Podcast Episode 10: Contributing Consciously

It does not reflect the heights of our intelligence to live in this manner. – Myself, in this Podcast


In a technologically advanced society, do all members need to contribute? What does it mean to contribute, anyway? Is it simply to fill the biological needs of others, and help to ensure their survival? Or does the face of contribution change as our survival becomes much easier to secure?

In today’s world, things are going the way of the individual. People are starting to take their lives, their work, and their survival into their own hands, creating their own means of providing value to others and bringing home money.

Yet, the majority of people have not adopted this model. There are still many people who spend much of their time doing heartless work for the sole sake of their own survival. This can feel like a hateful way to live, and as our society advances, this just isn’t all that necessary any longer.

That being said, people have to decide on a new way for themselves. If people are to live intelligently, they must choose to do so.

As more people become open to the idea of taking their lives into their own hands and eschewing heartless work, people who lead the way become more and more important. It becomes more useful to us that there are people who are thinking critically about the future, what the purpose of life is, and what it means to live intelligently. As our society changes, our knowledge workers become more valuable to us.

Why Contribute?

The central question of this podcast is, Why would you increase your contribution? In a society where meeting our survival needs is reliably accomplished en masse, contribution becomes about much more than meeting obligations or ensuring our individual survival for another day.

This reality gives us space to think deliberately about this question. Rather than spitting out a thoughtless answer, Because I should, we can consider what we truly value and what we really desire. In other words, we can answer the question honestly and consciously.

The way that you answer this question reflects the way you structure your life—the work you do each day, the way you spend your time, the lifestyle you have created, why you do what you do, and what you live for.

The podcast goes over all of the above points in-depth and addresses what it means to contribute in today’s world.


I’m quite happy with this podcast. This is the most confident I’ve felt while recording a podcast, and I think this is the most clearly and coherently I have spoken as well. I also feel very good about the message I'm sharing. I really enjoyed making this, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as well.