Message from Brian: #25/#44

The following message was sent on September 13 2020 at 1:27PM.

"People are clearly not aware of this situation."

Exactly... but now you are. As you can see from the depth of misunderstanding, the term "peak oil" has been used as a scapegoat to those who make snap judgements just based on the terminology itself. Take this information and use it to dissect everyone that makes claims that they understand the conundrum at hand. You'll be astounded at how many people have fucked that up. It's very similar to how people behave in regards to religious doctrine. They hear whatever they want to hear, then act on it. When having an ability like this, the world becomes quite clear. The detractors unmask themselves without even realizing it. It would be funny if the stakes weren't so high, but as it stands now, it's just another tragic situation brought on by selfish indignation. And what's worse, the entire planet is affected by this arrogance personified. Peak oil is a very tricky subject to fully understand, which is why it takes an engineering mindframe to properly quantify it... not a journalist's or politician's. Great job. This was not an easy task. I apologize if I seemed pushy about it, but this is one of those subjects that I would consider myself an expert in well before I became a Christ. As you can now see clearly, these types of things have been happening to me my entire life, and very rarely do I get an opportunity to have a real conversation with someone willing to learn. Thank you.

"We have not found any reserves of light sweet crude oil in over 50 years? If we really are at this point then why do people act like we are not?"

50 years is not a ubiquitous statement. What I meant was that we haven't found anything substantial enough to assume it can make up for a Permian Basin or Ghawar type reserve drying up. There have been numerous wells drilled that do produce light sweet crude, but nothing even close to being able to power a global crude oil economy, especially as it stands now. Bravado and arrogance are the lubricators to the mechanisms that fuel human to human interaction. They know something is very wrong, and are terrified of the implications... BUT, as long as they can find others who share the same degeneracy, they can ACT confident in themselves no matter how scared they are internally. Before they realize it, everything they do becomes a lie based on their "friends" agreeing with the lie, thus, giving them the fuel to keep having confidence. It's a destructive way to live, obviously, but there's no reason for them to stop. No motivation... as long as the like button on their faceberg page keeps getting smashed. It's all just fake bravado, and everyone in society right now is infected by this disease. Makes my mission VERY difficult, but I knew that before I started. There's a few of you on my side of the fence now... Again, thank you.

The Oregon fires have consumed my attention for a few days now. They're fulfilling biblical prophecy and don't even know it. It's sad for many reasons. It makes me emotional when I think about the animals that are being displaced and/or burned alive. Stay safe up there. Sorry this is so short, but I have to get these big green eggs sold. I'll be busy most of today, but I can reply more in depth tonight. Thank you again for everything.