Message to Brian: #6/#14

The following is the sixth e-mail message I sent to Brian Harner, and the 14th message of our conversation. This was sent on August 27 2020, at 8:53PM.

Some of the content of this message has been removed.

I am inclined to think the whole Ultrasignup/race thing might have been overstepping myself. I'm not sure there's much worth saying about it at this point, though it could lead to a conversation I want to have anyway about naivete and what I call "the ultimate blackpill." If your link is not totally working just yet then this could be a good time to shift focus from the mundane to more eternal matters.

Overall the Judas situation may verify the idea that the most significant adversary in life is traitors. This was true in both world wars and is also played out in works of fiction. The most noteworthy conflicts are not those between families (such as races) but those within families.
In a thread in June you said that Christopher has been under divine instruction and will be here to answer questions when you are gone. That must be Nathan.
I used to play a MMORPG called Runescape. There were enemies in the game called the "Lesser Demons." Lesser could also be "inferior" or "lowly" as in, "a low regard for life." Here is a visual:

My home city of Utica is part of the rust belt and there are many abandoned buildings here. 15 minutes after I sent you the e-mail about my name, at 1:30AM, an abandoned mall at the edge of the city caught on fire. This is one of the biggest fires that has happened around here in my lifetime. 18 hours later the smell of smoke is still in the air at my home, which is about 10 miles from the site of the fire. The fire could use some "Kewl water," which is the best I can ask of my name.
There are experiences I have had that I have never talked about. I made a list of things I would most want to ask you about before potentially parting ways, and they are matters I should discuss with you in either case. Because of the complexity I will have to share some of it in writing, though I feel that soon it will be time to talk to over the phone. In the recent /x/ thread you said that if you could get a phone conversation with me you would explain how the pyramid walls were built. In an older thread you offered a lesson on how to break the reincarnation cycle to the buyer of the pale horse.
The most important subject I want to talk to you about is the void. This is potentially a very dense subject. It relates to what you say about information that is beyond language. Earlier this year I wrote several articles about the void and they are long. I felt I had to try but I knew it would be difficult to communicate. I did explain that the information I receive may or may not be accurate depending on the extent of my purity in the moment. When I tap into the void I sometimes prefer to translate the vibrations into language in the present, rather than waiting to try to interpret it later.
To start I could point out that you said, "Both Alexander and Kassidi lost the Holy Grail to the void by breaking the seal, and it cost Kassidi (in the movie) her life." In my article about you I did talk about the void, which is the singularity of all things ("the all"). I said, "When you tap into the void you can see through the eyes of those who came before you and feel their feelings. Your strongest connection through the void is to those most like you. The person in history most like Brian is Jesus, and Brian is similar enough to Jesus that he has been able to see through his eyes."
Am I talking about the void correctly? I have not seen the Indiana Jones movie and will try to interpret based on my understanding of things. It sounds like Alexander and Kassidi suppressed their hearts, betrayed some kind of contract, and threw away their salvation. The void in this example represents the inevitable renewal of the perfection of life due to the laws of nature. The void re-absorbed the Holy Grail (i.e. their chance at victorious self-realization), and Kassidi and Alex were left vulnerable and out in the open. The universe does not overlook what each lifeform is meant to be, even if those lifeforms choose to betray their destiny. Once the two recognized this reality there was nothing more for them to do in this life, so at least one of them died.
That interpretation sounds true enough to the real-life stories of those two. One of my concerns is whether I use my terms with enough precision. Where I said "universe" I thought "void" might be the correct term but was not sure.
The fact that you may die with unshared information has been on my mind. I might have the potential to absorb some of your non-verbal knowledge- especially if I get the right handle on the void- though I know there is a lot of it. I guess we cannot use the method of staring into each other's eyes since we are not the same sex. There must be ways of some kind. My article about you felt like some of the easiest writing I have ever done. If I could match your energetic level well enough then perhaps I would absorb some of that knowledge.

One reason I told you about my genetic lines is in case you can provide clarity on matters. Anything I say to you I am open to receiving corrections or additional information on. I say my soul is German while knowing that German people are not identified as such in the historical record until the time of the Roman Empire. I have not yet seen where my genetic line goes far back in time. I was also hoping you might tell me how "tainted” you think my genetics might actually be.
I do not discuss such topics ever. I have felt a bit uncomfortable doing so in these last several e-mails but I know I have to somehow. Whenever I try to talk about these things I feel like it tarnishes my meekness and purity somehow, and I have not seen the way around that yet. This is a matter where I am asking for your help because I want to share my thought process transparently, but I haven't figured out the right way to share this yet. I can foresee this requiring some more information on my part (like tracing back my genetic line) which is fine.