: #2/#2

The following is the second e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the second message of our conversation. This was sent on August 24 2020.

As you can imagine, I spent last night and most of today replying to the past /x/ posts. I finally caught up and decided to share your thoughts with most of my inner circle of trusted friends. It didn't take long before Nathan, the video editors husband and very close friend of mine, pointed out your "about page." Let me start my apology by saying I didn't know you are a woman. A seemingly young, attractive, highly educated woman at that... living in New York. Wow. The road you've taken to find me is exceedingly unique in scope and application. I have no choice but to assume you've been sent to me directly from humanity's maker. In other words, I'm not the only "1" who's impressed. You've really outdone yourself, young lady. To say I'm astounded by your gumption would be criminally understated. I apologize for my mistake. If we get beyond this financial problem, may I meet your parents and teachers? That might seem like a strange request, but you are special. Make no mistake about it. I would really like to know what made you... well you. Taking this road must have been a nightmare from your perspective. The gumption to stay on this path needs to be taught to others like you. I don't usually do this. Normally I wait a while to ensure sincerity through waves of correspondence, but fuck it. Give me a call anytime you'd like. I've only offered this to a handful of people, but feel free to call me anytime of the day. Don't be nervous, either. I'm easy to get along with, especially when it's someone like you. When we make contact I'll set up a text chat with some of my closer friends. People who will help you if I become unavailable. Until then I'll be reading your posts and looking forward to your call. Brian