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The following is the fourth e-mail message I sent to Brian Harner, and the ninth message of our conversation. This was sent on August 27 2020, at 1:16AM EST.

Much of the original content of this message has been removed.

I submitted my webpage to Ultrasignup and am waiting on another response from them now. So far it has been disappointing relative to what I expected, since I've used this service for six years and it is highly regarded by runners and race directors alike. Hopefully I will not need to say anything more on this matter. If problems persist I can try calling them. Otherwise all details for the page are ready to be put into place, and I am considering how I will share the link on 4chan. Perhaps I will make another thread.

My full name is Kimberly Elizabeth Wrate. I was born on June 29 1996 at 1:58AM with a twin brother who was born one minute later. I was ready to be born, he was not and actually was born asleep (we were delvered via c-section). Elizabeth is a name from my blue-eyed paternal grandmother, either her middle name or confirmation name.
This is an opportunity to talk about genetic lines. If you just want the name information you can skip this paragraph and the next (go to "Now for my last name"). My grandmother's paternal ancestors have the surname Hamlin: they are from Alsace and I think we are German, which Alsace predominantly is. Some names are French, some are German, so it seems in Alsace they knew both languages. Hamlin is the Americanized version of Hemmerle. The other set of ancestors from Alsace had the surname Linck. Hemmerle is the genetic line which I identify with most and which resonates with my soul: it is what I feel shines through me in my finer moments. Somehow the records on this family were kept so well that I know all of my ancestors within it up to my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents Mathieu Hemmerle and Catherine Essig, born in 1633 and 1627 respectively. There is even a note which says that prior to the 1400 the name was Hemmerlein, and Hemmerle is an abbreviation. Specifically, "Membre du conseil Évenement : C'est vers 1400 qu'il est fait mention de ce nom 'Hemmerle, contraction de Hemmerlein' à Lauterbourg." Hemmerlein is the name I identify with since it is the original. This genetic line includes my most prominent family members, such as the Olympic luge athlete Erin Hamlin: our common ancestors are our great-grandparents. There are also a couple of "family spooks." James' brother has the somewhat questionable name of J. Carroll Hamlin. J. Carroll assisted the FBI "in probes of subversive activites in the Mohawk Valley" during World War II and was commended for his work by J. Edgar Hoover. Later he became the commissioner of public safety for the city of Utica, NY, which is where the Hamlin family first settled in the U.S. and where we remain 187 years later. J. Carroll's son Michael was an FBI investigator who died in a car accident in Dover, Delaware on December 14 1977 while on an undercover assignment. Several family members think he was killed deliberately. Anyway, overall the primary ethnicity I identify with is German. As far as the number of ancestors go, however, I am only 1/8 German, maybe 1/4 if you count what might be an anglo great-grandparent (surname Skinner). The rest of me is 1/4 Irish and 1/2 Italian. The Germanic-Celtic side is a bit fuzzy and the fractions are based on my current knowledge of my ancestors. My mother, on the other hand, is "100% Italian." Her father has parents from Calabria, which is a state in southern Italy.
While I most feel German, the ethnic subculture I am most familiar with is Italian-American. The dominant ethnicity in New York State, Oneida County, and the city of Utica is Italian. In fact, this place used to be called "Sin City of the East," and was rather firmly controlled by the mafia until the 1970s. The people accepted it because the mafia provided order and defense to the city. There are whispers that they still operate silently, but I have seen nothing firsthand. There are subtle clues that Utica was shaped by Germans (who certainly arrived here before the Italians), which may be the case in many places and aspects of life.
Now for my last name. My paternal ancestry is Irish. Patrick Wrape emigrated to America by 1881. The family name did not become Wrate until the 1970s. My father's oldest sibling was harassed by other students for her surname when she entered junior high. My grandmother decided to legally change one letter of the name to spare her descendants from ridicule. Her husband had cheated on her and they had divorced, so this mitigated any remorse she might have about the name change. A change from "Rape" to an anagram for "Water" could be analagous to, from "Hell" to "Heaven."

The numerology of my name. KEW is 11+5+23=39. 3+9=root of 12, 12=root of 3. 39 is the age at which you had your realization and 23 is the age at which I found you. 11+5=16 is the age at which I had my initial spiritual awakening, as noted on my About page. 16 is also the age you were when I was born.

Maybe “KEW” means “kewl.” For this one it's apt that in German the letter K typically is used in place of the English "hard c," such that "capitalist" is "Kapitalist" in German. By extension "cool" would be "kool," and the actual German word for cool is "kuhl."

I have "dirty blond" hair and my skin is lighter than his in Winter. In the Summertime my skin gets tan due to my mother's genes, and my hair turns light due to my father's genes. Aside from my hair people say I look like my mother, and I think her father's face shows in me. The two pictures on my About page are not close-up: they also are both from 2014. I will share a few recent pictures with you. A profile view. This is from April 27 2019. A close-up view. June 2 2019. A close enough full view. May 31 2019. A local rock formation: this is one of the Ithaca gorges. July 18 2020.
Those pictures are all decent so I will give you "1" less-flattering one to balance. April 27 2019.