Podcast Episode 9: Being vs. Doing


Another name for this podcast could be, “Experiencing vs. Achieving,” or even, “Experiencing vs. People-Pleasing.” Any alternative on “Doing things enjoyably vs. Doing things ‘right’” will work.

I talk about living based on what you think you should do vs. what you feel you’d like to do. If you’ve thought of yourself as broken, a failure, “not enough,” or dysfunctional; that you “can’t do anything right”; or that your life does not exactly proceed from your highest intentions for it, this podcast may sound refreshing to your ears.

When I recorded this podcast, it occurred to me that even what I consider the most cherished activities of my life are subject to changes in desire. It isn’t what I do that matters as much as how I relate to what I do—let alone how I relate to life itself. When I am over-focused on all the things I’m doing, rather than how I’m being, it indeed seems that life is what happens while I’m making other plans.  



It’s a little shaky at the start, but overall I’m proud of this podcast. Plus, I only talked for half an hour this time! Put me in your earholes and take it in, minion. :)

There is some background noise—a factor I haven’t faced before. For the most part I was able to edit the audio without compromising the podcast itself.

At 11:09 I say, “What if you are life itself?” The full sentence was originally, “What if you are not just that which lives, but you are life itself?” I removed the middle of the sentence due to noise.

All I’ll say: the next time you’re having a conversation, consider that someone may be recording a podcast or video a few feet from you… and also consider whether you’d like your words to become part of that podcast. They just might become one with the Internet.

Even if that’s not the particular case, someday we’ll all have access to all of the thoughts of all people on the planet, and there will be no secrets. All we’ll have is total transparency. Who knows: maybe, we already do.

Enjoy the podcast…