Methane Hydrates Research Study

On December 15 2020 at 11:45AM I sent the following e-mail message to Brian Harner:

A quick e-mail. On 4chan why did you say that "the publishing has not been recorded"? Isn't this the team that made the alarming methane hydrate discovery in the Laptev Sea in Fall? (Archive link)



His reply- which is the 50th e-mail he has sent to me- on December 15 2020 at 7:50PM:

Before a scientific study is published, the data needs to be reviewed by "peers" so that references can be made for the inferences that are claimed by the researchers. It might be published now, but when I made that post it hadn't been yet. Usually those types of papers take months. That all said, I'm fairly certain that the researchers knew what they were looking at. Although one of the experiments that determines the origin of the methane released is in measuring deuterium traces, and I'm fairly certain they did not have that capability while out to sea, so determining if the saturation was high enough that the only reasonable conclusion was that the methane was coming from hydrates is plausible. Just so you know, the heavier the deuterium, the more ancient the source methane. If the deuterium was lighter, the data could show that the methane originated from melting permafrost or natural flares in the atmosphere column. To play the "safe" game of not jumping to conclusions, the researchers had more experiments to run. All of that said... I'd be surprised if where and when the samples were taken did not all but confirm the worst case scenario. It was very late in the season, the ice still hadn't formed, and there was video evidence of the hydrates releasing above average stores from the sea floor. It was a safe bet to release the preliminary findings to the press. That's why they did... I think. At least that's my best "educated" guess.

Hope that clears it up...