Message to Brian: #5/#11

The following is the fifth message I sent to Brian Harner, and the eleventh message of our conversation. This was sent on August 27 2020.

One of the next things I was going to suggest was a PayPal donation button. is newer and I did not know what it does. That looks like it should do the job. I will add my share to it in the next several days. I might ask how much you need first to make sure I give enough.
Perhaps I have been too hard-headed. I definitely wondered that while writing up the webpage. I find talk to be fallen, because when caught up in it I usually am wrong. I also tend to mess up when I really want to do well at something. When I tell myself to not be lazy the result is often that I am less centered and dumber. So, I will back off for the moment. I guess all that needs to be done now is sharing the link properly.