Observations of Feminism

I am a woman and I wrote this all by myself. Wow, what an achievement...

Feminists demand sexual “justice” while being hypersexual and defending prostitution.

Feminists do not acknowledge that they can say whatever they want, while criticism of them is repressed.

Feminists have no substantial regard for the natural environment, though they will tell you they do.

Almost everything a feminist says is a form of "virtual signaling," meaning they say whatever they think will make them appear "fashionable" to each other.

Feminists proclaim, "My body, my choice," while degrading their own bodies via obesity, alcohol, promiscuity, casual sex, licit and illicit drugs including birth control, and abortions which are not medically necessary. Then, when people point out that they have made destructive choices, feminists deny that the choices are in fact destructive. Some feminists will instead deny responsibility for the choices they have made, and place the blame for their actions on other people.

Feminists insist that they can do everything men can do, and demand to be hired in jobs held by men, but only those jobs which provide positions of power and influence in society. Feminist women rarely clamor to be sanitation workers, for example.

Feminists rarely, if ever, consider that they are a factor in the declining quality of relations between men and women.

Feminists do not acknowledge the selfishness they have lead women to take for granted. Feminism teaches women that there is no problem with having as much sex as they want with whomever they please. From there, women go so far as to think they are "oppressed" for having to "bear the brunt" of birth control.

What do feminists think is the biggest problem in the world? Their answer appears to be, "Oppression." Specifically, "Oppression enacted by white men."

Feminists rarely acknowledge the work and contributions made by men.

Feminists call out white men for being pedophiles, but they accept pedophilia when it is practiced by transwomen and drag queens.

Feminists value pleasure and self-gratification over purity. In fact, it appears that purity is completely at odds with feminism.

Feminism and the way feminists live is totally entrenched in the system. Self-sufficiency is anathema to feminism.

Feminism prevails in urban areas (cities) more than in rural areas. Feminism would be unlikely to survive without the existence of cities.

Feminists (and liberals in general) most frequently defer to the excuse that, “People are just trying to live their lives,” whenever defending the choices people make. There is no regard for the long-term consequences, nor for big picture.

Feminism gives women the impression that they will be less intelligent and less skilled if they do not pursue a college education and a full-time career. In reality, women have become less intelligent and less skilled with each passing generation. Likewise, women are encouraged to pursue a college education more the more that time goes on.

Feminists rarely find and implement real solutions to their problems. Instead they cope by talking about their problems publicly and, in a number of cases, taking drugs such as alcohol or anti-anxiety medications.

Feminists do not acknowledge the rapid rate of human, societal, and planetary degradation that has occurred since women gained the right to vote approximately 100 years ago.

Feminists do not acknowledge that men tend to take more personal responsibility and blame than women do.

Feminists do not acknowledge the connection between the social environments they place themselves in, the degenerate activities they engage in such as drinking alcohol, and rape.

Feminists value emotions over objective reality.

Feminists do not seem to be opposed to violence as long as it is not committed by straight white men.

Feminists think white male supremacy is the worst thing in the world, but seem to be fine with other groups claiming superiority over others.

Feminists do not acknowledge that women are held to lower standards than men, and are also punished less harshly than men.

Feminists seem to despise real beauty. They insist that the dysfunctional and the ugly is regarded as equally beautiful to the functional. This insistence is demonstrated through the artpieces supported and created by feminists.

Feminists do not acknowledge that what they are ultimately fighting for is the ability for women of all kinds to be individualistic and selfish.

Feminists do not acknowledge that they demand sexual freedom for women while berating sexual freedom in men (perhaps with the exception of homosexual and transgender men).

Feminists are fine with cultural appropriation only when they are enacting it on to patriarchal culture.

Feminists release all people from personal responsibility for their actions except for straight white men. In so doing they hold straight white men to higher standards than everyone else. Do feminists realize they are doing this? Why would feminists hold straight white men to higher standards unless they thought that straight white men are superior in ability to everyone else?

Feminists tend to defend a religion which oppresses women. Simultaneously, feminists complain that women are oppressed.

Feminists contributed to the fact that I was taught about Andy Warhol in elementary school art class, and had to complete a project which emulated his art style. Warhol contributed to the proliferation of pornography, by directing films such as Blue Movie and Blowjob.

Feminists will defend "oppressed" groups by saying, "Not all x are guilty of this reprehensible behavior." Simultaneously they claim that, "All men are rapists."

Feminists do not acknowledge that all the gains in power they have made is the result of straight white men conceding their own power (and therefore being “pushovers”).

Feminists do not acknowledge that the present state of human society is totally dependent on a crude oil economy.

Feminists have been one of the largest obstacles to purity in women, as well as to the pursuits of pure women.

Feminists do not acknowledge the hypocrisy they engage in. Feminists take pride in their alleged ability to be independent from men: meanwhile, they cannot seem to regulate how much they want and engage in sex with men.

Feminists do not acknowledge that the purest women are never feminists. This is because feminists hate purity and actively work to destroy it.

Feminists do not acknowledge that, as stated in Brave New World, political freedom declines as sexual freedom increases.

Feminists do not acknowledge that mental illness and discontent tend to exist in proportion to sexual promiscuity.

Feminists do not acknowledge the nihilism inherent in their worldview, sexual promiscuity, and the need for everyone to be "equal."

Feminists seem to have a need for everyone to be equal and therefore identical, not merely in the opportunities available to them but also in their abilities, ideals, and physical possessions.

Feminists seem to lack both representation and success in one of the world's most gender-neutral sports, ultramarathon running. Furthermore, the most prominent women in this sport tend to have strong support from at least one man.

Feminists seem to think that disenfranchising and taking revenge on men- as opposed to fundamentally changing the way humans live- will solve real problems.

Feminists proclaim that white men are the most "privileged" individuals, while failing to acknowledge that white men can be thoroughly criticized, insulted, and berated as a group with no repercussions to the people insulting them. I'll show you right now. Here it goes: White men are idiotic, vile, and responsible for all of the problems in society. If white men stopped existing, the world would be a better place. I hate white men, and I hope they all disappear! -- What punishment or backlash do you think I will receive for saying this? I expect none. What do you think would happen if I replaced "white men" with a different group of people? Would the result be different? If so, why?

Feminists do not acknowledge that men are generally regarded as being more dispensable than women.

Feminists do not acknowledge that straight white men form the only group in society that collectively expresses concern over its treatment of other groups.

Feminists do not acknowledge that the percentage of people with skills essential to society's functioning is relatively small. Furthermore, feminists do not acknowledge that the overwhelming majority of the people who have these skills are men. Feminists also do not acknowledge that these skills are generally possessed by people who do not have positions of power in society. These skills, and the jobs performed by people with these skills, include machining, glass-blowing, metallurgy, plumbing, construction work, agriculture, sanitation work, electricians, auto mechanics, pilots, and repairmen of all kinds. Instead, when feminists praise "essential workers," they tend to focus on white-collar workers such as doctors and schoolteachers, as well as dispensable workers such as grocery store cashiers. Meanwhile, feminists will continue to claim they are fighting against the "privileged" people in society.

Feminists do not acknowledge that women tend to hold jobs which are less physically-demanding than the jobs held by men-- nor do they clamor for "equality" in this regard.

Feminists seem uncomfortable with the premise of a straight white man and a straight white woman having a family together-- especially if this family is self-sufficient and not dependent upon the system for sustenance.

Feminists seem to find it necessary to be obnoxious to make their point. This includes making unnatural alterations to their appearance such as dying their hair, getting naked in public, screaming, and making inflammatory statements about men.

Feminists both insist on equality and tend to be atheist, yet they defend Islam while being strongly opposed to Christianity. Would it not be more consistent to equally oppose all religions?

Feminists do not acknowledge that women generally are the keepers of moral standards, at least and especially when it comes to sex. Non-coercive men will fall to the standards set by women. If women are content with promiscuity, then men will engage in promiscuity. Likewise, when a woman insists on purity, then the men around her will submit to this purity (provided they are not rapists). This is one power women ACTUALLY have which feminists do not seem to acknowledge nor care for at all. This is likely because feminists do not value purity. Consequently, women are generally not aware that this is one real power they have over men, and that they can use that power to facilitate an ideal and morally upright society.

Feminists likewise do not acknowledge that women naturally are the limiting factor in reproduction, since a man can procreate with as many women as he can fornicate with in one year, while a woman can produce only one child by one man in that time.

Feminists do not acknowledge the other major power women have over men, which is that women have great potential to encourage and energize men when they lend their support to them. While it is ideal for a man to remain in integrity no matter the circumstances, few things appear to uplift a man more than a woman who looks out for him.

Feminists never seem to ask about how men and women can cultivate true love with one another. Of course, feminists do not seem to wonder about much at all, except for why white men are so evil and how they should go about disenfranchising them.

Feminists might complain about the unpleasant effects such things as birth control pills have on themselves, but they do not express concern for the adverse effects these medications have on the natural environment. https://archive.fo/Sx6gN

Feminists do not acknowledge that they depend on a large government, money, verbal language, and technology produced by men for their existence. If any one of these things ceased to exist, feminists most likely would immediately lose all sway over people, because feminists would no longer have the ability to control others on a large-scale. Therefore, it is expected that feminists would be opposed to the termination of any one of these things.

Feminists would likely be too proud to thank white men for the positive contributions they have made-- even if the reality of these contributions was thrown into their faces.

Feminists do not acknowledge the connection between their increasing level of power in society and the increasing rates of mental illness. In other words, feminists will not acknowledge how unhappy they truly are.

Feminists, through their stances, imply that the creations of the being(s) or forces who made humanity are not good enough and, furthermore, can be improved upon by humans trying to control each other. Bear in mind that such beings (“humanity's maker”) have a level of intelligence which we naturally are unable to comprehend under the present circumstances.

Feminists do not acknowledge the realities of precisely who does all the "raping" they incur.

Feminists do not acknowledge demographic crime statistics.

Feminists do not acknowledge global demographics. Instead, feminists tend to imply that the demographics of individual countries are equal to the demographics of the entire planet. Most likely, the bulk of feminists do not think this matter through, while feminist leaders say what they do out of maliciousness.

Feminists have been disproportionately represented and led by Jews, who comprise only 2% of the global population. This includes Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Rosa Luxemburg (also a leading communist), Emma Goldman, and Gertrude Stein. Many other proponents of "sexual freedom" and "sexual revolution" have been Jews. This includes Allen Ginsberg, Magnus Herschel, Sigmund Freud, Anna Freud, Edward Bernays, Wilhelm Reich, Al Goldstein, Herbert Marcuse, and Paul Goodman. Jews have also been leaders in the porn industry. These leaders include Ron Jeremy, Reuben Sturman, Adam Glasser (“Seymore Butts”), Steven Hirsch, Herbert Streicher (the star of Deep Throat), Radley Metzger, and Samuel Roth (of Roth v. United States, 1957). Jews openly acknowledge this fact. https://archive.is/HAwHy

Feminists are exactly like Jews in that neither group tolerates criticisms nor honest observations made of them. The opposite is true of straight white men.

Feminists do not seem to take issue with circumcision nearly being forced on all American males, nor with the genital mutilation that occurs in sex-change operations. Circumcision produces trauma and permanent brain changes in males, and makes sex more painful for both men and women. Criticism of circumcision in academic and medical settings is very nearly not allowed. Complete removal of the foreskin originates from Judaism. Relatively few Americans refer to circumcision as a form of “castrating” males, instead regarding this practice as “hygienic” and normal.

Feminists do not admit that the most violent and unfair treatment of women occurs in non-white countries, though they will gather facts which suggest just as much. https://archive.fo/UG8yO

Feminists attribute all deferments from their worldview to "hate" and "privilege."

Feminists do not acknowledge the arrogance and selfishness they display.

Feminists do not acknowledge the connection between the consumption of pornography- which they claim to be against- and feminist ideology and behavior.

Feminists do not acknowledge that they complain about their own individual suffering more than men do.

Feminists do not acknowledge that they perpetuate many of the problems and exude many of the qualities which they claim to be against. For example, they encourage immigration to first-world countries from third-world countries. Then, once the immigrants arrive, feminists complain that the immigrants are oppressed. If feminists knew third-world immigrants would be oppressed in first-world countries, why were they so adamant about their immigration in the first place?

Feminists do not appear to engage in much self-reflection.

Feminist-laden public education gives young people the impression that historical white societies were “backwards” and “hateful,” and emphasize the supposed failures of those societies while minimizing the successes.

Feminism is anathema to any kind of real warmth between men and women.

Feminism, as well as the need for feminism, is absent from human life as it was originally created on Earth.

Feminists do not acknowledge that all other forms of life on Earth are presently more functional than humans, in spite of their ignorance about feminism.

Feminists imply that the world would be better off if straight white males did not hold any positions of power in society.

Feminism has forced people to be constantly paranoid about their use of language and whether they are incidentally “offending” or “assaulting” someone.

Feminists do not readily explain that few women attended college prior to the widespread availability of birth control. Would feminists acknowledge this fact implies that women have been historically incapable of attending college because they cannot regulate their own sexual behaviors? Most likely not.

Feminists do not seem to think there would be any consequences they would consider to be “negative” if straight white males ceased to exist.

Feminists imply that it is heroic for people to degrade themselves or to otherwise decline.

Feminists do not acknowledge that everything written here is “forbidden” thought. Furthermore, they do not admit that they engage in controlling the thoughts of the populace.

Feminsts will likely find it hard to believe that I have never had sexual relations with a man. In trying to attribute my writing of this article to some factor they will likely come up with some kind of slander, and assume that I am some man's “bitch” or “whore” (if they can stand to think of any woman as being such, including “hateful” women), or something along those lines.

Feminists will have no substantial rebuttal to this article. If they say anything, they will not say much more other than calling it “hateful,” “toxic,” and perhaps, “brainwashed.”

Personal Statements

A few statements I would like to make personally.

One observation I made is, “Feminists rarely acknowledge the work and contributions made by men.”

In this regard, feminism is not objective. I, on the other hand, can acknowledge all of the things in my life that were produced by men, as well as all of the knowledge I have that was taught to me by men. I can also observe that white men (the race of man I descend from and know most) tend to express appreciation for the women in their lives when these women are helpful. In fact, I have observed this in white men of varying political ideologies.

This article should not be interpreted as meaning that men's stances are always more correct or more valuable than women's. An example of the contrary is Jeanette Rankin. Rankin was the first woman elected to the United States Congress, in 1917. She is known for being the only congressman to have voted against U.S. participation in both World War I and World War II. In fact, she was the only congressman to vote against participation in World War II. Rankin remarked of WWI, “If they are going to have war, they ought to take the old men and leave the young to propagate the race” (see https://archive.fo/85NzQ). That means she was looking out for the young men who would be sent overseas to die-- not even for the sake of defending their country, but rather, “making the world safe for democracy.” She was also looking out for the future Americans who could have been, if only their potential fathers had not been sacrificed in war. In other words, Rankin valued the lives of young American men more than her male colleagues did. Her stance was distinct from the average war-hungry politician. When Rankin voted against participation in World War I, suffragists separated themselves from her. They could not stand that Rankin valued non-violence over making feminists look fashionable!

Another reason that men's stances are not always more correct or valuable than women's is that not all feminists are women. On the contrary: countless men have now aligned themselves with feminism in some form or another.

When I criticize or argue with men, it ultimately is for doing or thinking things which degrade themselves and their abilities as men. I would like to see the success of genial manhood. What instead prevails today is approximately two distorted versions of masculinity, both of which have resigned themselves to feminist dominance to some extent. These two distorted versions of masculinity can be roughly designated as “cynical” and “naive.” Naive Man basically has willingly submitted to feminist ideology and the feminist attainment of power in society. Cynical man is not happy about feminism, but he goes along with its consequences. This often means taking advantage of the fact that promiscuity is common.

I can have some sympathy for cynical man, but he is still consumed by selfishness. Men whose ideals and behaviors are relatively untarnished by feminism are rare. Men of this sort generally are either amongst the most powerful men in the world (who are generally selfish), or they are relatively selfless men to the most absolute extent, meaning they defer to an interest higher than human life alone. Men are generally best off not being swayed by women, with the possible exception of pure women, who are rare. Idealistic men and pure women could produce real change for the better, if only there were more of them-- and there might be more of them if the social atmosphere of our world was not totally at odds with their existence. Instead a mindset of selfishness reigns: consequently it is normal for people all over the world of all social and economic classes to try controlling each other, in matters both large and small.

By the way, do not interpret this as me giving too much credit to feminism for the current state of affairs. Everyone has free will, and everyone chooses how they will be in life. Feminism and its consequences would have no power if people did not choose to submit.

In fact, I may go so far as to agree with feminists on one point: the problems of the world can be most attributed to the failures of white men. Where I differ from feminists is in this: I regard the solution as white men being the way they were meant to be, while feminists regard the solution as white men being the opposite of the way they were meant to be, or even ceasing to exist at all.