Message from Brian: #4/#6

The following is the fourth message I received from Brian Harner, and the sixth message of our conversation. This was sent on August 26 2020.

Have no fear of me. Keep in mind, this entire mission was as much a surprise (if not more so) to me, than anyone else. I was walking a righteous path, this much is true. My goals throughout life have always been hard charging toward sustainability, an equilibrium with existence. As far as righteous, and pure, no fucking way. NOTHING can survive in hell without trying to blend in, that is, before the age reset last December. I've made lots of mistakes. The difference between me now and then, is I can admit all wrongdoing, and move on. Plus, I put everyone else's needs before my own. Otherwise, my lingo and cadence is just like any ole dude. Nothing really too out of the ordinary, unless you take the context of what I'm saying into account. But that's on your end.

I'll be honest with you, everyone who has found me and reached out is extremely nervous. I can only imagine the stuff that's been pushed into your head since birth about it. I had a much less impactful view of it, but I do understand why people generally speaking are frightened. I've taken a couple of people extremely far on their own private journeys. People say they feel like they're on acid after listening to me, and I've seen people's veins bulge and their heart surges when I'm interacting with them, but you're different. You seem extremely intelligent and focused. I would like you to feel comfortable no matter what. You've already come so far, and your future needs you, if you catch my drift. I leave the calling me thing up to you. I don't really have any rules. Always remember, I'm not religious. I know that sounds funny, but seriously, I don't really have "beliefs" anymore.

As far as funds go, you should control it, and send me funds when you can. I'll give you a detailed list of everything we need to build the first pyramid. Where, with what, with who, etc. Just in case something were to happen to me, the show must go on for all of your sakes. That said, until capitalism dies, international banking cartels just mysteriously throw in the towel, or all out civil conflict breaks out, money will be necessary. I get that. And you never know how far this thing could go. Could fizzle out, or grow exponentially. Humanity's maker knows... and that's just about it right now. Anyways, you should maintain control for now. I'm hoping that everyone within this same structure of awakening will band together and throw all money in a pot. The goals will all be the same, the purpose will be understood and capitulated to for a physically and spiritually beneficial end, and there will be no reason for violence. But, ya know, I'm me. Until that moment arrives, we'll play it like you're in charge. I can give you my routing number and account number. Not a biggie to me. Nathan wants me to start a paypal... I'll look into it tonight.

Before you know it you'll be mission-oriented and bored of hearing me rant. Most people just want to know prophecy, some are technologically savvy, and some just want to bullshit about whatever. I didn't mean to come on too strong about meeting your parents and teachers, I'm just curious as to how you took this path. It's rare to see someone so awake, and young. Was a lot of it on your own? Or were you steered in this direction by someone else? I know there are a lot of very highly functioning brains out there, but tying that into spirituality often falls into heavy loads of opinionated arrogance. You stayed on course. See(ing) what you see, and knowing what you know, society must seem absolutely fucked from your eyes. But not unfixable... Rare, is all I'm saying.

The book is hitting a heavy technical stage about selfishness. I'm basing it on analogies and a set of videos called The Century of the Self. Interesting watch if you have the time. Then, I'll go heavy on the Sid Smith videos. I recommend you watch those as well. This chapter will be called The Environment Is You. I'm only able to sit and write a certain portion of the day, and I'd much rather spend it talking with you folks. You and my other friends. I usually drop everything to go help if I'm invited to the farms and whatnot. No pressure, is all I'm saying. You'll be nervous. Expect it. I won't be. I've talked to hundreds of people by now. It would be pretty difficult to stop this thing. I'm confident in my job performance, I guess you could say. I crack jokes to ease the tension. I'm very rarely shaken. All I'm saying is, do this on your own time when you feel comfortable. And if email is what you like, email it is. You have my number, but I can call you if that's easier. When people are on their maker's side, I'm a really easy going guy. Ultimately, my goal is YOUR success. Look at me as kind of a coach. When you succeed, your maker does. When your maker does, I do, as well as when I do, my maker does. Wins everywhere.

To give you an idea of how trusting I am, I just gave the entire video list to Nathan and his wife. I made the videos, he is doing just about everything else, and I trust him. I'm not afraid of putting this all in your hands, because it is no matter what I do anyways. I just appreciate seeing it. I've never seen this before. But like I said, I've also never made it this far. And by the way, fuck the goons. After Trinidad, they know they're throwing the entire planet away if they fuck this up this time. I'm fairly certain the message is coming in from a few different sources that this is the last chance. If anything, I'd be surprised if they're not trying to help me, or subconsciously helping wink.jpg. Don't be afraid to say whatever comes up, I'm done being afraid. We're way too far into this for anyone to stop what's coming. It's a mathematical certainty demise is well under way, and the only thing that has the ability to help is the hierarchy/my superiors. There's only a few things I stay cryptic about, but if you ask the right question, I have to answer honestly. Just a tip...

Looking forward to our next chat,