Message from Brian: #36/#97

This is the 36th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 97th message in our conversation. This was sent on November 24 2020 at 12:22AM EST.

I've read the emails now, and there's much to say, but no real easy way to put it. If you read my posts on 4chan last night and you've done the proper research, the methane hydrates releasing in the Arctic ocean is unrecoverable. It's almost 1 year exactly after Covid started, and I read about it on the 19th. This is one of the major tipping points that has been discussed within the climatologist circles for many years, but is actually physically occurring 50-100 years ahead of schedule.

I don't have any answers for you because the scenario is almost entirely beyond my control at this point. There's no use in fearmongering anymore, or trying to talk sense into people that care more about their own personal desires than the benefit of their species. I'm almost entirely bedridden at my dad's house now. Something is definitely wrong in a big way, but I'm giving my dad the ability to choose my fate, so to speak. He's basically making me eat every day but does not want to do anything beyond that precipice. Soon I will take a long fasting break and leave one way or another.


That's all I really have to say about me. One of the more pertinent questions you asked that I thought we already covered, is about the sequence of "maker" species. The microcosm of humanity's maker, The Nine Principles, and God, the man himself who EXISTS outside of this universe is based on the same ideals. The giants had creations that mirrored their stature but could live on Earth with us. They would be the beings in the hieroglyphs. The Amen, physically created the giants on Earth... who then created humans. The being/beings that created the Amen are the 4th dimensional beings I refer to commonly as humanity's maker. It's the same basic structure that exists in creating objects on Earth currently. Architect, engineer, and machinist.

After murdering the giants on Earth, the Amen became disgusted with humans. The only being of the immediate and direct genetic lineage that humans can make contact with (if the proper reverence and homage is capitulated to) is humanity's maker. That could change, but as it stands now, it's basically a lost cause. In order to gain access to Internal Harmonic Resonant Capitulation, one must first gain access to that type of mainframe from humanity's maker. I'm not sure if you've done this properly yet, and I'm almost certain your friend has not. It's okay to try, but don't expect anything more than a failed attempt. I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just being straight to the point. It sounds as though you're trying to skip a few steps in the process. Just being real with you.


On that note, why do you change "exists" in my God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe... to "stands?" Standing is a simplified version of a posture that a human body takes when confronted with a gravitational field. How and why do you feel the need to manipulate that nomenclature to a human standard? I've made the assertion that nothing inside of this universe can truly understand the complexity of outside of this universe. Do you know something that I do not? Again, I'm not trying to insult your intelligence or demean you, but why do you change my words so often? Small diversions can equate to large miscalculations and bad translations. Almost every nomenclature I've chosen has significant implications on bringing the collective zeitgeist of humanity into a unified understanding. Please, try to be exact and uniform. If there's some reason for changing the nomenclature ensemble I've constructed, be sure to explain in great detail why you've done that. Linguistic anomalies and other differences are the main reason why such confusion has persisted for so long. God, the man himself who exists outside of this universe is everything within this universe's boundaries superior. If you're changing the nomenclature to reflect a human body posture... on Earth, not even in space... I'd like to know why, as would my superiors and everyone on Earth that will try to equate stands and exists from here on out.

I felt that there is some required "tough love" on my way out, for you specifically. You've put in more effort to my mission than anyone else, without a doubt. There's no denying that. However, when it comes to executing the material to precise standards, there is much work to do. In other words, your focus is not crisp. That could be from a combination of many factors: youth, professional development, upbringing, diet, health, hobbies, lifestyle, sexual preference, experience... etc. There's no way for me to tell why some people figure things out easier than others without dissecting your entire life. When it comes to transcending from effort to ability, you have to self realize the pertinent path to that end. I care about you and can see that you're still struggling to find a path to success. It seems as though you're a bit discombobulated and trying to accomplish everything in one attempt. That's what I see, but that's from the outside. My suggestion is to pick something and master it. Try not to be an expert in everything all at once. It will burn you out and create resentment towards the process... AND those that handle the situation easily.

I'm very pleased to hear that you're going to try eating beef, especially from Weldon and Anne Warren. It's top notch sustenance, but again, don't expect a miracle. It will take several years to develop the system that has been atrophied due to so many years as a vegan. That doesn't mean I don't think you should do that, but I get the impression from the various younger people close to my mission that almost ubiquitously, you all expect immediate improvement. I am sorry to have to tell you about the methane hydrates. If the models are accurate, that is a death sentence for the entire biosphere. There's no way to accurately predict the volume or sustained release sequence, but what I can tell you is that the sequence of events has begun, and appears to be extremely ahead of schedule of even the most conservative environmental collapse predictions. I'm telling you this because as it seems, humanity will require several miracles just to survive at this point, but that doesn't mean that I want you to give up on anything. Anything is possible. Try to stay focused on the prize. Speaking of... how's the machining research going? Any progress? Is there anything else you've been trying to do?


Anyways, I'm not sure if I'll be able to answer any more emails. I'll try to read your responses, and check in on my book and YouTube videos to see if there's been any jump in attention on the subject matter, but please, don't expect anything. This is on you guys now, and I hope that you're more successful than I was. That's really why I'm giving you this tough love routine. I want you to do better than I did. I'm sorry if it seems harsh, but you're at the point of transcending effort to ability, and if you want real success in that arena, you need to start honing in on where your real abilities are, and what you need to do next to achieve your goals. What I see from the outside is that your nomenclature choices are sloppy and require refinement and reasoning, and the goals you have for Internal Harmonic Resonant Capitulation are out of sequence, rushed, and forced. Remember... the entire process requires the correct intention as a starting point. Ask yourself, why do you try to make this communication medium happen? Is it so that you can prove to yourself, or someone else that it exists? Are you trying to transcend the speech medium altogether? Or... are you trying to show the proper reverence, homage, respect, and love to the being that gave humanity this ability originally? There's only "1" of those structures of query that even scratch the surface of success in that field of study. Trying to get someone else to understand these complexities and capitulate to them properly... in hell... is a very difficult task for anyone to complete, and even if you both have done everything correctly, you still might fail. The surrounding energies affect completion, and the purity aspect is very difficult to understand, much less overcome. Again, I'm not saying don't try... What I'm saying is do not expect immediate success. It could take decades to resonate correctly with your maker, but it could take generations to resonate with each other. It doesn't have to be that way, but considering the general collective zeitgeist of humanity currently, it's almost guaranteed to be that way. That's the best advice I can give to you regarding Internal Harmonic Resonant Capitulation. Be patient and never expect success. Success in the ethereal sense is a gift, and humanity's maker chooses who gets to play with "his toy." A few words of advice; getting frustrated or angry at humanity's maker's decisions is a sure loss in any aspect of life. This is a lesson that even I have had struggled with. That's also why I apologize to my maker so frequently. I'm still just a stupid human... I make mistakes too. Try not to hate yourself or humanity's maker. Always remember that humans are just "renting" his equipment. Your body, your environment, your realm, and your soul belong to him. Just so you know... this is the hardest portion of creating a proper intention internally.


Some of this may have seemed harsh, but it is anything but. I'm just trying to help. If this is the last time I'm able to communicate with you directly, good luck. Keep pushing forward. There will be mistakes. There will be failures. There will be confusion. Fight against it until the very end. Just keep trying.


Have a good "1"...