Message to Brian: #10/#22

The following is the 10th e-mail message I wrote to Brian, and the 22nd message in our conversation. This was sent on August 29 2020.

I am self-conscious about taking up your time. I don't like to say things that divert from the point anyway. There's a lot to talk about. On top of that we face several levels of urgency-- both 9/1 and the demise of our species. So I know we need to keep things moving.

I started reading 8ch in 2017, and I had almost no exposure to either chan before then. I have read a few posts that say it has gotten worse there since the last election: sorry I forgot about those. Perhaps the point stands that 8ch was superior post-election, but it has been gone for exactly one year now.

For traits you also mention cognitive ability, "consistency," and "compatibility." And you said that in an ideal situation what people are will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

"These people control the narrative on both sides of any given argument. The argument itself doesn't matter. It only matters, from their viewpoint, that the individual absorbing the propaganda is selfish. When that is ubiquitous, ANYTHING can be controlled. That is the basis for MK Ultra."

So basically the entire species is MK ultra'd and the only cure is selflessness. I suppose selflessness is the cure to just about any addiction or bad habit? I do have one set of bad habits and I engage in it only if I either over-analyze a mundane siutation or think about hostilities from or arguments with others, even in a very subtle way. The result is that I do engage in it most days. It's basically just touching my skin and hair too much and too harshly, and it does leave some damage.

Given what you have said, the real difficulty of feminism and liberalism might be that they appear selfless. People pointing out their own group's supposed shortcomings and standing up for others could be classified as selfless. In the big picture they bear little fruit: they don't make things better for anyone. Is it at least possible for the intention to be selfless, then?

On my website I've talked a bit about how I used to be liberal and ended up rejecting it (mainly in an article titled "Welcome to the Void"). The basis of my rejection is that this worldview seems to be inherently materialistic, hedonistic, and nihilistic. Liberalism does not seem to care for precision. As such you can do whatever you want if it is gratifying to you, and who cares? I seems it say "seems" so just in case there are exceptions, but I barely see such exceptions. Does liberalism care about anything except an appearance of fairness which is actually just pandering to those who are "inferior" and (who) try to hide from the fact?

The only possibly solid argument I've seen in favor of liberalism/any kind of leftist thought is that there would be no regulations without it. We'd be swimming in corporate sewage akin to the days of Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle." Of course, you don't have to be a feminist to advocate for human safety and environmental health. Being an equilibriumist should suffice.

In the end I think liberalism is like winning a race and handing your trophy to one of the last finishers. It seems nice, but that person just does not have what it takes to be where the winner is, at least not at that point in time. The winner can share his process, give advice, and make sure the competition remains fair, but if he tries to change things in a way so fundamental that people "win" due to handicaps/handouts, then it's game over. That's like how you can answer our questions but you cannot magically give us your abilities. You did not "win" by magic so how could it be that way for others? I can speak to the "back of the pack" perspective, too. At some of the harder races I run I finish near last or even not at all. I can see how I could have made it, if only this or that had not happened. But I don't want a trophy prematurely, and I always manage to find the day's lessons. Those who do want the unearned trophy must be delusional, wanting reward for something they did not succeed at. I almost feel sorry because I know beneath the selfish screeching there is probably a terror of death. Again, as I said, those who intend the best for the collective open the gates to their own highest potential as an individual. That is the counter-poison to the terror of death, but for the majority it is hard to drink water when everyone else is having alcohol.

I did put together a document on everything you've said about Jesus in your book, posts, and these e-mails. It's about 34000 words (with room for paring down). I might post it somewhere like Pastebin in case people want to see your exact quotes for themselves, all in one place. It is true that gathering all of your posts has taken a fair amount of time, and I might as well use this position to organize the information for others. I want to do it for my own understanding anyway. I also intend to write an article about this. In either this article or the next I would like to copy the story of your realization/journey into the void as you told it to me. I'll also include what you've said about Jesus in these e-mails. I don't know yet how or at what point I'll share these e-mails in their entirety. I will do that eventually but it might be too much now. Anyway, I handwrote an opening to this Jesus article earlier: it basically pertains to your desire for people to recognize the labor that is responsible for everything in existence, including the status achieved by both you and Jesus.

My pastebin account uses my real name. While that is not standard for the website I don't *think* I'll get BTFO, for the most part. If I was writing about you under an anonymous handle it wouldn't be as powerful.

Other related matters. Rather than push Ultrasignup to work with me I've decided to hold off and find some clarity on the matter. So far the thought that has come to me is, "It could be genuine but it's not guaranteed that many people will like it." So I don't know whether I'll end up using that platform. I suppose I can't pretend that the "Arian Technologies Association" will put on another set of races just like any other. I want to hold out for the potential that is there. It seems the imperative is to wait for now.

That brings us to 9/1. I updated the donation page on my website with your link: I suspect the funds for 9/1 will come together last minute. That is partially because the completion of the holy grail is due for 8/31 so it indeed will not be clear until the last minute how much you'll have left for your living expenses. I've been wondering what the big green egg is. I thought you mentioned that somewhere else once but I haven't found the reference. Anyway, I think Monday evening I'll ask you how things went and how much you need to keep going to make sure I give you enough. As long as that PayPal setup is working as it should, then you should be able to receive the funds just in time. I am looking to make a post on 4chan with the link, though I want it to be centered. Right now I'm thinking I will make posts related to my article again (this time about Jesus) but I do not foresee it being peaceful, as expected. Hm... There is an /x/ thread up right now asking about full disclosure. The answer is that other intelligent species throughout the universe won't communicate with us unless we get our act together. No one has said this in the thread yet. Without spending much time checking, I think you are best received in threads focused on either building or ancient Egypt. There's also a thread up about the mark of the beast. Finally, there is an OP is asking what is the spiritual significance of COVID-related measures such as physical distancing and isolation. As for /pol/, Trump supporters are entering Portland.

I will want to respond to the more in-depth aspects of your e-mail. That will include ability, pacifism, genetics, history, women, and love in due time. I just wanted to get this to you in a timely manner. I've wondered about creating "the real feminism," once I've discerned what that is to satisfaction, but I can easily foresee that being too shallow and doomed to fail. I've rarely cared for publicly making my sex a big deal more than I have to. I took the fact that anons in my thread thought I was male- even with the link to my website- as a sign that I was doing a sufficient job of useful discussion, or at least not being dumb in the particular way that women are. In these e-mails, on the other hand, I can tell that my messages are much duller than yours. However, this is a different kind of relationship than creating a thread, and who is brighter than you, anyway? I am aware that in certain contexts I have more license to say certain things than men do, and I intend to make use of that for the best.

Thank you.

-Kim Wrate