Message from Brian: #47

I received this e-mail message on December 10 2020 at 3:50AM.

Sadly, I did make one change.

Interesting that you bring up Kalki. Have we spoken about this before? Other than the Maitreya of Benjamin Creme (Share International) fame, Kalki is the closest resemblance to reality, at least concerning prophetic literature outside of the bible. I keep the window open on my phone and have for a long time now about Kalki...

It's at the very top of my internet windows list. I think you have a well rounded view of the intricacies contained therein, so speculation on the aspects is an interesting endeavor. I don't know what the future will bring to me directly, but as I've said numerous times, self defense is to be determined by those who feel threatened. If life is going to continue moving forward for me, a violent interaction might be necessary. I haven't ruled it out, but I will do everything in my power to minimize it. After construction on the Pyramids begins (if the miracle becomes real), if the self segregated community we build is threatened by detractors, I'm 100% in favor of defending it by any means necessary. Take from that what you will...

I can't stop people from doing anything. All I can do is try my best to shed light on possibilities for them, by highlighting what I will do no matter what. I can't say what type of relationships I will manifest from my experience later in time. Anything is possible, but my goal is to dissuade people from getting caught up in a dangerous environment because of me. Everyone who will be in "my" community pyramid project will be in severe danger. The goal of that project is to destroy the global economy. Construction, banking, energy, education, entertainment. Everything. That will create anger in anyone who benefits from that system now. I don't know if those people (basically everyone alive) will move on/transcend, or fight for what they've grown accustomed to, but they will react. Anyone who would be a part of that community would have to know that his/her life will be in danger indefinitely. Now... when it comes to people like you, or others in similar circumstances, I would like you to set up a community of your own. Spread it out a bit. Same with Nathan. Having everyone in the same place that has listened to me in depth would make our chances of success that much slimmer. Easier to eradicate all of us if we're in the same place. Get it? I'd travel around and help with various tasks, but the idea at this ground level is to spread out. Putting all of our eggs in "1" basket is a failing strategy. I don't know, though. My previous statements were to have everyone gather together in a school like setting, teach the basics, then have everyone spread out. I'm not going to delegate where people go or where they want to stay. All I can do is warn everyone of my own intentions. My intentions are to set up grail manufacturing facilities all over the place, teach people how to build Pyramids, and instruct on purity ideals. If everything goes to plan, I won't really have a designated home, but if I had to stay put for whatever reason, I'd like to be close to Shane. I have a lot to learn from him regarding cattle and regenerative grazing. I still want a cow farm. I have since I was a little kid, but my personal shit takes a backseat. There's so much that I'd do first if given the money to do it, my personal shit doesn't even matter to me anymore.

The reason why talking like this is exhausting to me is because it gives me hope in ways I don't feel exist currently. Everything about these conversations is predicated on getting a miracle. If I were humanity's maker, I don't think I'd give it to me. Not because of what I've done, but because of what everyone else deserves. That's just me being honest with you. Regardless of what I do, there's a tidal wave of bad karma that needs to be paid. Giving free outs to those "debtors" seems like injustice. It's unfair to the rest of you. It's a difficult conundrum to deal with from his perspective, and to be honest, if I don't get this miracle, I'd agree more than if I did get it. The balance is almost even, but I'd be surprised if I get it. I just can't believe that humanity as a whole deserves that, but again, a lot of that is in reference to what I see in real time right now. Humanity's maker is who I will defer to in such matters as a result. The exhaustion comes because I try to speculate on his superior stance and abilities, but I do so from a sickly, weak human perspective. Everything beyond my ability now, which is essentially zilch, is pure conjecture and speculation. I try to not get my hopes up for personal affairs because there's so much to do before I even consider that, and that's IF... we get a miracle. As it stands right now, I'm not expecting it to manifest, so everything is just fantasy in my most grounded realistic sense.

I'm not going to go out of my way to look less appealing. It's not worth the effort to me. I'm just saying that how I look now is a "not giving a fuck" kind of mentality. I did tell Judith that if I make it back to Mangum I'd show her what I used to look like. Haircut, beard trim, nice clothes... but until that happens, I don't have a reason to try. Thanks for the pointers, though. Lol