Message from Brian: #49

The following is the 49th e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, on December 14 2020 at 4:47AM.

It's an interesting insinuation about your mom. I too struggled with that problem several times. The question is just how far does one have to go in order to gain traction within the mindset of people that are in hell, and don't mind it? The follow up to that, which I've asked people in person several times now just to gauge a selfishness quotient in my target; Do demons know they're in hell? What I mean by that is is hell considered a bad place to be for a demon? Would they be as upset at the paradigm as a Christ or an enlightened human? You probably see where I'm going with that, but you have to ask yourself this while confronting anyone in this place. Just how far gone are the individuals that you are trying to administer an antidote to, and is there enough medicine to counteract the symptoms? Arguably, this subject is what did me in. The "medicine" in my case is administered with funding. It's ironic that the cure is generally the reason for the disease existing in the first place... at least with my subjects, but that's where I am now.

I think you're correct in assuming a working grail would be overwhelmingly positive to this mission. I just didn't have the ability given my situation. Trying to convert the demonic forces in hell is a very difficult task for anyone, one that I was very good at, but there are always several reasons for the sickness. Most of those symptoms cannot be cured without money, and that's just the way it is. I've taken the "so be it" route to that conundrum as you well know by now. I'm sorry that this is coming at you from your parents, but that's your journey I guess. I don't have too much advice to give you concerning them. All I know is it's going to be tough to get through to any form of parental unit like relationships that have formed in this place. Believe it or not, the request I had for you during our last phone call was based on that predicament. There will always be a subordinate structure to those particular relationships. Sometimes it's best to take a break from the relentless pursuit of perfection, and just allow yourself to give in to their arrogant and superior character flaws that create the dilemma of parenting within parents in the first place, lest you will grow callous and lose interest in why you're attempting to do what you're doing in the first place. Everyone alive will have to face the conclusions and decisions they made in life. Taking an emotional stance to what's "right and wrong" is almost the definitive nature of a failure in life. I will never argue against that predicament, but I am saying that sometimes it's best to at least try to understand the complexity within other people's values of what they consider "good." It's a difficult thing to do while sober, enlightened, and instructive, especially when it's your parents, but you have to always remember why you want to engage them in the first place. Otherwise it becomes a problem for them to want to engage you. Most of this advice comes from me dealing with my dad right now. Just about every time I speak with him he utilizes an arrogant stance. Four different times now since being here, he's taken knowledge that I've given him directly, then fumbled around and fucked up the nomenclatures and reasoning within, then pawns it off as his own knowledge back to me... the guy that actually taught him it in the first place. The first time he did that I got annoyed, but throttled back my temperament because I knew that at least he was trying to hear what I originally said. He likes thinking that his knowledge base is superior to mine, and I don't think there's anything I can do to change that arrogance within his personality, but it did give me hope that he isn't just blindly rejecting everything I say. Something to consider...

The Kalki prophecy is close. Most prophecies are close, but that one is very descriptive in terms of frame. Keep in mind that when I say close, it almost always refers to frame. The picture that gets painted within a prophecy is sometimes perfectly backwards. In regards to violence specifically, that is for my maker to decide. If my mission calls for violence, I will not hesitate. When describing my personal opinion on the matter of violence, it's my responsibility to defend the hierarchy no matter what, but if at all possible, to remain as nonviolent as possible. That's why prophecy is a very tricky topic of discussion. I see things in a different way than most. While reading about Kalki, the storyline often times comes across as exacting to the readers when they learn it's a prophecy. Nothing is truly like that however. Free will exists, always remember that. There will be aspects of any given prophecy that are incorrect, especially when you consider that the one relaying the prophecy also inputs personal information from their own life experiences. Some of the movie prophecies are great examples of this. The School Of Rock is a great example. If you listen to the wording within, as opposed to the comedic style of the picture the director is trying to get you to understand, it's almost perfectly matched with my journey and teachings this far as a Christ. Same with Life of Brian, same with The Matrix trilogy, The Lego Movie, etc. Nathan struggles with this concept, while simultaneously keeping a very keen eye to the complexity within. Sometimes while debating back and forth with him about the subject, he would pursue the "exacting standard" of the picture without realizing he was doing it. Frame and picture vary drastically, but often times are confusing. Kalki is one of those situations. Another problem that arises from prophecy research is endings. Almost every prophecy has a "happy" ending... TO THE ONE RELAYING IT. The authors of these stories want to be correct, but more so "successful" in every portion of the story they lay out. Successful means what they want to happen, not necessarily what will ultimately end up happening. This is where frame becomes important especially. Not every prophecy ends the entirety of humanity. Most, if not all of them just signify a transition to a different prophecy. The movie Pleasantville for example is the biblical version of The Adam and Eve story. There's a significant amount of personal information given by the directors of that movie which signifies their own degenerate experience, and where they WANT to be "successful" in conveying a certain message... ABOUT THEMSELVES. They tie on a perceived happy ending, and the prophecy is complete. But as you know, the Adam and Eve story happens very early in the bible, as it also did to me in real time the day after my realization was complete. In reality, the ending to that storyline was not a happy endeavor from my perspective, but the rest of it was fairly accurate. The transition was at the correct juncture, but the summation was exactly backwards. Nevertheless, it was correct for being extremely prophetic. It just takes time and dedication to understand these complexities about how free will interweaves with time, especially in hell. Everyone alive right now is hoping for a happy ending to all prophetic notions. I'm not saying that it's not a possibility, but I am saying that those desires stem from a selfish personality that is overwhelmingly emotionally charged. If I take it a step further, I'd conclude that humanity, which is firmly established in hell, does not deserve a happy ending. That doesn't mean an ending is not coming, though. Just saying...

A lot of this is a mental puzzle, even for myself. I enjoy speculating about the conjecture within the minds of my friends, you included, but I'm more cutthroat and logical than everyone I meet. I'm not trying to destroy your hopes. Honestly, I'm not. What I am trying to convey is the reality of what is happening, as opposed to the fantasy of desire that often times becomes conflated with complex subject matter. In a past email you mentioned all of the precipice aspects of numerous things all seemingly set to collide in dramatic fashion very soon. I think you're correct, but to what extent those events will be destructive to Earth and by proxy humanity, I hesitate to even give an opinion. Humanity's maker will have what he wants, no matter what any human tries to change to their benefit. That might be the most difficult thing to quantify for me personally. The warnings are obvious. The problems are self evident. The intention within most is degenerate. My rhetorical question there following is; Does humanity's maker even want to keep this group of fuck ups alive at all? Take "environmentalists" for example. Every time I see something about some dipshit attempting to create a rectifying technology to improve the balance of human life and the trophic web of Earth, they do so from a degenerate intention perspective. In other words, they're not willing to change their behavior. What they are actually trying to do is create a "widget" that will allow their destruction to continue unabated as though living in the modern societal structure is natural, healthy, and "good." It's obvious to someone like me what they're doing, but to the degenerates themselves, they're unable to search their own intentions for the problem, then find a solution accordingly. It's always thrown to the wind as though their behavior is based on chance, therefore is acceptable and "good." All I can tell you is I'm tired of explaining this to people in person, much less trying to find a real starting point to begin changing the degenerate paradigm that exists in every arrogant fucktard alive. My educated guess on humanity's maker's position is he's sick of it too. The saying is "one for bad, two for good." But what are you supposed to do when it's always "two for bad, one for good?" No matter how "good" that good really is, the deficit mounts... That's how I see it.

Anyways, hopefully this email gives you some based instruction. It might not make you feel too good, and I'm sorry the reality is what it is, but I'm just trying to be as informative and honest as possible. Sometimes when I do not answer certain things, I'm deferring to the "ignorance is bliss" ideology. I know you'll be downtrodden and upset at what I have to say, so I try to stretch it out and allow you to consume the bad news in segments instead of all at once. So... to recap... it's not looking good at all, but you can probably figure that out just by what I've insinuated. I'll keep pressing forward, and my advice to you is to do the same.

Have a good "1"...

My Original Message

Brian's message is a reply to the following message sent by me on December 14 2020 at 12:54AM:

I've been thinking about "meeting people at their level." Given the collective level of humanity, it seems that to get attention in this world you have to burn down a building (riots), get naked on the street (feminists), or kill people. I've been wondering how much I have to play into this in order to gain traction. I actually just got done talking about this with my mother. That conversation started because she donated to a GoFundMe for a person who was recently diagnosed with cancer, so I called her a hypocrite and asked, "Why does that person need your money?" Then I pushed it and called her "trash." When I said that, my father told me to shut up. That is the first time he has said anything remotely related to you at all. He has been totally silent on any matters of significance for the last six months. I pointed that out to my mother. I told her that if I acted totally dignified all the time then I would receive very little attention. I would prefer to act totally dignified all the time, but I feel obligated to dumb myself down and even get "uppity" if that's what it takes. It's possible, however, that the problem is that I actually hang out in a gray area between dignified and "uppity" most of the time. Hm... The clamoring-for-attention game is ugly, and I wouldn't mind focusing solely or at least primarily on technical matters. All I know is that I at least have to be able to handle other people's level, even if I decide not to reciprocate at it.

Thanks for the advice on Langan. I'm definitely aware this is roughly analogus to a 10-year-old trying to tell an adult about something important. The 10-year-old may have the correct position, but they don't have as much knowledge and experience to draw from in order to talk about things. I've been thinking that quite a bit more interest could arise after a grail gets built and demonstrated, but we've established the intention-related problems of that-- even if someone other than you does it. I do wonder whether anyone else has started working on one.

I may have a few Savitri Devi questions, but I won't fire them off just yet. I am wondering why you have taken interest in that prophecy even though you are completely non-violent. Given the nuances at play (such as those I myself considered), I know that may be too vague to answer effectively.

Thank you and have a good night.