Obsession and Hatred

Obsession necessarily is fueled by resistance of what is obsessed over. Hatred and obsession go hand in hand: to hate something is to simultaneously obsess over it; likewise, obsession of a thing cultivates hatred for it.

To bypass obsession, stop fighting with yourself. Place no constraints on your desires: they are not to be reasoned with. You want what you want, and that is all.

Perhaps you imagine this approach will kill you. Have you used it? Not merely tried it, but really done it? No resistance at all?

Similarly, on the flipside, when you harbor hatred, let it be known. For otherwise it will boil within you, and corrode the hull of your ship.

Hatred is caustic. There are no exceptions to this—no changing this fact. When you resist your obsessions and hatreds, the inner hate will expand. It will stretch you, straining your organs. Continue this process and it will, indeed, kill you.

You see, your original hatred may have been pointed outward, at some external object. Yet when you resist that hatred- or any other obsession or desire- who is that resistance against? And what is resistance but practiced hatred? Who could this new, expanding hate be for but you?

Obsession is no issue of the things you obsess over. Things are just clumps of particles. Obsession is an issue of oneself.

Yet, nothing in your being is inherently flawed. Nothing is wrong with you. Nevertheless, you think there is. And so hatred begins.


Let us end this silly game. What if you took the railings down? What if you simply allowed yourself the freedom to act as desired? Might the world end?

Indeed, it may. The false, fragile world you’ve been living in, that is. That must come to an end.

This end will pain you ‘til you are born in the world of a new reality, where oneself is not an ogre to be chained, but a human who likes to play; life, not a beast to tame, but an adventure without shame; and God, not an overlord of fear, but a gentle master of love.

Recognize the hatred and blood-letting you have exacted upon yourself. Then, forgive yourself, and resolve to desire endogenously and act accordingly.

Make decisions and then act on them. Experience the consequence of your actions. Soak up that experience—take it all in. The experience resulting from action is the only way to build your ability to decide intelligently.

So, act, rather than condemn yourself for desiring to act. You will not always make the “correct” decision, based on what your chosen destination is. Yet, you will have lived. And when you look back on your days, you will do so fondly—for this is what you really wanted after all.

Live freely once again. What else are you here to do?

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