Openness to the Unlikely

The following is an e-mail message that I sent to Brian Harner on January 3 2021 at 2:00AM.

I posted the e-mails, and I'm basically caught up on posting your e-mails. All I've left out is a few short ones plus the ~3 pastebin ones.

One more thing. A great shortcoming here is a near-inability to imagine any possibility other than the status quo. What I mean is, when people are adversarial, it's hard to imagine them being anything but that. For example, when I try to imagine your father agreeing to help you, it just strikes me as fantasy totally uprooted from reality. It's comparable to a monkey writing Shakespeare-- technically not impossible, but... you know. I'm not saying I want it to be this way. I'm acknowledging that there may be a lack of openness, on my part, towards these near-impossibilities, even though they ought to be what I want to happen.

I just wanted to put that out there. I periodically ask myself how I need to change in any way, and that is what came to mind.

Thanks again.