Message from Brian: #7/#12

The following is the seventh e-mail message I received from Brian Harner, and the 12th message of our conversation. This was sent on August 27 2020.

Some of the information in this e-mail pertaining to people's names has been removed.

That's a lot of interesting stuff. When it comes to my initials, I was a BitCH until now, when I just ACHe. There's all kinds of markers for different reasons, and nobody will be left out on my mission. James is my brother and father's middle name. Their first name is Russell, which turned around backwards is Llessur (lesser), which fits exactly how it should. My first "engineer" pick was my dad, and obviously that did not work out.

Nathan's middle name is Chistopher. He has put in a significant amount of work on this mission thus far, and has studied a lot of religious synchronicities. From what he has said, Chistopher is supposed to carry the Christ baby (as a Christ I'm only 1.5 years old which matches the picture references) across the river/water. Like I've said many times, religion is not my thing, but having Nathan has been very helpful in discerning all of that stuff. Anyways, a few months ago, a man called me. He was like the others; scared, trembling, crying, etc, but I calmed him down rather quickly. As our conversations grew, he seemingly took to the process very well. Made several leaps forward in understanding, continued studying my book, and said he was ready to start telling everyone in his life about me. He was raised Mormon, and lives in Western Colorado. At some point he was practically begging me to come talk to the Mormons. He wanted to set up a meeting with "the prophet" and "the apostles." I balked at first, but decided I would give them their day in court, as I have already done this to numerous churches. I introduced him to Shane and Nathan through texts, and we were all getting along quite well. A couple of weeks ago I called his bluff, apparently. I told him that I would do this Mormon upper echelon meeting on 9/1. Very shortly there following he sent me a text saying that I am hateful, need mental help, and to never contact him again. Very sudden and with no lead up. Just BAM! Fuck off, essentially.

Nathan and I have debated several times about that name. What it meant, who he was representing, etc. The "Judas" situation is still happening... Keep in mind that I do not hold grudges. Any of the people who have crossed me have the free will to right their wrongs at any time, but my guess is they won't. I'm not afraid of scrutiny or any other kind of skepticism. It just seems like people bearing those names are very subversive, and try to harm me through others or by lying. I'm cautious about them, but names are not an automatic failure, just more of a warning I think. You can test this if you'd like, but stay vigilant. Be you. Don't be what people tell you to be. You found me for a reason. Listen to the being that sent you to me, not the beings that want you to be in THEIR control. That's a big reason as to why I maintain you being in charge of so much. I want you to be powerful, even more so than me. That can only help. Be cautious of those who want you to do everything THEIR way... to be under their control. They want fame, fortune, and glory... in hell, and will use you to procure those things for themselves, and only themselves. I want YOU and me to destroy hell. Just something to keep in mind.

These are all interesting complexities that are fun and frustrating to utilize as a resource. Nobody is going to be shunned unless they earn it. I use these things to help steer me in the right direction. It's a kind of dialect my maker and I have. None of my superiors actually "speak" to me. It's a more complicated dialect that is similar to watching silent movies where the emotional response is felt, thusly giving me a dialect that I can understand from a human perspective. Nothing actually talks like a human, so when religious zealots say shit like "Jesus spoke to me in a dream" (with words in modern English), I know they're lying. Jesus "speaks" to me through the dialect that I described. It's extremely funny most of the time. He was a very funny dude, as were the Yews. An attribute I keep to my close inner circle of friends, by the way. We have very pleasant "conversations" accordingly. Whenever I imply that I've "been told by my superiors" or similar context, now you know what I mean. I don't have any better terminologies to use for that particular "language," so I use modern dialect definitions to suffice. You'll learn that about me as time goes on. There are just WAY too many definitions that have not been assigned words in English that I have to teach. It makes my lessons fill up with analogies. I don't really have a choice. The unfortunate aspect of this situation is that a lot of information will die with me, there's just no getting around it. I'll try my best to help everyone understand, though. Just be aware, some of the more complex subject matter will be confusing due to the lack of proper nomenclatures in place, depending on your questions. What I understand is apparently far more advanced than the English language is ready for. We'll do our best to work through it.

Nathan sent me 20 dollars and it worked, so the link does work. I still need to link it to my bank account, though. When I tried, it said the threshold has been reached and to try again in 24 hours. I'll let you know when I get that taken care of. Again, thank you for all of your help and dedication, Miss Kewl. heh

Looking forward to our next project,