Message to Brian: #12/#25

The following is the 12th e-mail message I sent to Brian Harner, and the 25th message in our conversation. This was sent on August 30 2020, in the evening.

Most of the information in this message was pertinent to where I live and people I know: I removed the majority of that information.

Well, this is the perfect time to say some of the other things I've been meaning to say to you.

At this point in time the total I have on hand is about 500. If it comes down to it I could make it if I leave myself about 50 of that. I do not work a lot. I possibly regret it more now than I ever did, though if I was caught up in a job I also would have had less time to devote to this.

On that note, the day after we first talked I thought, "If I was a rich lady I could just marry him and share all of my assets with him." I figured that if we could not find a fundraiser that everyone can donate to then one loophole through that would be marriage, since anything I give you would not be charity but joint assets. Since I am not rich I figured that for this to be worthwhile I would have to work more and/or for more money than I do presently. It would be helpful if I owned my own property since you could live there, but I still live with my parents. What's hard is that even if you find the means to sustain yourself you might not have enough to do your projects, and I know you don't want to live if you cannot work on these projects.

There may be helpful places around here locally.

Another possibility is if I keep my current job. Since February 2018 I have worked at the community college I graduated from. I only work during the main semesters, which is part of why I don't make a lot of money. We definitely have machining programs including welding and CNC routing. I went to school for cybersecurity and I tutor computer science so I'm not quite in that department, but I might have sufficient connections to other faculty that I could help you to gain access to equipment. Again, I don't know exactly what they have or what you need, and COVID amplifies difficulties.

I realize the weather here compared to OK must also be an issue.

I know I am probably grasping at straws but I don't want to let this end without considering the possibilities. A bit hard-headed, I suppose...

It is hard for me to think about you not making it: I'd be rather demoralized. I would still make my best effort, but... Well, I don't want to think too hard about that.

I have potential technical questions regarding the construction. I also want to tell you about a couple of minor, relevant experiments I've tried, which were focused on using stone structures for healing. I actually didn't even read the first few paragraphs of your e-mail yet. I figured I might as well just send this to you now.

-Kimberly Wrate