Message from Brian: #33/#69

The following is the 33rd e-mail message I received from Brian Harner and the 69th message in our conversation. This was sent on October 1 2020, 6:29PM EST.

Wow. You've done so much. I'm very proud of you for everything you're trying to do. I've had a few interesting dreams lately that play into real life in a variety of ways. Today while sleeping, I had a dream about being at Disneyworld. I was getting food at a BBQ stand while everyone else I was with had already gotten their food. The wait took a long time alone, but I was finally able to order. After I ordered my meal I stood back patiently waiting. After 6 or so people that ordered after me got their meal, I got back into line so I could speak with the workers. After another long wait, the people I was with started to leave and go have fun in the park. Finally got to the order food section again, and was met with ridicule about "how hungry I was" to the same worker that took my original order. After explaining that I never received any food, the workers met my frustration with more ridicule. I was told that I needed to order another plate, or wait for the manager who would not be returning for a couple hours. So... I ordered another meal. After waiting for that meal through several other people that got their meal before I did AND had ordered after me, same as before, I went straight to the head of the line and started giving the workers a piece of my mind.

They just sort of stood there with blank looks on their faces, almost like glitching out/cannot compute. I raised my voice, tried to reason with them, called the park security, wouldn't let anyone else order, etc. The sun started to set during my ranting. One of the couples I was with started to head towards the exit. I stopped them to ask what they were doing, and their reply was "We rode all of the rides, and now it's time to go." More disappointment came over me, and I started to get irate with the BBQ stand workers which was again met with blank stares. At that point the manager had showed up and it was all the way dark. I calmly explained to the manager the situation, and during that conversation several more friends I had come to the park with were leaving. I still hadn't gone on any rides, and was just trying to get some food. The manager met my frustration with disbelief. As soon as he arrived at the stand area, a very large group of people started showing up for what appeared to be a birthday party.

His attention started to shift towards them after our conversation dragged on. In his own frustration, he essentially told me that if I wanted food, then I "should just get back in line like everyone else." I checked to see how much money I had left, but there wasn't enough to buy a third meal, so I grabbed the manager and started to get very loud. Finally, he went to the workers that originally took my order, but during the wait, there was a shift change. There were totally new workers in their place. I tried searching for them in the area and I actually found one. When I tried explaining what he needed to do, he started to ridicule me again in various ways. I headed back to the stand to explain to the manager what happened, but the birthday party was in full swing. Loud music, lights strobing, and I couldn't yell loud enough for the manager to hear me. I just hung my head down in frustration. At that point, a woman that was part of my group tapped me on the shoulder. She was explaining how she was the last of our group to have ridden all the rides and was now leaving, as well. I gazed towards the BBQ stand as I began crying, and noticed that there were security cameras facing the register. Just as I was starting to concoct a new plan on explaining to the manager what had happened and to check the security footage for proof, the park began to close. I woke up abruptly from the dream at that point.

When I woke up, there were texts today and a missed call from Nathan. That's interesting because I sleep with the phone right next to my face, and have yet to miss a call while sleeping. I try to remain available to all of you day and night in case you have something important to ask me. I called him back and asked what was up. I guess he just wanted to bullshit with me. As usual, I asked how the videos were coming along. He reluctantly told me that his wife had essentially given up on editing them. As it seems, her workload made editing them very inconvenient and in her frustration, she just stopped trying. Nathan said that he was going to take over the editing stuff on his own, but he hasn't ever taken on that type of a project, so there seems to be a learning curve in play. After waking up from that dream in a state of disappointment and sadness, it only multiplied there following. I also tried to explain that in his prophecy, The Lego Movie, that was his wife's job, not his. There's always a risk when breaking prophecies with a "win" at the end of them. I think he could tell that I was less than pleased with the current state of affairs...

Anyways, you got brought up. I told him about the videos you had made, the emails, and messages you've been sending to Kassidi and Robert through The Holy Grill Faceberg page. He was impressed. Again, my tone didn't really change. I made small talk and tried to look past the frustration in nobody else having the sense of urgency that I do... except you... but it didn't really work. After that, Nathan explained that he was considering writing his own book. Not that I'm against him doing that, but the timing is just more fuel for the frustration fire consuming me currently. We spoke about money as well. He explained that in his opinion the miracle that I've been praying for probably wouldn't come from a lottery win, but still might come from friends. I said that he might be correct, but the video segment of the grail instructions was supposed to be the big reveal in regards to that. He and his wife have had those videos for 2 months now... and apparently they are at square one with Nathan now taking on the entire editing sequence all on his own without any experience in doing so. Again, my sadness and frustration got the better of me and I tried to end the conversation abruptly. I got off the call as soon as I could so I could pray about everything. After my prayer I turned on the computer and saw your email. It motivated me to send him a link to your Bitchute page, so I did. While writing the first few lines of this email, he responded saying that you have given him the motivation to kick it into high gear, and finally get those instruction videos done. Apparently my days on end style of explaining all of this stuff (same way I'm doing with you) wasn't enough. But... the fact that you have done so much on your own apparently was.

This is the 3rd day or so in a row that my dreams are similar in scope. The frame is clear, even though the actual subject matter of the dreams have varied slightly. Right as I finished that sentence, I received a new IMDb notification: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. How coincidental... Anyways, I feel as though my mission here is being met with a severe lack in motivation and stamina in almost every area except yours. It doesn't seem to matter how forthright I am, how truthful my statements are, how detailed I make the instructions, how genuine my concern is... it's just not hitting the correct notes. Almost like a badly tuned guitar trying to do a cover song. I don't know what else to say, other than I'm sorry. Maybe it's too late. During this email, Shane also texted me. He's busting his ass trying to get all of that equipment brought back here from Texas. Today was his third trip this week, and when I asked him how he's doing in regards to bringing it all back, he replied "It's tiring." And all of that is happening right after his father died. My heart goes out to him. It must be a very difficult time emotionally, AND physically from the sounds of it.

There's no other way to say this so I'll just tell you what my plan is. My phone will be shut off on the tenth of this month if I don't replenish it. I'm fairly certain that I will not. This isn't exactly a money situation, but the overall scope of it is. Would millions of dollars help? Yes. Would hundreds help? Not really. We've been through why that's the case, so I'll spare you the details. I'm sorry, Kim. I'm sorry for everyone who fucked this up, dragged their feet, procrastinated, treated it as a joke, lacked motivation, got caught in a life situation that forced their attention in another direction, or just simply rejected everything I said. Maybe humanity's maker wants it this way... or maybe I'm just not skilled enough to do this job. Something could change, but since there has been so many shortcomings to deal with, my stamina and motivation are just about used up. I've tried in so many ways to explain that my mission requires EVERYONE's participation at or exceeding my level of commitment, but it's just not hitting the mark I intended to hit. After my phone gets shut off, I'll go M.I.A. I plan on leaving Mangum shortly there following, and not returning. I don't have the funding to keep sitting here slowly burning through the remainder of money that I have left.

I really do appreciate everything you've done. I hope that it doesn't all get wasted. The only thing that seems clear to me is that I just can't get over that final hump. I'm really not blaming anyone other than myself, by the way. I never actually do. It's my job to do and say the things that are necessary for correcting humanity's course. Instead of blaming everyone else, I try to look inwards to find where the problem resides. My problem with that is that I can't locate the means of changing anything to improve your, and by proxy, humanity's odds for bringing home a win. I'm ashamed of myself. If there was something else I could say or do that would make all of this better, I would do it without hesitation. Unfortunately, I just can't locate the material necessary for doing so. I did listen to the video you posted last night. That particular one is my favorite. The end of it really brings it home for me. I very much so want a victory for humanity for so many different reasons. Thinking about it has become a sad affair, though. That's why I got so emotional during that conversation. The reality of everything being the way it is hurts me deeply. My concessions have reached a precipice. I'm not sure if I can keep making them and expect anything other than failure. I'll try until the very end, you have my word on that. I'll also continue to pray for a miracle in the hopes that something will change. As it seems though, giving a deadline might be the only motivating substance that will propel people outside of us to act. And I'm not even certain if that will work. But... I'll try to find whatever it is I'm looking for to do so.

I don't want you to think this is about you. You've done a great job at everything you've tried to do. That's why I'm explaining this to you directly. Apologies if this seems like I'm giving up. I'm really not, but trying to find the correct thing to say or do is just not working. I'll continue to speak to you for as often as I can during these last 9 days or so of having a phone. My advice is to try to get as much from me in that time as you can. I'm always available to take your calls... until I'm not. My phone should shut off on the 9th (10/09 <what a coincidence). I'll also be sending out texts to old friends and family soon to instruct that that is their last chance to say whatever it is they want to say to me. In advance, apologies if I am consumed by their replies. I'll try to keep you as a top priority. Thank you again for caring. I will never forget it.

Talk to you soon,


P.S. I'm pretty sure that the necklace around Kassidi's neck is the one I got her. How ironic.