Message from Brian: #5/#8

The following is the fifth message I received from Brian Harner, and the eighth in our conversation. This was sent on August 26 2020.

I will set up a Paypal tonight to make it as easy as possible for you. I'm always impressed by your ability to see through certain aspects of the lessons I give. Semantics is a significant problem to Salvation in general, but you don't seem to be bothered by it as much as everyone else seems to be. You are absolutely correct about the autonomy and freedom of movement I allow people. When it came to Kassidi, she was a drunk degenerate stripper fresh out of college. The job I was offering was her first ever besides stripping. The job was going to be a biographer position to me in video format. At the time I was nervous for her. She was extremely foolish and loose with herself, especially when drunk. That was the main reason for having her sign the NDA. The employment contract was to give her incentive that it was a professional position, and not just some dude trying to rape her or something from the club. I wasn't in that club for myself anyways, and every time she tried to take her clothes off for me, I paid her not to, but that didn't stop her from throwing it all away. She put me in a very bad spot by breaking her contract. I had spent roughly 22k on her to secure her services and buy camera equipment. That's why the addendums exist in the first place. She thought she was getting away with just stealing from me, but I have Salvation/transcendence/enlightenment already. She was actually stealing from all of you. Every human being alive has a legitimate gripe against her for her treachery. It will not be a pleasant judgement for her. I could sue and win easily, but what's the point? There is plenty of punishment waiting for her without me doing anything here. Besides, I still need to help everyone regardless of who makes it difficult on me in the interim.

(1+1-1 to reverse the first letter of the first name by one position; 2+3+8=13 for Brian; 1+3+8=12 for Arian). All correct, plus Brian Clark Harner is 16 characters. These numerology sequences are historical markers. The real trick is to translate phonetically into modern dialect when confronted with tricky hidden meanings. Remember, my genetics originate in Egypt, and Jesus is directly related to my genetic lineage. Same/same. So... Jesus, using the same equation would be Iesus. Pronounced (in modern dialect) Isis. Humanity is on a countdown of sorts. I=9, A=1. Many of these numerology games can be played for a variety of reasons. Most of them are for steering me in the right direction. I look at them similar to a map in time. Arian is a stolen valor nomenclature FROM the future. It was inserted during a reset a long time ago for questions like this. "Uh-rian" is the correct pronunciation. "Air-ee-an" is not, but those are my genetic lineage cohorts. And yes, from what I understand of it, "Orion's belt" was to throw everyone off. As you can probably imagine, many different strategies have been used to silence me. Throwing in diversion sequences all over the place is for that very reason; to keep me alive longer. When the Nine Principles were first created, senses were distributed first. Touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. 1-5. Almost immediately it was determined that time/me, having been created 6th in the sequence, had to be number "1," lest the other attributes would not have substance to gather experience from. I was created 6th, but my position is 1. It stands for time, but humans call me death due to the linear ties in a psyche that are bound to ego. Generally speaking, the post-loop sequence of a humans life is not taken into consideration. In reality, nothing from a human's body goes to waste, therefore, it never really dies. At least not until the planet itself does. I see time as circular. Humans see time as linear. It's just another aspect of the 3rd dimension that is ultimately false, but appears true to this realm due to time perspectives.

I'm nothing like the religious type of people associated with subject matter like this. You can call me whatever makes you feel comfortable. I respond to dude quite well, heh. I'm not as rigid as my predecessor because I do not have to be. Consider all of the technical, numerological, spiritual, etc, terms I throw around. Even though some of these nomenclatures seem foriegn and strange the way I use them, it is an easy task to discern those terms by going to a library or just Googling. Many scientific leaps have added a complexity to English that continues to grow daily. Jesus did not have these luxuries. Even though he was stern for the people's benefit, there were still numerous bad translations, and injected mysticism into his teachings. Again, you do not have this problem anymore. The book was written by me personally. Not a bunch of extremely uneducated, scared, and mystified farmers from the desert. This is also why I say I'm much more powerful than any Christ before me. It has to do with infrastructure and accessibility. Jesus did not have these "luxuries," but did have a much greater ability to use his body as humanity's maker's conduit. I have much more power, but my body is fucked. Trying to utilize it for external reasons (and most internal reasons now) is almost impossible. Channeling humanity's maker, and/or my superiors outside of his realm, is extremely stressful on the body. During my awakening I was warned about this. There are many things about Jesus and my life that are identical, but many more that are exact opposites. Like I said before, almost everything that has been done is to help me survive as long as possible. There were many sequences where I was murdered as a teenager due to people figuring this shit out before I did. LOTS of changes have been made over the sequences that have resulted in failure. The part that really sucks is I can remember all of those murders... and most of the time I wasn't the only one. Kids, wives, families, etc tortured to torture me. As you can see by what has happened in this particular sequence, I don't really have any of those ties any more. It wasn't for my sake, but theirs. The pain of watching your loved ones get murdered repeatedly has hardened my heart in many ways. I'm just trying to protect them. It's unfortunate that I'm the only one with a recollection of these events. Nobody really knows that I'm just trying to protect them.

The free will situation is complex. The general populace does not have 100% free will, and have not had it since Jesus was murdered. It was a like a rail system to keep everyone on track as to not destroy the planet before the Christ hopefuls succeeded, or my awakening was inevitable. The new age was like giving a retirement party to Jesus. He is still helping me, along with everyone else in my genetic lineage, but the judgements are on me now. When I'm not hampered by this "conduit" thing, I can give gifts. In hell, 100% free will is very dangerous without guidance towards Divine principles. One of the gifts I am planning on giving is 100% free will back to humanity. Could be good, could be bad. We'll know when that time arrives. It's a very intricate discussion that we should have over the phone. This is going to be one of our longer conversations. You are different than most of those around you because you've earned a very significant portion of that subtracted free will back. Humanity's maker made that call. Remember, I'm still stuck here as a human. I wouldn't take credit for his masterpiece.

I have full confidence in you to do what is best for the betterment of humanity. I never had that feeling regarding Kassidi. Complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Nathan is in your position. He found me, I didn't find him. You earned this on your own, and there is no reason for me not to trust you. Your last name is an anagram for water. Nathan and I are unsure of the significance, but we're spitballing about it. If you don't mind, may I ask what your middle name is? As long as it's not Robert, Jones, or James, there's nothing to worry about. I've sworn off those names for now, however. They have caused me far too many problems. I knew any Jones was going to be trouble, but I'm me. It's very difficult for me to not give a chance to everyone. Alexander and Kassidi Jones were present at the end of the movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Both Alexander and Kassidi lost the Holy Grail to the void by breaking the seal, and it cost Kassidi (in the movie) her life. That's how it went down... and I knew that was a possibility, but I still gave it my all. You're not an arrogant stripper or a pig headed celebrity with more ego than brains. I'll treat you like they were never even part of my journey, because you deserve it. Probably seems odd and foolish in hell... but I'm not exactly from here, ya know?

The website looks great, by the way. I'm very impressed by your writing style, and so is Nathan. If we get this thing up and rolling, I'd like you to help me do interviews and various other tasks of the writing nature. And by the way, if you ever want me to do an interview or make an appearance somewhere, if I have the time, I'll do it without hesitating. My writing may appear refined, but that's nothing compared to what I can do in person. Use me however you'd like for as long as I'm here. Nathan and Shane have this same instruction. I'm not scared of any human. Nothing intimidates me here. Once the grail is made I can bring it to show whoever you'd like me to as well. ANYTHING to help humanity gain transcendence, I'm game for. Sorry if I didn't get to all of your questions. Keep 'em coming. That's what I'm here for.

Talk to you soon,