An Inspirational Message-- Just for You

I've created a web app that shares with you an inspirational message. The unassuming title, for now, is "The Message Generator." 

It's very lightweight and simple, and should load immediately. All you have to do is click right here and get some thoughtful, motivational goodness.

I thought this would be a nice way to break down various pieces of advice I tend to give myself-- to share each of them individually, and see how they stand on their own. If nothing else, this is a nice way of keeping track of them and reminding myself of them.

I could have listed all of them out in an article, and perhaps I will. But I thought this one-at-a-time format would be nice for digesting a single idea. These messages can make for a nice pick-me-up at the start of a day or in the middle of difficulty or sluggishness.

The message you get is random. Of course, does randomness really exist? Whatever the case, you can at least pretend the message you get is a synchronicity. It applies to your life somehow. :)

If you like this app, I recommend saving it as a bookmark, so that you don't have to return to this article to view it. Ideally the app would be hosted on and integrated into, but, well... We shall see about that. 


If you have any suggestions, such as messages to be added or typos to be fixed (or a snazzier title), you can send me a message through the Contact form.

Additionally, the code can be viewed and used freely. It is hosted at this page on GitHub.

Have fun! :)