My Need for Attention is Filled

What if everybody already knew everything about me? My desires, thoughts, feelings, intentions, opinions, beliefs, fears, accomplishments, preferences, past experiences… How, then, would I relate to other humans? What would my life be like?


If that was the case, I would no longer have a need for attention. The only people who would have me as company are those who truly still want to. I wouldn’t need to explain or justify myself to them, nor would I need to do all of this rampant storytelling. Instead, I could listen to them, and we could focus on having a good time together.

The only reason to tell the other person of something about me would be to spark conversation about it—in particular, so I could get her input about it. Perhaps, however, there is a new issue: the need to know what the other person thinks… Yet, if this person still chooses to have me in her company, then I can probably get a pretty good idea of what she thinks without even asking. All in all, the basic reason for conversation about myself would be entertainment and experiential value.

It would be silly not to have ridiculously open conversations. There would be no sense in it. Likewise, there would be no reason to shy away from my desires. If the other person knows my desires and will still have me around, I assume she is perfectly fine with my pursuit of them.

In short, my relationships would be much better this way… The clawing neediness for attention would disappear, and I would need to tell stories and defend myself by them no more.