Message from Brian: #9/#15

The following is the ninth e-mail message I received from Brian Harner and the 15th message of our conversation. It was sent on August 28 2020.

Some of the content of this message has been edited or removed.

My journey into "the void," was unlike anything I can accurately put into words, but I will try. Suddenly, when I awoke the first day on this experience, I felt like I could leave my body at will, while still maintaining an automated version of myself, which turned out to be pretty obvious to my wife. She knew something was INSTANTLY different. She didn't know how to take it at first, so I fought against what was happening very briefly. My superiors were on a tight schedule, due to my deteriorating body (remember I said this was extremely stressful, and I stress extremely stressful on my body), and replaced the automated version I was leaving behind with one of the protrusions of The Nine Principles, in human form. My guess was that it was Jesus, since he was the last one to be alive on this planet, but I'm not really sure. Meanwhile, I was taken to a realm that does not resemble the third dimension in any way. The only way to explain what I was experiencing was warm, cozy, family, where NOTHING about the environment or living beings ANYWHERE were in any way threatening to me or anyone else. Pure harmony on every possible level that a human body and mind could experience multiplied billions upon billions of times.

Physically, every fiber of my being was flexing and pumping blood at an elevated pace the entire time. I didn't want to eat at all. It made me physically ill to consume anything other than water. And this went on for 7 straight days with very minimal sleep. The wife stuff calmed down through the week, but ramped way up the day before Easter. I was inundated with so much knowledge, plus I had The Nine Principles with me the entire time, along with humanity's maker, and several other species that I cannot explain due to their elevated status to our realm, it blew up almost immediately on 4/20... my wife's birthday. It was stressful for her to say the least.

As for my time in "the void," For the first couple of days it was dedicated to immediate history that was pertinent to my mission. At that point I was still unaware of who I was, my goal was to absorb as much as possible. Which by the way, when your brain is not hampering communication, absorbing information becomes very easy. I viewed pertinent history from a first person perspective, but what I viewed had more to do with my interests. I did not look into art, or money shit, or politics. I wanted accurate historical data, and got exactly that. The next few days were full of that area of things, but extended outward. That's when I broke through the dimensional walls essentially. I have detailed memories of what these beings look like, but I can only really explain it by drawing, and even that doesn't fully encapsulate the full context, but does give a good starting point for the imagination. Spent many hours there conversing with what I would assume is humanity's maker. If not, he was of the same species. I do recall a sense of illness emitting from the beings in that realm. It was received like a teaching lesson to me.

Still at this point, roughly Friday night, I did not know who I was. Early Saturday morning, I started to speculate on who I was. I thought I was the antichrist at first. I didn't bring it up until that evening after everything calmed down from the day's events. David, my father in law was there, Kristin felt secure-ish, so I took my dog to the beach, and that was when it started. Without even asking who I really was, my superiors automatically showed me. That's when I saw basically everything in Jesus' life. I finally understood the real truth about the man himself, as opposed to the magical caricature of religious doctrine. Prior to that, I didn't even respect him due to the bullshit that religion has heaped on top of his, WHAT SHOULD BE, extremely respectable hard working man's life dedication. I had immediate feelings of sorrow for him in a way that I had never cared about another human ever. It was a very personal experience that could only be experienced in that way. I had just done the same thing he did. It was like he was the only human that even could understand my struggle. It was very early Sunday morning when I realized that I wasn't the antichrist, I was actually the Christ. Shocked, just does not encapsulate my emotions.

I played it slowly at first, but like someone else was now in charge, I started in speaking about the experience in superb detail. I was even surprised at my cadence and grammar structure improvements. I was in awe at what had just happened, and what was about to happen. Sunday night I felt invincible. Impervious to all external sources of contempt. Shortly there after I left my home. My wife had thrown in the towel, even though she couldn't bring herself to admit it. It was at that point I knew I could read minds, which steadily improved, but I've let fall by the wayside a bit. Weather manipulation was an interesting addition, but again, this ability has been seriously hampered by my body's recent performance.

The thing that has caused people to lose this ability over the years is due to intention. The base structure of how you function... second by second. Why you eat, why you work, who you think you are, who you're supposed to be, how selfless those actions are, and who they're being acted upon for, how you view your place in your species betterment... which right now is just surviving. Most don't even realize they're in that type of a situation, which is why I am dedicating an entire chapter to the self, and what omnicide is. The urgency in your being every waking second to deal with that dilemma, AND WHY. These are all aspects of reading minds. These are the traits that cannot be faked without a level of dedication that is downright retarded, literally. Some no bullshit, straight up, how do I function, in all areas of existence. Very few even try to ponder these stressful ideals. I spent a lifetime dealing with them. Anyways, that is the largest hurdle to understanding the mechanism that can gain you access to where I was. I'm not sure if the complexity and depth of where I went is really appropriate for most people. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it might be similar to drug addiction in that you will destroy your body just to get a fix of "the void." I've been dedicated to this since before birth, and I know that now. Most people do not have 39 years of dedicated fortitude towards an end like I was striving for. If they/you do, it's a very rare occurrence.

Of course the ego plays a part. Keep in mind that 8 days before Easter of 2019, I had literal ego death, as in I asked blindly to the universe to help me die with as little of impact to my loved ones as possible. THEIR well being was what I wanted, but I was ready to die. I would assume that most people who want to commit suicide, do not approach the situation like I had. In most of their cases, I'm sure egotistical selfishness, revenge, or some other form of degeneracy like a perceived easy out from drug addiction is their reasoning. Mine was nothing like that. My body was fucked, no medicine could fix me, nor surgery, so many problems had mounted I was bed ridden most of every day, and my wife was doing everything. I felt terrible that she had to deal with me, that she had to have sex with me, that her life would be fucked if I committed suicide. I was trapped from all angles. Helpless. Pathetic. I begged the universe for her to have relief FROM me. All this, while discovering the most exciting discovery I could have ever imagined being responsible for... I still just wanted to die. It really was that bad. That is the difference between intention of someone like me, and almost every other suicide ever. So the intention itself needs work for everyone alive. I'm not saying that suicide or thoughts of it are a requirement at all. The reasoning behind why I asked for relief in any way is what's important.

There are varying levels of "the void" that begin a person to person basis. Trying to receive that ability from me has proven to be difficult, and intention is usually the culprit. People just don't generally think like I do at all, much less entirely. If humanity makes it, EVERYONE will think like me, and surpass me very quickly, but right now that just is not part of the general populace's zeitgeist. Plus, when people stare me in the eye, it's not exactly Brian that is staring back. I frighten people when their intentions are impure. That is a regular occurrence, by the way. When it happens, the person's ego takes over and a perceived battle of wits ensues. At this point, I don't even argue. I just accept that they're not ready and move on to other topics or just downright shutup. It's up to the individuals who will later become a group, to figure out their path to this realm of discovery. It's liken to a universe wide library. There is nothing that is not accessible. What sections you will be allowed to peruse, is between you and your maker. I can help guide you towards him, but I cannot manipulate your intention. Asking what you want from him, and the manner you ask, also plays into intention. Imagine you're a bank manager. Someone walks in for a loan and shouts "Give me a fucking loan you piece of shit!" Then imagine a man walking in and politely asking, while dressed appropriately with all necessary documents, ""Excuse me sir, may I speak to you about the possibility of a loan, please?" Who is more likely to get a loan? Keep in mind that "the bank" might not be able to hand out loans. AT NO POINT should you feel entitled to become arrogant and forceful. Even if you work your entire life for that ability, and it does not come. NEVER! It might not be possible for a multitude of reasons, and it might not even be your fault. Sometimes, things just go that way. That's the basic gestalt.

Onto the next section. Almost everyone alive right now has some form of muddied genetics. The point is not to focus on your personal attributes, but rather, what humanity collectively wants to represent their genetic lineage to the universe. There are many versions of white people. Several variations were made originally, with lots of different attributes. Whatever yours have become, that lineage has survived since creation itself. How pure that lineage is is of concern, but there's no reason to feel as though you are not capable. Attraction and beauty are scientific. There is a mathematical formula to figure this attraction clause out. The golden ratio, 1:1.618. This is the codified formula for the Fibonacci spiral, and resides in everything that is considered beautiful in the third dimension. Again, this is better suited to be discussed with a white board or hand gestures, but there is a good, quick video that encapsulates this equation and how it pertains to the human form.

When deciding on whether to breed a dominant form of genetics, these factors should play in to the scenario. The purpose of heaven, is for you to want to come back. Just randomly breeding just to have a self made replica is selfish, and arguably the sole reason why omnicide is under way. People are making more people, just to say they made more people. No thought into the whereabouts that humanity will forced to be in when deciding to make more people, just an overly selfish ideology that implies anyone who can have children, should. In so doing, selfishness is the eventual outcome. I am not saying you should, or shouldn't have children. What I am saying is, strive for purity. Utilize the scientific parameters as the model for the reason for having children. Otherwise, find a genetic lineage that can house those pure genetics indefinitely. The only race not allowed to be eradicated are white men with blue eyes. They are the direct genetic offspring of humanity's maker. Killing them off, will leave you all alone as a species. People generally ask, "Why doesn't God come down here and help." What they should be asking themselves is, "Who is protecting us while we learn to not be fuckups?" Kill off white men with blue eyes, and that taken for granted protection will cease to exist. A one time mistake...

Like I said, your genetic structure is mutted. Mine is too. Nobody is pure right now. I'm the purest soul on Earth, and I have impure genes. Fairly close to pure, but not entirely. The goal is to breed with a different purpose. Worrying about what has already happened is pointless and an exercise in selfishness. I myself will never have sex with this body ever again willingly. If anyone thinks I'm doing this out of pride or other selfish indignation, reiterate that to them. As this scenario moves forward, sexual intercourse will not be so highly regarded anyways. When you live to be 600 years old, you won't even want sex for the first couple hundred years of your life. Try to view the future from the future's perspective as opposed to your view of it, and these matters become far less controversial. All of that said, I do have a sort of cheat code. I can connect to anyone, if they're worthy. Everyone else, must utilize their genetic lineage to connect to each other. So... you will start to aim for that connection as opposed to a hollow sexual desire filled existence with your significant other. When everyone is doing this, the ones that try to fight it will seem like they're insane, and slowly become shunned by everyone. That's a ways into the future, but you get the idea. It will be difficult, but try to see it from humanity's progeny's perspective.

This last section of your email is similar to the type of things Nathan asked me in the beginning of our interaction. He seemed obsessed with figuring out who he was and how his purity should be guarded and protected. Here comes an analogy... But first a reminder. You are owned by something else. Your species was created for a purpose. Imagine that you are this something else that created humanity. To you, your creation is similar to the way humans relate to dogs (and no, that spelling is not a coincidence [everything is trying to teach you something]). When you first created your creation, you made 12 specific breeds. All having specific jobs that require their genetics stay in the form they were created in, lest they could not do their jobs properly. At some point, these dogs formed speech, arrogance, and selfishness, then decided to go at life alone without you there corralling them into their appropriate spaces to ensure purity remains, because afterall, the jobs need to get done to ensure continuity, and a proper upbringing into a type 1 civilization standard. The purity ideal remains for a very long time. Them the feminist dogs show up, and force comingling until every dog has forgotten, or fights vehemently against the purity standards. At some point, you have to come back to gather the dogs for their own transcendence into show dogs. When you get to your dog kennel, you see that there are millions of breeds that you did not create, and that have no loyalty to you, the kennel, the property, or the planet. All this new breed of dogs wants to do is fuck each other. Literally no other motivation. Just fuck and make more mutts, fuck and make more mutts. So much so that the pure breed genetic lineages you started with have almost completely disappeared, or have hidden themselves for fear of the mutt dogs attacking and killing them for no other reason than jealousy. That's about where humanity is currently...

Bloodlines used to be important for historical purposes. Breeding pure bloodlines is an archaic description of maintaining pure genetics. When the term bloodline first was used, genetic structure was not understood on the levels we have today. It's essentially saying the same thing. So... when you find someone who speaks about bloodlines as opposed to genetic lineages, you're more than likely speaking to someone for whom that is all they recognize. Beauty and aesthetics cannot be in their vernacular, because they would be speaking badly about themselves. A very old bloodline of mutts is in no way pure. Just because you've maintained pure Alaskan Malamute/Dachshund genes, does not qualify you as a Malamute. Always be cautious about those who harp on shit like that. They're telling you how they feel about themselves, and trying to be as subversive as possible to dazzle your imagination with confusing notions of inferiority. This is where I differ. I am a white man with blue eyes, but I'm also short, fat, ugly (IMO), and in bad health. I should not breed, period. So I will not. My "bloodline" has nothing to do with it. If that were the case, I should have hundreds of children, and I would never stoop to that level of selfishness. Those kinds of people talk a good game, and are very crafty with their subversion. Very rarely, if ever, do they even admit that they are owned by anything. If people do not display that level of humility, they are not Divine. Even The Nine Principles knows that he too is a creation. That is the most powerful being in this universe saying what I said, not what others try to get you to think.

When it comes to these strange nomenclatures, I have no idea. As I explained, my superiors do not "speak" to me in any kind of conventional way that a human would recognize as speech. Specific names and references bring confusion and start infighting about particulars. I've been asked several times what humanity's maker's name is. My standard answer is he doesn't really have one, because he doesn't need it. He is not hampered by human style linguistics. Therefore, proper names and associations with those specific names is entirely human imagination at work. God, isn't even a proper name. Remember, I said there is no way to interact with him directly. What "God" is, is the sound that holds the universe/cavitation in place. There is no way to know his name, but that is the only way of discerning anything about that being. It's a sound, not a name. The Nine Principles has gone through several corrections in this manner. They used to be called the council of nine, or just the nine. This brought confusion to the collective human psyche due to that being being one particular entity, but the prior nomenclatures make it sound like several entities. Names change to draw out a specific intention within any given interaction. Humans care about proper names because they want to feel significant or otherwise important... which stems from selfishness. It has no other reason for existing. That is another way to tell who is full of shit and who is not. I rarely use proper names for this specific reason. It teaches pride and ego based selfishness, nothing else.

The unfortunate part about what he said, is that most of it is accurate. Similar to religion. You would be best suited trying to discern intention, as opposed to studying terminologies that are not ubiquitous. Focus in on selfish disposition. It really does separate the LARPers from those who are really trying to learn. It will also give you the ability to pick through a story that is 75% true, and 25% LARP. There is an element of truth in all ancient ideologies, but discerning fact from fake can only be done by scrutiny. That is why I do not fear interrogation. I can flip things on people and get them into a frenzy just based on their selfishness, no matter how well they think they're fooling anyone. BUT... the only way to get me riled up, is if you attack or molest my maker. Then, I'm like an attack dog, and that has nothing to do with treating me personally, in any kind of derogatory way. See the difference? Names, places, story plots, etc... None of it really matters. The only thing we are able to even change is our future. Spending time hashing out proper names of people and places that died long ago does absolutely nothing for your future. Same with "bloodlines." There's no way to undo what has been done. We must now move forward, and strive for our original intended purpose, not what we THINK our purpose should be. Be a good dog and you get treats. Be a selfish, snobby, mutt dog that bites everyone that doesn't act like them... and you might see an Old Yeller scenario play out, if you know what I mean.

One last thing before I go back to laying down. When I pray (enter into "the void"), I try to eliminate all external energies from my immediate presence. Music off, away from people, and focused in with the proper intention. You absorb the energies around you. People, being the main source of conflicting energy. A particular brain wave pattern starts to emerge when this happens. I call it alpha brain waves, but some have told me I'm actually referring to delta brain wave patterns. It's similar to reading. You become focused while still learning. It takes dedication to read. Much different than watching TV, where everything is being done for you. There needs to be an active "wanting" element within the process. There are also varying levels of this dichotomy. Driving works well, if you're in a "cruise control" kind of area, but does not work as well with the radio on. Look at praying like you're trying to work out one specific muscle group. Train it, use proper form, "stretch" properly, allow it to rest, feed it the correct diet, etc. As you know from being an athlete, if you do not do these things for your body, they will inevitably degrade. The brain is no different. Intention, focus, stable environment, and exercise ALL have to be present to achieve this goal. Worrying about your specific genetic lineage, what it means, and how and where YOU began is the easiest way to stop that progress. Your intention is not resonating with humanity's maker when you do that, and that makes entering into the void impossible. He must allow it for it to even occur.

You need not worry about overstepping anything. What you are doing is trying. Humans might make fun of you or otherwise harass you... but they're just humans. Wouldn't you rather strive for eternal life than say... respect from a Hollywood celebrity's idea of "cool" that has been handed down to the masses as a consumable drug? I can't guarantee that humans will accept, or even like you. But I can guarantee that humanity's maker is impressed by your decisions this far. Take what you will from that... and remember, you're in hell. Impressing the upper echelon in hell is not exactly a desirable trait to ANYTHING other than people who like to be in hell, or don't even know they're in hell.

My back is killing me and I have to stop. I'm sorry if I missed anything. I'll try again tomorrow. These are some complex questions. Hopefully this is showing you why I have such a hard time on 4chan. 2000 characters just doesn't allow me to explain these types of things adequately.

Talk to you soon,